Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Naples for Your Loved Ones Back Home

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There are several reasons you should plan a trip to Naples, including:

  • The street life
  • Art
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Great food
  • Incredible views
  • Coffee
  • Shopping
  • Visiting hidden and unusual sights

If you go for a trip you would want to bring souvenirs for your friends and family. Fortunately, there are plenty of souvenirs in Naples that they will love. The items listed below are unique and non-generic.

The souvenirs listed below scream “Naples” and you should be able to find something for everyone on your list.

#1 Ceramics

Italians express themselves artistically through pottery and have been for centuries. You can find colorful and unique plates, pitchers, mugs, and other kitchen items on the streets of Naples, designed by Italian ceramics artisans. Nothing says Naples like ceramics made by citizens of Naples.

#2 Chocolates

Do you have a friend or family member with a sweet tooth? If so, Naples has delicious local chocolates and pastries and is famous for its delicious chocolates, particularly the Baba Al Rum.

You might be able to board a plane with the chocolate, so you can’t give it to your friends or family members, but you should try it before heading home. There are other chocolates you can board the plane with, and be sure to add a frolla or riccia sfogliatella to the tray because both are popular Naples desserts.

#3 Pasta, Sauce and Herbs

Do you know someone who loves to cook? If so, pasta, sauce, and herbs from Naples will be a great gift. Pasta di Gragnano is one of the most popular types of pasta in Naples and isn’t typically sold in U.S. supermarkets.

In addition, you can buy canned tomatoes, sauce and herbs to go with the pasta. You can also bring vegetables and anchovies home from Naples as long as the jar is filled with oil to preserve them during the trip home.

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#4 Ties

Naples is famous for its custom tailoring and if there’s a man in your life who wears ties, a handmade silk tie from Naples is an elegant gift they will love. You can be sure the tie will last for decades thanks to the material and craftsmanship, and there are plenty of trendy colors and prints or classic ties to choose from.

Ties are easy to pack into your suitcase, which is great if you packed heavily for the trip.

#5 Wine and Liquor

If you know someone who loves liquor and wine, Naples is famous for its wine. The Bay of Naples climate is mild, and the volcanic soil nurtures vineyards and wine has been produced in Naples since the arrival of the first Romans.

One of the best wines produced in Naples is Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio, one of southern Italy’s most popular wines. Per’e palummo deli Campi Flegrei, Ischia and Bianculella are also great options. A classic bottle of Limoncello is more potent than other wines and made from heirloom lemons.

#6 A Neapolitan Coffee Maker With Coffee

If you enjoy the coffee in Naples, you can buy a loved one a Neapolitan coffee maker with coffee so they can enjoy the coffee themselves. The coffee pot is aluminum and is used on the stovetop to brew Neapolitan espresso, the most popular coffee choice in Naples. 

#7 Leather Products

Naples is famous for its fine leather products. You can find several leather shops in the Centro Storico neighborhood, where you can purchase genuine leather handbags, wallets, belts, and gloves. Your loved ones will love a genuine leather gift from Naples, and you can find something at a leather shop for most people on your list.

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#8 Nativity Scenes

Nativity scenes dominate the holiday décor in Naples, and this art form is the most traditional craft and dates back to the 1700s. If you buy a nativity scene in the U.S., you can usually find small managers with basic figurines.

Neapolitan nativity scenes are large, and you can purchase an entire village, complete with dozens of figures and come in various sizes. If you have a religious friend or family member back home, they’ll be thrilled to get a Neapolitan handmade nativity scene.

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#9 Lucky Horns

One of the most iconic symbols in Naples is the lucky horn, also known as the Curniciello. It’s in the shape of hot peppers and is said to be a symbol of prosperity and strength. The lucky horn is an excellent gift for a superstitious friend or family member.

#10 Designer Clothes

If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves fashion, you have to visit the Chiaia district Chiaia district for the elegant stores and boutiques. There are plenty of fashion choices to choose from in the district from some of the world’s top designers.

There are so many things to do in Naples that you could run out of time before you’ve seen and done everything on your list. Before heading home, make sure you have a gift for those closest to you.