The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Vlog Content with Royalty Free Music

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Music can have a powerful impact on your audience, whether it helps them tap their feet or think critically about the information you’re sharing with them. But music can also be expensive if you’re licensing it from third parties like iTunes or Spotify. For many vloggers, the best solution to this problem is royalty free music. Learn how to use this creative resource in this ultimate guide to improving your vlog content with royalty-free music!


Choosing your backdrop

A great video is only going to be as good as its backdrop. That’s why it’s important that you don’t just grab your phone and start shooting – get creative! Think about whether you want a natural or urban setting. Will there be a lot of people around or will you be alone? Do you want to shoot outside or inside? 


Depending on what kind of content you have, there are different settings for different occasions, so think about what will work best for your purpose. Once you choose your backdrop, take lots of pictures and videos from different angles. What do they look like from above? From below? Can you zoom in on certain details?


Choose music carefully

Have you ever noticed that mood-setting music seems to have a major impact on how many views your videos get? According to research, almost half of viewers are more likely to watch a video if they like its accompanying music. With so much riding on finding just the right track, it can be stressful thinking about just where you’re going to find it. Fortunately, there are tons of websites available online dedicated solely to matching you up with appropriate tunes for your production. 


Sites like AudioMicro and PremiumBeat offer royalty free tracks at several different price points depending on your budget and needs. Whether you’re looking for happy sounding background music or something more serious and dramatic, chances are one of these sites will have exactly what you need.


Choose the right lighting equipment

If you’re creating your own content, it’s important to invest in a good camera and microphone. Lighting is also an important factor; you want enough light in your shot so that you can easily see what’s going on. If you aren’t sure how much light your camera needs, make sure there is plenty of natural light or try adding additional lamps for more power. 

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You should also be aware of ambient sounds like traffic; background noise from outside could get picked up by your mic, which means editing (and wasted time) later on down the line. Last but not least, remember that cameras need batteries and mics need phantom power. Make sure all those are taken care of before getting started!


Determining how many angles you need

Whether you are creating a tutorial for a new skill or documenting your travels, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is how many angles you will film from. Since it’s unlikely that every angle can be included in your final video, it’s helpful to establish which views will provide optimum viewing value before getting started. 


According to Filmora’s free filmmaking guide, there are four basic types of shots: over-the-shoulder (OTS), eye-level, high-angle and low-angle. Each one has its own function and purpose—for example, OTS shots create tension while eye-level ones seem more informal—and knowing when to incorporate them into your video will help keep your viewers engaged and informed.


Best filming locations

Most people don’t realize that filming a vlog in your backyard or your local park is often one of the worst things you can do. Not only does it make your vlog appear unprofessional, but also it’s boring and doesn’t give your audience much of a chance to feel immersed in your story. The most popular vlogging locations are libraries, coffee shops, restaurants (ideally busy ones), and other public spaces. 


Using interview questions in an authentic way

The key behind an interview is that you’re getting as much content and information from your subject as possible. The best way to do that is by asking questions that feel organic and real because viewers can tell when a Q&A isn’t natural. Even if you already have some questions written down, it doesn’t hurt to open up a dialogue before filming starts. 

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During filming, be sure not to veer off into unrelated topics, but always follow up with more probing questions about answers given by your subject. And of course, don’t ask leading or inappropriate questions! Instead of Why do you think people love reading your books? try something like What makes your writing stand out?


Editing your vlogs

Editing can make or break your vlog. There are several things you can do to edit your video and make it better. If you have a good connection, avoid cutting around on-screen transitions that may be blurred due to low internet connection speed. 


Also, wait until you get an idea of what type of music is suitable for each part of your vlog before editing it together so that you don’t use music that doesn’t seem like it fits well with what you were trying to accomplish in terms of tone and theme. Remember, when it comes to editing, less is more; try not to get bogged down by using too many different effects and techniques when one will suffice.



In order to make a vlog more interesting, it is important that you learn how to use music. A lot of individuals create their own original music, but having royalty free music can give your videos a unique feeling while making sure that they are not in violation of any copyright laws. If you are ready to improve your vlog and want some tips on using royalty-free content then we would highly recommend reading our ultimate guide on how you can use royalty free music for your vlogs. It will allow you to select a track that goes well with what you are trying to accomplish and showcase it in an effective manner.