Everything About Putting Together a Cowboy Hat Style

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Cowboy hats have been around since the 13th century. But it became popular in North America in 1865. In western fashion, a cowboy hat is a staple accessory. It stands for grit and toughness. Still, this hat is more than what you know about it. From etiquettes to styling to choices, cowboy hats for men are about an entire journey. Even the most fashion-conscious tribes know that only those who have been through the whole process of the selection, from finding the proper size to shape to look, can pick the most appropriate style. However, it doesn’t end there. Putting it at the right angle also matters.

Men’s cowboy hats have been a subject of discussion among everyone interested in mimicking western styles. If not done right, the chances of going overboard can be too high. To avoid this, you can gain some insights on this specific hat type. 

Searching for the right hat

Like with any other hat, you have to choose the correct size. The website will instruct you on how to measure your head. The next thing can be the color and material. If straw material can be a savior during hot summers, felt and leather would provide excellent protection in colder months. With any of them, you don’t have to think about styling. No matter how you pair it, you can expect the best outcomes for your overall look.

Pairing it with different outfits 

First of all, cowboy hats are for every occasion, including casual, formal, and semi-formal. So you can rely on it to accompany you everywhere. If you want to exhibit the best semi-formal look, pick blue jeans and a full-sleeve shirt and wear the wide-brimmed hat. Shirts can be solid colors, from white to beige to various shades of blue. To give your look a bolder cowboy touch, you can ditch the plain shirts for something with a checkered design, floral embroidery, or double pockets on the front. It is up to you to decide how you complete this look. Usually, belts with chunky metal embellishments coordinate well.

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You can rise above your casual and semi-formal style to try a whole formal appearance too. The men in suits and boots with a cowboy hat exude gentlemanly charm with a hint of assertiveness about their personality. While everything sits prim and proper, you can also tap into a bit of mischievousness even through your most elegant clothes with these hat styles. All you have to do is tilt it right.

Some folks prefer cowboy hats for experimenting with a contemporary vibe. You can take inspiration from their looks too.

Why choose cowboy hats?  

Hats can primarily be functional accessories, but their association with fashion proves they stand for more. The wide brims with attractive crowns define a unique swagger. While the original designs focused on saving the person from the elements, modern cowboy hats have become an extended-expression of a man’s personality. When you wear it, you show your love for freedom and choices. It underlines your individuality. You don’t need any more reasons to go for one.

Are you planning to go on your first yacht trip?  The straw hats with curled brims designed after the cowboy theme can be your good buddy. And if you buy a leather hat, you convey the self-assured side of your existence. You ditch bells and whistles to pick the finest. Of course, the flexible brims of the cowboy hats are another advantage. You can tweak it the way you desire. When you tilt it to the side, you express your debonair elegance. Or, you can add a bit of mystery to your look by pulling down its brim on the front. Whether you are in boots, bespoke business suits, or something else, cowboy hats in various shapes, sizes, and materials are there to give you a company.

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To be precise, a man of superior taste and fashion sense can be the best candidate for cowboy hats. You would go for it when you are confident. But it doesn’t mean others cannot adopt it. Anyone can try the look to infuse some amount of self-assuredness. It works either way.

Since cowboy hats are more about style and persona, you cannot pick them from anywhere randomly. The store should be well-recognized. If they are the hat specialists, you don’t have to think twice before buying one for yourself. Nevertheless, please don’t miss out on the quality of the material, shape, size, and color. Leather can be expensive. But nothing can match its aura. Still, there can be a cowboy hat design for almost every place. Go through all the options, focus on the popular shades, and select the proper size. Once it reaches you, wear it in front of your mirror and see the magic. You may already be dreaming about it. Right?