5 Facts You Need to Know about Modern Metal Roofing

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It might cost you a little more in the short run, but in the long run, metal roofing is said to be one of the best investments you can make for both your home and your commercial property. According to the experts at the Metal Roofing Alliance, or MRA, a metal roof is one of the best investments an owner can make to increase a building’s value. It doesn’t matter if you live in mostly rural areas like Vermont or Tennessee, or big cities like Los Angeles or Houston, a metal roof is far superior in quality under all weather conditions than a non-metal roof. Not only does today’s metal roofing come in many attractive varieties, they also provide something cheaper asphalt shingle and built-up roofs don’t: longevity, energy efficiency, and also environmental sustainability. metal roof

Here’s five facts about modern metal roofing you should seriously consider: 

  • Metal Roofs Last a Lifetime

When installed according to product guidelines and specifications, a metal roof will last upwards of 50 or more years. It requires relatively little maintenance and in many instances it can be painted rather than replaced. That’s something for you to keep in mind if you’re planning on selling your building anytime soon. On the other hand, an asphalt shingle roof is guaranteed only up to 15 years depending upon the quality of the product and its initial installation. Asphalt singles also require far more maintenance than metal roofs. That’s why even though a metal roof costs more upfront, it will end up saving you a lot of money down the road. Imagine a roofing warranty that assures a 50+ year lifespan?

  • Metal Roofs Increase Resale value 

Both home and commercial building owners who’ve invested in metal roofing are said to recoup a high rate of the roof’s original costs. Says MRA, the national average return on investment can be 86% while the average for the Eastern states alone is closer to 96%. Homes protected by metal roofs are said to sell for 6% more than homes outfitted with asphalt shingle or even slate roofs. In certain states like Texas, for instance, a metal roof will decrease your homeowner’s insurance by a whopping 35%. That one statistic alone should be enough for you to investigate the value of a metal roof for your home and/or commercial structure. 

  • Metal Roofs are Durable

It’s not surprising for you to see your neighbors going through the costly expense of reroofing their homes—a project that can cost upwards of $6000-$7000 for even a modest single-story ranch. But a professionally installed metal roof can last a lifetime. Why? Metal roofs are impervious to the cracking and shrinking that can come with prolonged exposure to the sun’s heat. Metal roofs are also strong, and able to withstand heavy snow loads, plus the hail and savage winds that often accompany serious storms. Metal roofs are even said to survive wildfires. metal roof

  • Metal Roofs are Virtually Maintenance Free

Metal roofs that are installed properly can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, be it extreme heat or cold. Asphalt shingle and built-up roofs however, will almost always require constant maintenance. Broken and deteriorating shingles must be replaced, while leaks that spring in rubber built-up roofs must be patched and repaired before serious interior water damage occurs. Shingles tend to also attract mold and algae buildup. But not metal roofs. They rarely require any maintenance at all, other than a fresh coat of paint now and again. To keep your metal roof in the best shape possible, it’s generally recommended that you have it inspected once a year by a professional metal roofer.  

  • Metal Roofs are Environmentally Sustainable

Since metal roofs last so long, there is very little waste associated with them, unlike asphalt roofs which must be discarded into a dumpster every fifteen years and tossed into the local dump where the petroleum-based rubbish will last for decades and decades. Metal roofs not only save on energy, they can be recycled making them the sustainable roofing of choice among many environmentally minded engineers, architects, contractors, plus home and commercial building owners.

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The roof just might be the most important component of your home or commercial property, next to its concrete and/or cement block foundation. A leak free roof that withstands even severe elements is crucial for maintaining the integrity of both the interior and exterior superstructure. Whether you are investing in a new property, or purchasing an existing structure, you should consider looking into metal roofing. It might cost you a little more cash in the here and now, but it will save you plenty of headaches and cash down the road.