The 5 Top Back Massagers in 2020

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Are you feeling tired and exhausted when you return home? Do you want to have a good massage to relax and reactivate your body and mind? Many people don’t have time to book an appointment for a massage. Are you also facing the same problem? Then buying a back massager for yourself is a great idea to use it as per your convenience.  


However, there are thousands of massage products available in the market, and it is difficult for you to decide which one to buy. This article will help and guide you to choose your suitable back massager. Here we have listed 5 top back massagers that are best in quality and very effective. These back massagers are easy to use and some of the back massagers can be used at home as well as on the go.


List of the 5 Top Back Massagers

There are different types of back massagers available on the market. Choosing the best back massager that’s ideal for you may be tricky. To make it easier for you, we have listed down the 5 top back massagers for 2020.

Shiatsu Back & Neck Massagers

Shiatsu back massager is one of the top back massagers. Let us understand why it is one of the best massagers. Shiatsu is an ancient technique which means acupressure. It works on the principle of energy flow within the body. That means it presses some of the vital points on the body to maintain the natural flow of energy through the body.


Shiatsu back massager has 3D rolling nodes to press the acupoints. The rolling nodes act as human hands to press the vital points of the body to relieve the aches and pains. You can feel great relief by sitting or lying on the back massager.


Different brands provide different features such as heat, vibration. If you want to experience a great relaxing massage, then opt for a full back shiatsu massager. The back massager can be fitted on to a chair. So you can use it at your home and at work.

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Shiatsu Pillow Massagers

A shiatsu pillow massager is also one of the top back massagers because it is portable. The pillow massage is very small in size but it is very useful. The 3D rolling nodes provide a deep massage and it keeps changing its direction to give a feeling of a real massage.


As the Shiatsu Pillow Massager is small in size, you can use it at your home, office or also in your car. If you mostly travel outside in your car then it will be a great fit for you. Different brands have different product experiences so read the customer reviews for choosing the best brand. 

Cushion Massagers

The reason we have added this to the top back massager list is that cushion back massager is cost-effective, small in size and portable. It takes less than a minute to install and is very easy to use. 


There are a variety of cushion massagers with different features and functions. So choose your cushion massager according to your requirements. You can use your cushion massage at the home, office and even you can install it in your car.

Percussion Back Massagers

A percussion back massager helps to repair the muscles after a heavy workout. It is a gun-like structure with a single head or several heads at the tip.


Percussion therapy relaxes thickened tissue by rapid thrusts on the muscle. It helps to break the adhesions among the tissues that enhance the flow of blood to different areas of the concentrated muscle. 


Percussion Massager is a handheld device that softens the tight muscle by rapid pulses on the target area. It gives a shocking move to the sore muscles to relieve the soreness with less pain.

Back buddy Self Massagers 

You may wonder what a simple stick can do with your back pain. However, it can relieve your back pain effectively. A well designed back buddy has 11 therapy knobs. These knobs press every pressure point of the back to relieve the pain. 


We have added this to the top back massager because of its simplicity. It is very simple to use and you do not need a power supply for it. Read the instruction manual once to place it in the correct position on your body. This self-treatment tool works best for the lower back.

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What should you know before buying a back massager?


  • Features: Consider physical features such as shape, size, nodes, etc.  You can opt depending on your requirements. Choose the type of massage technique like Shiatsu, Percussion, Vibration, Kneading, Wand, etc. Look at the other optional features like electric/non-electric, heat, timer, automatic, speed settings, rechargeable, portable, etc. 




  • Cost: Compare the cost with different brands before you buy your back massager. Because when you compare different brands you get an overall idea about the average market price of a product.




  • Read customer reviews: Don’t forget to read reviews of a massage product before you decide to purchase. It helps you to know the credibility and reliability of the product from users.




  • Warranty: Look for how long the warranty lasts before your purchase. When you choose an electric back massager, then read the warranty card of the product which will help you to decide better.


Benefits of back massagers:

Relief from Back Pain: After a hectic schedule you feel drained out. You feel aches and pains on your back, neck, and shoulder. A good back massage relieves your pain from those areas by improving the blood circulation on your overall body. It also reduces the risk of spinal injury by relaxing the back muscles.


Reduces Stress

When you feel pain in your body and get exhausted the stress level increases. Stress damages both physical and mental health. A back massage releases endorphins which relaxes your nervous system that reduces your stress level.


Improves Sleep Quality

A back massage can improve the quality of your sleep. A better good night’s sleep makes you feel relaxed and more active which in turn increases your productivity.