Three Home Exterior Improvement Ideas to Boost Resale Value

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Colorado Springs boasts the sixth-strongest real estate market in the US. A surge in employment opportunities has converged to create a thriving housing market in Colorado Springs. If you’re lucky enough to own a house in Colorado Springs, you’re part of a competitive market and poised to reap the substantial rewards of a prime investment.

When selling out a property, first impressions are everything! A stunning home exterior builds a potential buyer’s perspective and interest in the property and helps you seal a profitable deal. Suppose you wish to reap the most benefits from your real estate investments. In that case, it’s essential to consider significant exterior upgrades that enhance your home’s curb appeal, ultimately translating into higher resale value. Continue reading as we present some important home exterior upgrades that will boost your home’s resale value and guarantee a higher return on investment.

  • Invest in Energy-Efficient Windows 

Windows are the eyes of the house that reflect the soul within, gazing out onto the world with grace, elegance, and beauty. They can transform the ambiance within the home, welcoming the warmth of sunlight and the beauty of the world outside. Above all, windows can boost your home’s curb appeal and maximize your property’s value. 

However, suppose your windows are outdated, disproportionate to the overall exterior and architectural style, or have gaps that allow drafts. In that case, they can even turn down a potentially lucrative sale deal and discourage potential buyers. If you’re planning to invest in new windows, search for Colorado Springs window installation company near me and choose the best window replacement professionals to install energy-efficient windows. 

Investing in energy-efficient windows is a cost-effective option as they not only boost your property’s resale value due to their sustainability and effectiveness but also lower your utility bills during the frigid winter months in Colorado Springs. The allure of these windows is not just their practicality but also their striking visual appeal. 

There are a range of options for energy-efficient windows, including double-pane windows that offer enhanced insulation, triple-pane windows for maximum thermal efficiency, and low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings for protection against UV rays. A window replacement company may also help you choose the best styles and designs for your windows, be it a classic double-hung window, a sleek casement window, or a customized design to complement the architectural style of your home. These window replacement options become a captivating selling point for prospective buyers, yielding a profitable return on investment while contributing to a more sustainable and energy-conscious world. 

  • Create a Grand Entrance to Your Home

Imagine the stark difference in perspective when a buyer passes through a stunning grand entrance, guiding them to the splendid interior of your home, compared to an outdated, chipped, or lackluster front door creaking open like the entrance to a haunted house. The impact of your home’s entrance goes far beyond mere aesthetics, serving as the gateway to create a lasting first impression on potential buyers as they step into the world you’ve crafted within your abode. 

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Fortunately, a wealth of front door upgrades can elevate your home’s curb appeal and make a striking impression on all who approach. Let’s explore some of them:

Replace Worn-Out Door

First, if your front door needs replacement, it’s worth the investment. Substitute your worn-out door with a durable new front door that resonates with your home’s façade. 

Repaint, Repolish, Refinish

If your front door only needs a touchup or upgrade, a front door color update is one of the simplest yet most impactful changes. Opt for a bright, bold hue that contrasts beautifully with your home’s façade and infuse a welcoming vibe. If you have a wooden front door, consider repolishing or refinishing it to restore its natural charm and elegance. 

Adorn Your Front Door and Surrounding Area

Give careful thought to the hardware adorning your front door. Swap out worn-out knobs and handles for stunning vintage or contemporary pieces. Install a vintage gas lamp or a captivating chandelier to light up the grand entrance and instill a sense of grandeur and enchantment. Surround the front door with lush green plants or colorful seasonal flowers that accentuate the beauty of your home’s façade. Adorn the front door with a beautiful wreath and a welcoming mat for a perfect finish. 

  • Repair or Replace Roof and Sidings

Considering the freezing winters of Colorado Springs, investing in roof and siding repair and upgrade is an investment that can yield a high return on investment since it’s an essential element that most potential buyers prioritize when purchasing a house. Your potential buyer may check your house exterior to ensure its structural integrity and condition before walking through your front door. 

An exterior upgrade with repaired and replaced roof and sidings breathes a new life into your home, transforming it into what appears to be a freshly constructed house that stands out among the entire neighborhood. 

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Upgrade Your Home’s Sidings

Investing in high-quality siding offers a trifecta of benefits – durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance down the road. Beyond its practical advantages, replacing your home’s siding can enhance the net worth of your Colorado Springs home. However, replacing the entire siding isn’t a wise investment unless it has lived up to its life. Inspect your home’s exterior walls thoroughly or hire a professional to check for any cracks or signs of wear and tear. Make essential repairs and replace only where needed. 

Repair or Replace the Roof

Your home’s roof is the largest element of your home’s façade, and its condition represents its structural integrity and overall state. If the roof has missing shingles, cracks, or curls, with leaking or clogged gutters, it will undoubtedly affect your home’s resale value. Since roof upgrade is a major home renovation, potential buyers hesitate to purchase houses with damaged roofs. 

While deep cleaning and minor repairs usually fix a damaged roof, it’s always best to thoroughly inspect your roof by a professional roofing expert. Identify any broken or cracked shingles and replace them as soon as possible. Look for leaks or blockage in gutters and pipes, and ensure they’re not holding up water. In some cases, a roof replacement could be necessary to preserve the integrity and appeal of your home. Investing in these exterior upgrades ensures a stunning property appearance and contributes significantly to its long-term value and marketability. 

Give Your Exterior a Fresh Touch of Paint

For final touches, give your home a fresh coat of paint. Ensure your home’s siding and roof present a stunning contrast to highlight its architectural features and accents and boost curb appeal. 

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned home exterior improvement ideas elevate your property’s resale value to new heights and promise a substantial return on investment. These upgrades work in harmonious synergy to create a great first impression on potential buyers and establish its prominence in the competitive real estate market of Colorado Springs. 

Beyond these three focal points, seize the opportunity to address any other exterior elements requiring attention, such as landscaping or outdoor lighting. Remember that every detail matters, and each thoughtful enhancement contributes to the captivating narrative of your home’s story.