The U.K.’s Best Selling Motorbikes

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There are few joys in this world as profound as shopping for a new motorbike. But if you haven’t splashed out on a new rig in a while then you might not have a solid idea of the latest models and what’s currently making waves on the scene. Perhaps the best immediate place to look is towards the current best-selling bikes. Because if it’s the choice of thousands of other riders, it can’t be a bad choice, right?


There has been a rise in bike purchases in recent years linked to the increased demand for more socially distanced transport. This has resulted in a major increase in demand for low-cost bikes. Here, we’ll be highlighting a few of the best-selling lower-cost options in the UK. In doing so hopefully, you’ll be introduced to your next big purchase. Or two!


Royal Enfield Interceptor 650


This is a bike that comes in at around £5,500 (a whole £3000 cheaper than the base model retro Triumph). This is why, in the retro category at least, it’s such a desirable machine right now. In terms of “bang for your buck” there are few better deals on the market. For such a low price, with the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, you’re getting an incredibly attractive and capable 650cc bike that is going to genuinely drop jaws.


Lexmoto LXR125


Currently the best-selling sports bike, the LXR125 will set you back just a shade over £2,000. For your money you’ll be getting around 12bhp, a quality bodywork and frame and enough sheer power to impress first-timers and old hands alike. No wonder there were 150 new machines being registered every month last year!

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Honda PCX125


When it Coes to commuter scooters there really is no contest. The PCX125 is not only the best-selling scooter in the UK but the best-selling two-wheeled vehicle. Given that you can ride it legally with just a CBT certificate and a provisional licence, it’s easy to see why this elegant and comfortable ride has won the hearts of thousands. 




If you’re serious about riding then this incredible machine from BMW might just be the definitive ride. There are over 200 of these stately tanks being sold every month, even more, if you consider its larger-tanked “Adventure” model. It’s a machine that is constantly being upgraded and while it will set you back a pretty penny, it’s the kind of bike that can be all things to all people and you’ll probably never need to buy another bike again.

Whatever bike you go with, always remember to consider insurance as part of the overall expense. And of course, for those who can’t possibly choose only one and end up getting two bikes, it’s advisable to ask about multi-bike insurance to get the best possible deal.