The Hair Care Rules You Need to Be Following

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Have you ever wanted your hair to shine as they do on television ads?


If yes, say goodbye to damaged hair and thinning strands, and hello to a shinier, sleeker you!


Let’s go through some of these hair care rules to help you get those glossy, luscious locks.


Treat Your Wet Hair With Care


Did you know that wet hair is more prone to damage than regular, dry hair?


What happens if you don’t take care of your wet hair: Protein enzymes called keratin are found all over our hair, and they’re enclosed in a protective layer called the cuticle. Once wet, the layer becomes weaker due to the protein forming weaker bonds, which in turn causes hair strands to damage more quickly.


What to do about it: For starters, don’t rub your hair with a wet towel since this would apply pressure to the roots, causing the follicles to loosen.


Instead, blot your hair gently. This not only prevents root damage but also encourages faster drying.


Another thing you should do is to avoid brushing wet hair. Instead, you can wait for it to dry and then brush, or purchase a wide-toothed comb to help remove clumpy tangles as you step out of the shower.


Apply The Right Oz Of Shampoo The Right Way


Some people approach shampoo like soap: they slather abundantly and think they’re doing their hair a favor. 


But there’s a better amount of shampoo to apply for your hair to remain healthy.


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Recommended shampoo size: a dollop the size of a quarter for average-length hair, and adjust it a few increments higher for longer-length hair and slightly lower for shorter-length and thin hair.


Once the dollop is in your palm, apply it directly to your scalp and not at the ends of your hair. 


While applying the shampoo, it’s a good idea to massage your scalp too. You get everything thoroughly cleansed while also promoting good circulation.


Don’t Skimp On Hair Conditioner


If you’re just starting out taking care of your hair, chances are you may have skipped on buying a conditioner.


But the truth is, conditioners are essential elements to any hair care routine. It smoothens out the destabilizing ingredients found in common shampoo brands by balancing the pH level of your scalp, making your hair feel much silkier and sleeker to the touch. 


Here are more specific tips to help you:

  • Have oily, thin hair? Grab yourself a conditioner with added protein that strengthens and balances your hair.
  • Have dry, dull damaged hair? Grab yourself a hydrating or moisturizing conditioner with extra protection and repairing properties.


One last tip is to generously slather the conditioner to the ends of your hair rather than your roots for the intended effect, which is admittedly the opposite of how you should apply shampoo.

Use Quality Ingredients For Your Hair Products

Every shampoo brand comes with a unique set of ingredients, and some of these additives contain harmful side effects.


Here are two of the common examples of ingredients found in shampoo that are harmful:

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  • Sulfates – They produce a foamy effect in shampoos, but sulfates are also one of the causes of skin irritation. It also makes your hair frizzy and brittle. Who would want that?
  • Parabens – Often found in cosmetic products, parabens are preservatives that disrupt normal hormone function. What’s worse, these preservatives are also found in tumors.


If you find shampoo or conditioners in the supermarket aisle that contains any of these ingredients, look the other way and find something else. 


Fortunately, many great hair care brands contain the benefits of shampoo and conditioners without these harmful additives. 


One such brand is Pump Haircare, which not only promotes healthy hair without any of the harmful additives but is also animal cruelty-free and 100% vegan!


Perfect Your Blow Drying Technique


Haircare specialist Harry Josh shared his thoughts on the recommended way to use your hairdryer.


“Start by flipping your head upside down, and shake your hair around while you blow-dry. The more you move, the more volume you’ll get. Once it’s about 80 percent dry, flip back up and blow-dry hair in sections to smooth, focusing on polished ends.”


Harry further continued: The last three inches of your hair is especially crucial. Bring your hairdryer down to the end tips of your hair strands and take your time drying them. Rather than drying your hair from the sides, this technique can help prevent frizzy hair that sticks out all over the place.