Finding the Right Roof Repair Company After Storm Damage

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 There is nothing anyone can do about the weather, and when some storms hit damage is inevitable. Of the many parts of the home that are most susceptible to storm damage it is often the roof that sustains the worst. Unprotected and doing its own hard job to keep the elements at bay, the roof takes a big hit in heavy wind, rain and snow, and damage is not unusual. This is why home insurance is a must – indeed a legal requirement – if you are to overcome major repair bills.

It’s also important to find a contractor who can work with you and the insurance company to achieve the best outcome, and we’ll talk about that later on. Before we do let’s look at the type of damage that storms can cause to your roof and to other parts of the house.

Types of Damage 

The roof may be a vital part of a home’s construction, but it can also be quite a fragile part of the building. It consists of a variety of sections, each of which work together and each of which can be damaged in a storm, that need to be in top condition for the right level of protection. Whether you endure major damage or minor the result can be the same, with internal damage from rain and snow getting in through the damage on the roof. The following are some of the frequently seen areas of repair:

  • Shingles can come loose and be broken during even a light storm and must be replaced quickly to avoid further damage
  • Guttering may be damaged or blocked – especially in snowfalls – and this can result in problems with water pooling on the roof or running down the exterior walls
  • Ice dams – where the underlying snow melts and then freezes when it meets the outside air – can form, and these cause severe damage very quickly that needs to be repaired correctly
  • Sidings can be damaged or torn away during storms and as they perform an important job should be replaced quickly
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The above are just a few of the most frequently seen areas and types of damage and there are many more. It is strongly recommended that after any storm – especially those involving high winds, hail and snow – you take a walk around and look for any obvious signs of damage to the gutters or missing shingles. Also, check in the loft space for gaps in the roof or at the eaves that should not be there.

What can you do to protect against storm damage? Your home has been constructed to withstand the weather conditions that prevail in the location, so all you can do is make sure your protective items – shingles, gutters and sidings – are all in good condition. Get good insurance and, as we’re about to talk about now, find a good roofing contractor who can help you with quality roof repairs at sensible rates, and is preferably local.roof repair

Finding the Right Contractor 

Having a trusted roof repairs service provider that you are familiar with is a bonus. For residents of St Paul, Minneapolis and the surrounding region we recommend you talk to the team at Johnson Exteriors for your roof repair or maintenance requirements. They are trusted by a large number of local customers who use them repeatedly, and they can offer you the best service in the region at the right rates. Not only that, but Johnson Exteriors can work with the insurance companies to ensure you get the full value of your claim under your existing cover.

With many years of experience in working on repairs caused by the variable US weather you can rely on Johnson Exterior to get the job done, and to get it done well. Indeed, the glowing customer testimonies on their website show just how highly they are regarded locally and throughout the region. 

Not only do they provide roof repair solutions, but they can also offer you window repair and installation and will assess the damage or state of your current windows, roof, gutters and more and advise as to the best solution. Let’s check out some more reasons you should consider Johnson Exteriors for your roof and housing repairs.

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Why Johnson Exteriors? 

As a local business you can rely on Johnson Exteriors to be up to speed with the property insurance laws and building repair requirements applicable in the state of Minneapolis. This is a great advantage to have when you need to satisfy the local planning or building authority that any changes or repairs you are making comply. They can help with all of the following:

  • Repairs to sidings damaged by hail or high winds, using the same material as the original or matching material that is more durable and will last longer.
  • Roof repairs including shingle replacement where they have been lost in a storm.
  • Guttering repair and replacement after heavy snow or winds.
  • Ice dam repairs that need attending to quickly in the winter months.
  • Window repairs and replacement with high quality frames and glazing for added insulation.
  • Handling of roof insurance claims 100% so you don’t need to worry about dealing with the insurance company.

The above is far from an exhaustive list of the services and solutions that Johnson Exteriors provide so get in touch whatever type of roof or exterior repair or attention your home needs.


The fact that storms can and do damage our homes, sometimes severely, is one we have to live with and while we do all we can to limit the possibility we are at the mercy of nature. It’s a great benefit for St Paul, Minneapolis residents to be able to call on a trusted local roof and exteriors repair company such as Johnson Exteriors, and as a family-run company they know how important it is to fix the damage to your roof as quickly as possible and at a sensible cost. Give them a call now and they’ll be happy to have a look at the damage to your home and give you a free, no-obligation quote.