The Benefits of Metal Roofing

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metal roofing


Are you planning to install a new roof for your house? If yes, you might want to think beyond asphalt. The metal roofing is becoming famous due to its expanding demand in residential market. 

Also, today the new-age metal roofs provide streamlined looks and maximized energy efficiency with multiple choices available so that you can cater to the home exterior style. So, whether you are updating your current roof or are building your new home, metal roofing might be the best solution. To know more, you can check out Benchmark Roofing

Here are some of the advantages of metal roofing:

    1. Longevity – Generally, the conventional asphalt shingle roofs last up to 10 and 20 years. The metal roof can last you for 50 years and makes it a durable choice. It also comes with ample resale value, regardless of you wanting to sell your house or stay there. It is a useful investment. 
    2. Installation – The majority of metal roofing materials are available in various shingle sections. It is also available in 12 and 36-inch-wide panels. An expert metal roofing contractor can install it fast that can help in labor savings. 
  • Environment-friendly – Are you searching for a green roofing option? If yes, then metal roofs are a good choice. They get manufactured with 25 to 95% recycled content, based on the material. The Environmental Protection Agency, says that about 20 billion pounds of the asphalt shingles get sent to the United States landfills annually. Hence, the metal roofs are recyclable. 
  • Less maintenance – The metal roofs don’t need much maintenance as other roofing materials. You have the option to rest when there is a fire, wind and hail damage. However, it is essential to opt-in for the annual inspections. But having said that metal roofs don’t require frequent maintenance. 
  • Energy efficient – The metal roofs can reflect solar radiant heat. It indicates that the heat doesn’t get absorbed in the home. Also, the AC doesn’t have to work hard for keeping you cool. It helps to bring down the cooling expenses to a great extent.
  • Security – The metal roofs are robust and indestructible. It will not lead to flames when there is a lightening or wildfire. They can withstand the harsh elements, like the ice-build up, high wind and extreme temperatures. It can offer maximized security to your family members and your belongings in your home. 
  • Weight and durability – Metal is a lightweight material that you can place on the roof. It helps to secure the structural integrity of your building. A tile generally weighs about 750 pounds every square and concrete end to running to 900 pounds per square. The metal roofing on the other hand runs between 50 and 150 pounds per square. 
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These metal roof advantages mentioned above makes it one of the ideal roofing choices for the majority of the homeowners today.