What to Look for in a Senior-Friendly Cell Phone

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So, your elderly parent or grandparent has decided to age in place. While many seniors report feeling more comfortable at home, these living arrangements do little to ease the minds of concerned loved ones who understand the added challenges they’ll face. Maintaining a home can pose undue challenges for mobility-restricted aging individuals who may not be able to cook, clean, pay the bills, and otherwise handle all the responsibilities that accompany aging-in-place arrangements. 

Another point of concern is that senior citizens who opt to age at home may not have appropriate medical care access. If these elderly folks are unable to drive themselves to these routine check-ups, yearly physicals, or specialist appointments, they may forgo all-too-vital wellness checks. Additionally, there’s always a concern that your loved one will slip and fall while grooming, performing daily cleaning rituals, or walking from point A to point B. 

Every year, thousands of seniors fall victim to slip and fall accidents that result in broken bones and other serious injuries that impact their quality of life. Along with concerns of sustaining life-altering injuries, social isolation also presents its fair share of risks when your elderly loved one decides to age in place. 

Nearly ¼ of seniors 65-up face social isolation when they age-in-place without a spouse or children in the home. Seniors also experience a lack of transportation issues, further putting distance between themselves and loved ones. Besides putting a damper on these seniors’ daily life, social isolation puts your loved one at an increased risk of health conditions like dementia and heart disease.

With a no-frills cell phone, like the senior-friendly Lively Direct flip phone, your elderly loved ones can communicate with friends and family and nurture mental-health-boosting relationships. More than 50% of all households have ditched their landline phones for a cell phone, but many popular models and brands are too complicated for an aging individual to navigate. 

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How can your elderly parents or grandparents find footing in the Digital Age? Read on for more information on the critical components of senior-friendly cell phones.

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How to choose a senior-friendly cell phone

The process of selecting a senior-friendly phone begins like any other purchase. Seniors have features they like and dislike just like anyone else. Additionally, some features may be too complicated for the aging mind. 

Internet Access

Some seniors want it. Others don’t need it. Decide if your loved one needs a phone with internet access. If not, a flip phone may be the ideal choice.

Large-Print Options

Seniors with vision problems need a cell phone that offers larger-size fonts for easier reading.

Photo Capabilities

Everyone enjoys taking and viewing photos. However, is this feature important to your elderly loved one? Most smartphones offer photo capabilities, but many flip phones don’t. If your elderly parent or grandparent expresses interest in snapping photos of the grandkids, invest in a phone with a high-quality camera.

Service Needs

Consider the coverage area available for the cell phone, as well as monthly service fees. Many people purchase senior-friendly cell phones and add their loved ones onto a family phone plan.

Additional Considerations

Seniors often appreciate features explicitly designed for their age group, whereas younger people may not want or need these features. Consider the extras the phone offers, such as apps to connect with doctors and retrieve vital health information. You’ll also want to factor in hearing-aid compatibility and the phone’s weight and size. 

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Seniors with conditions like arthritis must be especially mindful of the phone’s size and style if they’d like to avoid pain and other health concerns. In these cases, your elderly loved ones might appreciate the simplicity that flip phones offer.

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The importance of owning a cell phone

Trends indicate an incline in the number of seniors using cell phones. The device makes life convenient for anyone, especially senior citizens who may not spend as much time socializing with peers in-person. With a cell phone within arm’s reach, senior citizens can keep in touch with loved ones and combat social isolation’s adverse effects. Streamlined communication is only one of the many benefits of owning a cell phone, however.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll enjoy when your elderly loved ones have a cell phone. With your grandparents a phone call away, you can erase fears of your elderly loved ones suffering from debilitating loneliness or sustaining life-altering injuries. They’ll enjoy access to apps and other features any time they need them, increasing safety and peace of mind.

With a cell phone, your aging loved one has everything they need to increase their daily social interactions. When these senior citizens can contact primary health care providers and emergency services, they’ll enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy added peace of mind knowing you have 24/7 access to your elderly parents or grandparents. In today’s world, a cell phone is, undoubtedly, a necessity for senior citizens of all ages.

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