12 Unexpected Health Benefits of a Clean Home

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Not all of us enjoy doing household chores. But do you know that there are more benefits in keeping a clean home apart from making it appear presentable? 


Well, to help you answer that, we are going to discuss the ten ways of how keeping your home clean could benefit your health, as well as the health of your family:



Less Allergy and Asthma Attacks

Here’s the thing: The more stuff you have at home, the more difficult it is to clean.


Dust, bacteria, and mold could lead to all kinds of things like allergy and asthma. And not cleaning the carpet, bedding, upholstery, or damp areas in your house (like your garage and basement) could worsen your condition. 


That’s why we always tell our clients at Planet Maids House Cleaning NYC that regular cleaning can help reduce the accumulation of dust and other irritants. Thus, it reduces the case of allergic rhinitis and asthma at home.


Sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming remove dust, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens that can cause colds and other flu-like symptoms. 


Reduced Spread of Germs

When you and your kids got home from work and school, there is a possibility that you are also bringing in germs, bacteria, and viruses with you.


But cleaning your house regularly prevents these micro-organisms from propagating and spreading. Hence, you are able to protect yourself and your family from getting infected and acquiring diseases. 


Better Sleep

If you have trouble getting enough shut-eye at night because you are anxious about what you need to accomplish the next day, keeping your home ‒ especially your bedroom ‒ clean can give you peace of mind


But even if you do not have trouble sleeping, keeping your room clean will give you a sense of peace and tranquility, especially when it is time to hit the bed. 


Keep in mind that it is important to have a quality sleep regularly, as this can help you regain your energy. And this energy is what you will use the next day when you wake up. Not to mention that it also boosts your immune system and decreases your risk of getting sick.

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Improved Mental Health

There is nothing more fulfilling than walking into a house that is clean and organized. You can live with the fact that you have a clean home, which causes you little to no anxiety. 


Moreover, the cleaning and decluttering process in your home are also believed to provide several health benefits. From physical movements, to eventually completing a task, these are most of the things that people find cathartic. 


Moreover, psychology studies show that a clean and uncluttered space helps one feel more focused and calmer, as well as less anxious or depressed. 


Improved Productivity

Keeping a clean and tidy home also ensures that you will be more productive at work.


Many studies have suggested that those who live and work in a clean environment are more focused and productive.


Increased levels of productivity mean that you will also generate better results, helping you to be more productive in the long run. 


Reduced Home Accidents

Reducing clutter and keeping things out of harm’s way can make a huge difference in your home’s overall safety. In fact, a clean and organized home reduces the risk of indoor accidents.


Always watch out for loose things lying around, such as toys, that can increase the risk of falls and slips. You should also keep in mind that stacks of books and boxes can fall on someone, which can lead to head injuries. 


Reduced Stress and Fatigue

Even doing something simple like washing the dishes after you are done with them is already a big thing because it is considered a great mindfulness activity. 


Over time, cleaning leads to lower heart rate and less stress in the long run. So, take it easy, and play some soothing songs while cleaning!


Fosters Calm

The outside world, especially with what is happening these days, can be a pretty chaotic and challenging time. The last thing that you want to do is to also replicate that kind of chaos inside your home. 


On the other hand, if you live in a calm and clean space, your mind also takes on that sense of peace and tranquility. 

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Improved Physique

You probably know that exercise is always great for you. But do you know that cleaning is one of the best forms of exercise out there?


So why not get down and dirty? That way, you can keep the floors looking good while improving your overall fitness.


Tasks like vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, or even washing the dishes will help you work up a little sweat. You can turn on your favorite tunes and even dance around while cleaning the house.


Start burning those extra calories off! 


Sense of Accomplishment

Knowing that you have ticked off a lot of things in your to-do list will help you create a sense of accomplishment, boost your energy, and would make you feel pretty happy as well.


You will feel a huge wave of accomplishment washing over you as you sit back and look over how you have a clean and tidy home. It will also help you create a regular habit for the days, weeks, and months to come. 


Helps You Save More Money

By keeping your home clean, there will be no need to buy for extra-strength, costly cleaning products, because you are likely to decrease the chances of dirt build-up. Moreover, your surfaces will also be less likely damaged with dirt and grime.


Keeping home surfaces like bathroom fixtures, counters, and floors clean will make them look nice for longer periods. 


Finally, keeping your appliances clean will make sure that they will be working on top shape, run more efficiently, and last longer. This allows you to save thousands of money in the long run. 


Cleaning for Your Health

Overall, a clean home leads to a healthier home.


But unfortunately, trying to do it on your own is not always possible. Good thing, you can hire a professional cleaning service provider who can help you achieve a clean, comfortable, and healthy space without going through all the stress! up next: https://www.thesmartconsumer.com/green-cleaning-airbnb


So, what other benefits do you get from a cleaning home? Let us know in the comments!