The Most Important Instagram Metrics to Follow In 2020 to Measure Performance

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Simply implementing Instagram in your marketing strategy is not enough today. You will need to be most active on this platform to get the best and most desired results. You will, therefore, need to measure the performance of your marketing strategy, and for that, you will need to know different useful Instagram metrics.

These metrics will help you to stay updated with the returns and your efforts, thereby enabling you to know what changes are needed to make in it. Since the platform is ever-changing with new features and the demands of the consumers are also changing at an equal pace, rest assured that you will need to make some changes now and then.

However, when it comes to digging into Instagram metrics, you may find it difficult, not knowing from where or with what to start. These questions will help you a great deal in making this determination:

  • Why do you want to track?
  • What specific metrics will be helpful to you?

The answers to these questions will solve a significant part of your equation. All you have to do now is to know how exactly you can use the key Instagram metrics and analyze the reports thereby generated. If you are still confused, you can surely take help from experts like Blastup and others.

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Usefulness of the IG metrics

When you use the Instagram metrics, you will be benefitted in ways more than one, and all will help you to maintain consistency in your marketing approach.

  • It will help you to know the difference between reach and impressions
  • It will help you to understand the exact ways to calculate the engagement rate
  • You will know which is better to have, taps forward or taps back and what these taps mean for your business and 
  • You will never be overwhelmed with the data or with anything else.

However, it is not very easy to understand IG metrics though every business must know about it today. This knowledge will help them to survive and even beat the competition in this cruel world of influencers and brands that are always fighting for a respectable place.

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When you understand the metrics, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and, at the same time, know the best ways in which you can reach your goals. Success in Instagram marketing is a chain link which involves:

  • Having a clear goal
  • Following some actionable tactics and 
  • Using measurable performance metrics. 

If any one piece of this chain is found to be missing, the entire chain will break, putting you and your business in the middle of nowhere. 

The impressions metrics

There are lots of Instagram metrics that you should know and use, but one of the most critical parameters are the impressions. 

  • This metric actually refers to the number of people who visited and saw your post. 
  • The metric also indicates the number of posts that did not receive any likes or comments. 

When you take a look at the data, you will be able to analyze the performance of your content in promoting your brand and product. 

  • You can increase the reach of your posts by using hashtags in your content. When your posts reach out to a wider set of audience, it will automatically improve your impression score. 
  • Another useful way to increase the impressions of your posts is to consider the trends that are helping particular posts to promote your content and product to the audience.

If you are wondering where to get the data about the impression and reach from, look at the Activity tab. This will show how many people have interacted with your post. However, you will get data for only the past seven days in this section.

Engagement rate is another important metric that will determine different integrations of any particular post or your entire account, such as:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares and
  • Saves.

The engagement rate is very important for Instagram marketing as it will enable you to check the performance of your content and know which particular type of content is getting the best results. 

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Follower growth rate

The follower count is another important metric to analyze the performance of an Instagram account. This popular metric is visible just above the Instagram profile bio. When you examine this metric, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. These are:

  • Just like Facebook, your Instagram follower count may not affect the bottom line of your business and 
  • The growth in follower count may seem to be slow or constant because existing followers may unfollow your profile continually, and new ones may join in.
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However, it is still a critical Instagram metric to consider because the number indicates how the audience is perceiving and responding to your brand. In addition to that, it most importantly lets you know how exactly your Instagram community is building up, if at all.

It all depends on how relevant is your content to the users. It also depends on several other factors, such as:

  • Time of your posting
  • The frequency of sharing new content
  • Running contests that need the users to follow you
  • Quality of the content shared
  • Paid promotions
  • Number of videos posted
  • Number of views generated and 
  • Engagement rate with your followers.

This is considered to be a vanity metric, but it will make a huge difference when you know how you gain the followers and the factors that are impacting the growth, positively or negatively.

Saves, at last

This is the hottest metric that shows the engagement of the brands. This is even more useful now given the fact that Instagram has chosen to hide the likes figures. Using Instagram saves, the users can see and save a post for later use. All they have to do is simply tap on the “bookmark” icon located at the bottom right corner of the post.

All these metrics, when used, will make it easy for you to be on the right track of Instagram marketing and that too way ahead of your competitors.

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