10 Ways to Save Your Packages From Thieves

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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed so many aspects of how we live. Mostly it affected how people work – now more and more take the possibility to work from home or find another job that can be done from home. It also has affected the way we buy our groceries – we prefer to order groceries online rather than to go to the physical shop.


Also, the pandemic has changed the way we shop online. Spending the most time at home does not mean that you do not need new things for your kitchen, toys for your animals, and many other things. And online shopping has been huge for years, but it has never been on such a peak like now.


But the more packages are ordered, the more problems we encounter. Surely, the provider of your package does everything he can to deliver the package to you undamaged and not stolen. But once the package lands on your porch, it is up to you. That is why today we want to share ten ways to save your packages from the thieves.


Way #1 – Have Your Own Parcel Box


If you have tried everything and you had enough of the porch thieves, then we recommend you to check out the 5 best parcel boxes to buy in 2020 by Neighborhoodsquare. This way, you can be sure that nobody else but you can gain access to the package. As the number of deliveries is growing, so are the number of burglaries – therefore these parcel boxes are becoming more and more common.


Way #2 – Install a Fake Camera


Installing a fake camera is cheap prevention to keep the thieves away from your packages. But it only works if the thief notices the camera and gets scared away. But if he does not notice it, it will be no use. Also, if the person who is trying to steal your stuff has his face covered or wearing a hoodie, he will not care about the camera filming him and will proceed with his plan.


Way #3 – Install a Real Camera

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Image source: Unsplash.com


Installing a real camera is way more expensive than installing a fake camera on your porch. But it has its benefits. First of all, it may be enough for the thief to notice the camera and run away. And even if he does not notice it, his act of burglary will be caught on the tape. Even in the worst-case scenario, if the thief is covering his face, you can rely on his clothing. Make some screenshots and hand them out to your neighbors. 


Way #4 – Install a Smart Doorbell

Image source: Unsplash.com


This high-tech solution is for those who have no intention of scaring the thief away. This solution is perfect for those who do not want to stop the thief from stealing the package, but instead, for those who want to catch the thief and make the neighborhood safer. 


Especially if you and your neighbors have been suffering from a package thief for quite a while. The doorbell will start recording when there is motion next to the door or when somebody tries to ring the bell and check if you are home.


Way #5 – Ship the Packages to Work


Most packages are delivered during the working day, and if you have a full-time office job, then maybe you should consider redirecting the packages to your office. Just simply change the shipping address, and you will no longer have to worry about somebody taking your packages.


It is also worth mentioning that even if you are not able to collect the delivery in person, there should still be a reliable coworker who can take the package on your behalf.


Way #6 – Ask Your Neighbors for Help


It is always good to form a healthy relationship with your neighbors. If you know each other well, you will be more likely to help each other out. So you can ask your neighbors to take a package from your porch if they see it has been delivered or simply form a neighborhood community and look out for each other.


Way #7 – Make It Seem Like You Are at Home

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Image source: Pexels.com


There is no doubt that you should always invest in all home security solutions, especially if you have a bigger house, an expensive car, often leave home to travel, or have small children. One of the oldest methods to lure the thieves away is to make it seem like you are home. This works both for package thieves and more serious burglaries. Just make sure your home is well lit at all times, and the thieves will prefer a home with dark windows. 


Way #8 – Use a Smart Locker


You must have seen smart lockers near supermarkets, post offices, or other areas in your town. People collect their packages from these lockers quite often, especially when there is no opportunity to be at home during the delivery.


Only those with a PIN or a password can open the locker. Therefore, porch pirates will not even bother trying to steal from there. It might cost you a little bit extra for such a service, but the safety these smart lockers provide is well worth the investment. And the lockers tend to operate 24/7, meaning that you will be able to come and take the delivery when it is convenient for you.


Way #9 – Get a Guard Dog

Image source: Pexels.com


A guard dog is a good method to prevent potential thieves from approaching your premises. Just seeing that there is a dog is more than enough to discourage most porch pirates. If the dog starts barking, it will alert the neighborhood. Attention is certainly not something that these thieves want. 


Way #10 – Consider Amazon Key


As Amazon is aware of the porch pirate problem, they came up with an idea for a key that allows the deliverymen to enter clients’ houses or garages. This way, the package can be left inside, and hardly anyone would be willing to break in for a simple Amazon delivery. 


Yes, there are some risks involved, because you would be letting a stranger inside. But there should not be anyone willing to risk their job, especially in this economy.