When to Repair Your Garage Door and When to Replace

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Whether you use your garage to keep your car or cars in or as a storage or other space it’s a very useful room in any house. That’s why a good garage door, one that is secure and works properly, is something you should always have. Garages are targets for thieves and a broken, older or insecure garage door is an invitation – especially if the homes around you all have much more secure versions that make it harder to get into.

The dilemma is whether you should have a damaged door repaired or get a new one. There will be situations when one path makes more sense than the other, particularly in terms of expenditure, but which is the most cost-effective choice? That depends greatly on what is wrong with your garage door that is leading to it operating inefficiently or not providing the relevant security. Let’s have a look at the possible problems that you may have with your garage door.

Damage to Garage Doors 

Damage to garage doors comes in many forms. Often it is caused by a car clipping the door of driving into it, other times by the mechanism becoming old, stiff and tired. Some repairs are minor, while other may be costly to the extent a replacement is a more cost-effective option. Here’s a list of the things that can go wrong with garage doors:

  • Door has been hit by a vehicle and is now out of shape, and it’s likely it will not close.
  • The springs used to open and close the doors are broken or old and past their best.
  • The cables that help with opening and closing have snapped, are detached or need replacing.
  • Rails are bent or broken, and new ones will be required.
  • The opener mechanism has failed and may need replacing.
  • Locks have been breached or have stopped working.
  • The overall structure of the door has become unsafe and needs major repairs.

The above is not a complete list but one that highlights the most commonly seen problems. Other reasons you may need a new door are when you move to a new house and your new property has an old-style garage door that is not up to today’s security requirements, or you simply want a more secure and trustworthy door. It could also be that you have a manually opening garage door and want one that you can operate remotely.

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For all of the above you’ll need to find a reputable garage door repair and replacement company, and one that comes with an excellent reputation in Minneapolis is known as Garage Doors Plus, LLC. They offer a full range of garage door repair and maintenance solutions including attending to all of the above problems and get great reviews from local customers.

Why Use Garage Doors Plus LLC? garage door

The purpose of a garage door is to make sure the garage is secure against thieves. Whether you keep a car in it, use it as a workshop or for any other purpose the attraction of a damaged or poorly secured garage door to a burglar cannot be understated. In many cases the garage also includes an entrance to the house, making it a secure way for burglars to slip in unseen once they have accessed the garage. It’s all too easy to make sure your home is secure in all other areas and ignore the garage, so a company such as Garage Doors Plus is one whose number you should keep close at hand in case of emergencies.

Garage Doors Plus has many regular clients who have used them for repairs and they only use the latest equipment and fittings. They can help with all the problems we mentioned above – broken springs and cables, locks that need replacing, opening mechanisms that have stopped working – and do so with the professional approach you would expect from a company that has won many industry awards.

When they come to look at the problem with your garage door, you’ll find them friendly, helpful and – more than anything – up-front and honest. If they believe the door is beyond repair and needs replacing, they will tell you, but if it can be repaired by way of replacing parts, they will give you a quote for the work to be done. It might be worth discussing the alternative cost of a replacement door, especially if you are concerned about security.

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Should they tell you a replacement garage door is the best way to move forward you’ll find they have a wide range of options when it comes to types and styles of door to fit with the look of your property, and also that their prices are competitive.

Replacement Garage Doors 

It is a sad fact that we live in an age where car thefts are common and other valuable items that are often kept in the garage – such as tools and equipment – make easy picking for thieves if access is simple. As we’ve already said, the garage is often left unsecure, but rest assured that Garage Doors Plus can fit you the latest, most secure and up to date replacement garage door, and they do their best to make sure their local customers get the best prices in the market.

One of their advisors will be able to show you the options in terms of design and style and will work with you to make sure you stay within budget, and you get the benefit of the expertise that Garage Doors Plus has in the garage door repair and installation business. 

We recommend that if you are having any problems with your door mechanism, with the locks or you have any concerns about your garage door and its performance, you get in touch with one of the team at Garage Doors Plus and they’ll be more than happy to help. Check their website now for more information and arrange for them to have a look at your garage door.