What You Need To Know Before Buying Commercial Carpet Planks

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When it comes to commercial spaces such as retail malls or stores, office buildings, medical centers, restaurants, and the like, one of the things that can define and complete the overall look of the place is its flooring. Essentially, choosing the right flooring material can impact your consumer’s experience. But aside from the design and aesthetics, your chosen flooring material should also be functional, in the sense that it can withstand high foot traffic instances. 

One of the flooring materials you can use to spruce up your commercial space is carpet. While carpet rolls are widely known and commonly used, especially in a residential setting, you might want to consider using carpet planks for your commercial needs.

That said, here are some things you need to know before buying commercial carpet planks.



Carpet planks are known to be a high-performing flooring material, since they can withstand heavy traffic, especially in busy spaces. 

Durability is generally determined by the number of stitches per inch a carpet plank has. The higher the number of stitches per inch, the higher the quality and the durability of the carpet planks. This is because more twists can make it difficult for the strands to unravel over time.

Density and plank backings can also contribute to the durability of the carpet planks. A dense plank with a short, tight pile can tend to have a longer lifespan than a taller or looser yarn, thereby allowing it to withstand more traffic.

There is also the aspect of hardback and cushion-backed planks in determining the durability of carpet planks. Hardback carpet planks exert all the foot pressure onto the carpet fibers, bending or getting crushed. Cushion-backed carpet planks, on the other hand, allow the cushion to compact under the traffic, protecting the carpet fibers from tear and wear.

The above aspects tend to tell you about the carpet quality. A carpet plank with high quality would be more durable than a low-quality one.



Aside from durability, it is also important that you know the specific needs of the area where the planks are going to be installed. For instance, you need to consider whether the area is prone to constant traffic or not, or whether the area is prone to dirt and water or not.

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A carpet plank designed for interior rooms such as offices isn’t suitable for areas with high traffic like corridors and hallways. Open areas such as lobbies are expected to receive heavy traffic and are more likely to be prone to elements such as dirt, dust, and mud. That said, they might require more durable and heavy carpet planks.


Cost And Installation

Generally, the cost is usually one of the factors people consider when deciding to make a purchase. An intimidating price tag can make people say no, and opt for a cheaper alternative.

However, it’d be good to note that since your space’s flooring material is the one taking the most beating, it is important that you invest in quality commercial carpet planks. By doing so, you can reduce the risk of having to replace or maintain your flooring every now and then, cutting down your expenses in the process. 

Carpet planks are easy to install as well. Unlike carpet rolls which require you to remove heavy furniture such as cubicles, file cabinets, and computers, carpet planks allow for easy installation. Carpet planks are small in size hence all that is required is arranging them depending on the design of your choice. The installation of carpet planks ensures that no operation is kept on hold due to the removal of furniture and equipment.

Additionally, carpet planks don’t leave too much waste during installation as wall-to-wall carpet rolls do when cut for fitting. Carpet planks come in small-sized fittings, which can be cost-effective.


Ease Of Maintenance

One of the reasons why carpet planks have become increasingly popular is their ease of maintenance. They are generally easy to clean and look after. All that is required is regular sweeping and vacuuming to eliminate dirt. 

Moreover, carpet planks are also easy to replace when worn out or stained. You can isolate the maintenance on the specific area or plank that has been damaged. That way, you don’t affect other areas of your flooring.

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Taking care of the well-being of your employees is taking care of your investment too. 

Having carpet planks that provide adequate underfoot support to employees who spend most of the time on their feet, like in retail stores, can help reduce muscle strain and fatigue, which can then help preserve your employees’ energy throughout their workday. Additionally, this can be beneficial in promoting efficiency and productivity among your staff.


Noise Level

Carpet planks are commonly used to ensure and promote good acoustics in a given space because of their sound absorption properties. 

That said, a denser and plusher carpet plank would be a more admirable choice in offices or spaces that require a quiet atmosphere. For instance, a carpet plank can minimize the noise created from moving furniture, and as a result, can minimize disturbances in the work environment.


Color And Design

One of the things you also need to consider when choosing carpet planks is what your business is all about. That way, you can properly select designs and colors that match the purpose of your space. 

For instance, in an office or formal setting, it is wise to select colors that are in the darker shade, rather than bright colors, to set a professional tone. Additionally, you can opt for subtle designs and patterns, instead of noisy ones. 

On the other hand, in commercial spaces that aren’t as formal as corporate settings, you can select bold colors or patterns that can influence the mood of your space. Or, if you are serving food and beverages, you can opt for carpet planks that have darker tones or colors, which can help camouflage dirt and stains. 


Take Away

Carpet planks have become increasingly popular when it comes to commercial space flooring. They are gaining popularity due to their numerous benefits such as ease of installation, ease of design, noise level reduction, comfortability, and durability, among other factors.

That said, keep in mind the above-mentioned tips when buying commercial carpet planks.