Is Netflix Blocking VPN? Here’s a VPN For Netflix That Works

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If your question is Netflix Blocking VPN? So the answer to this question is yes?

Rumors that Netflix would ban people from using Virtual Private Networks have been around for a few years. In January 2016, they made the decision to stop letting people do this. This means that you can’t watch your favorite shows through a VPN.

Despite the fact that over 36,000 Netflix users have signed a petition requesting that they allow VPNs, the streaming service has remained firm in its refusal to allow customers to access their material via VPNs.

Netflix can find your location, even if you use a VPN. It looks at the IP address and other information. Netflix might always be coming up with a new way to stop people from getting around geo-blocks.

However, will Netflix ban you for using a VPN? This question comes to your mind so Netflix may block you when using a VPN. But it is not illegal, and you will not get your Netflix account canceled.

Netflix tries to block these. The companies that make VPNs work hard to keep their customers connected to Netflix. The people who use it are trying hard too because they want content that is not available in their country or region.

You might wonder why Netflix blocks you from watching content if you are not in the right region. It does this so people can’t watch it for free.

The brief answer is that when people watch geo-blocked content, the creators of the content do not get any money. Netflix has been creating their own original content, and this is an incentive for them to stop people from using a VPN.

However, there is still hope. Several VPN companies have developed working alternatives for Netflix. The continuity of these answers is uncertain, but they are currently operating.

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For a long time, people used VPNs to get Netflix when they were in another place.  Some still got through even after Netflix stopped them. We have come with a list of VPNs that still work with Netflix to watch the restricted content.

Express VPN

Our top pick for unblocking Netflix is ExpressVPN. We’ve been testing it for years, and it always takes the top spot on our fastest VPN list owing to its lightning-fast speeds and total reliability. You may now connect to a Lightway server using the faster Lightway protocol, which is two times faster than OpenVPN and secure enough to overcome Netflix’s geographical restrictions.

ExpressVPN has many servers in different countries. The average speed of ExpressVPN is 135 Mbps. They have special technology that makes their video streaming support 4K UHD, which is the best technology in the VPN industry.


NordVPN is a good choice to use Netflix. It has fast performance because of its special NordLynx protocol and it doesn’t affect your internet speed even when you’re streaming HD and 4K content.

We tried this service on many devices, and it always worked. NordVPN has won the 2019 Pro privacy best overall award. The company is using a next-level AES with 256-bit keys to ensure a secure and private online experience for its users.


Surfshark is good for these people because it unblocks Netflix in 16 countries. These countries are the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Australia.

The VPN app works well. We tried to get into US Netflix from five different locations, and it didn’t have any problems or complications. Surfshark has over 27 server locations in North America, with a network of 3200 servers in 65+ countries.

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Cyberghost is not only fast and secure, but it’s also user-friendly. It has 7,417 servers in 91 locations worldwide. With all of Cyberghost’s subscriptions, you may use as much data as you like.

Cyberghost has 1100 VPN servers. This means that it is the best for streaming Netflix and downloading torrents. It also helps you to encrypt internet traffic and to live stream.

CyberGhost is a VPN that can be had for $58.50. Some people might not like it, but it has a generous 45-day refund policy, so if you don’t like it, you can get your money back.


If you are outside of the United States or Japan, you can watch Netflix content by using IPVanish. IPVanish offers an average speed of 63Mbps. IPVanish works with Netflix much better than other VPNs.

Unlimited simultaneous connections are one of the best features that IPVanish offers. It is easy to install and user-friendly.IPVanish has a free trial for iOS devices and gives you your money back if you don’t like it in 30 days.

IP Vanish had a download speed of 76.01Mbps and an upload speed of 71.13Mbps. The second-best server was from the United Kingdom, which had a download speed of 75.01Mbps and an upload speed of 69.15Mbps.

Final Thoughts

Netflix has a new way of blocking VPNs. But you can get around it if you have the right VPN. The best one is ExpressVPN, but others will work too. That’s why we came with a list of the best VPNs so people can still use them even though Netflix blocks them.