Why Doesn’t Netflix Allow VPN?

You may have already encountered difficulties connecting to Netflix through a VPN. As part of its ongoing efforts to prevent illegal access to its library, Netflix experimented with new techniques. As a result, legitimate Netflix subscribers that use a VPN are accidentally blocked from accessing the service.  Netflix primarily doesn’t allow users to access their…

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Guide to Private Internet Access | VPN Guide For Dummies

what us vpn

Source VPN is an abbreviation for ‘Virtual Private Network’. A VPN gives you a “private network,” and a “virtual location.” The private network completely fences you off and prevents unauthorized access to your network. The “virtual” part of the VPN lets you access the private network from a virtual location. Thus, a VPN efficiently encrypts…

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Privacy Issues Associated with Smart Home IoT Devices (How to Avoid Them)

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Everyday technological enhancements have given rise to non-stop automation of devices and services around the globe. Likewise, using the latest technology measures in place, the concept of Home-Automation or Smart Home Technology has been rapidly increasing worldwide.  Smart Home refers to the idea of developing a smart network of home devices with diverse nature best…

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How to Make Sure Your Smart Home is Secure

It hasn’t exactly been front-page news, but the UK government recently proposed that smart home devices, like internet-connected TVs, speakers, toys and watches, should be required to carry a security label which warns their users of how easy they are to hack. The idea of someone hacking your smart thermostat or even a smart toaster…

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