Why Faith-Based Gifts are a Timeless Idea

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For some people, the process of selecting and giving gifts can be difficult and cause a lot of stress and uncertainty. However, the feeling of giving someone a gift they love is incomparable, it endears us to our friends, family, and loved ones, and helps us build and maintain our relationships.

The idea of a faith-based gift has been around for centuries and remains a popular choice today. What advantages does a faith-based gift offer over a regular present, and how have they withstood the test of time? Find out here.

What are Faith-Based Gifts?

Faith-based gifts, such as silver Judaica or a cross, are simply gifts that carry certain religious or spiritual significance. Generally speaking, faith-based gifts will reflect or be based on some kind of religious symbolism or iconography, and they often come in the form of wearable items like jewellery or accessories.

They are often highly valued and as such are made out of gems or precious metals. This means they can be expensive, so are usually given to close family members or on days of significance.

How Long Have They Been Popular?

Religion has existed for as long as humanity itself. For thousands of years, we have chosen to commemorate our particular belief systems through things like jewellery and ornaments. Faith-based gifts have been ever present throughout human history and transcend class and stature. Royals and aristocrats would give each other priceless faith-based jewellery, while those less well-off would opt for things like holy texts and pictures.

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This practice has continued right through until modern times, where we still see faith-based gifts regularly exchanged between friends and family.

Are They More Popular Now?

In what may come as a surprise, it could be argued that faith-based gifts are more popular now than ever before. Despite living in an increasingly non-religious society, we’re seeing more and more people choose to give faith-based gifts such as jewellery.

There are a number of reasons for this. Perhaps the primary one is that in modern societies people are facing less discrimination and persecution for their religious beliefs than they would have done in the past. This means that now, people are far more comfortable openly expressing their religion and will wear accessories and jewellery to reflect this.

This has been compounded by celebrities choosing to disclose their own personal religious beliefs. A broader acceptance of different religions and an increasingly tolerant society has meant we’ve seen a significant increase in the giving of faith-based gifts and is one of the main reasons why they have remained such a timeless idea.


To some people, the idea of a faith-based gift might seem outdated or old fashioned. In fact, the reality is that faith-based gifts are more popular than ever before. As people become more at ease with their beliefs and more comfortable expressing their religion, we can expect to see the idea of faith-based gifts hold strong for some time. 

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