14 Ways to Renovate Your House on a Budget

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Are you tired of seeing those same walls every day, or is it the damaged furniture that’s bothering you? Most likely, your house needs renovation. However, the idea of revamping is scary if you’re on a tight budget.

Fortunately, there are renovation ideas that don’t cost you a fortune yet fit your requirements best. So, if you’re planning to give your home a major overhaul on a budget, you’re at the right place. 

We’ve gathered 14 ways that can help you renovate your house on a small budget. Let’s get to it then.

  1. Install wall paneling

While bare painted walls and wallpapers may feel like the ultimate solution to your drywall, they require frequent maintenance. Instead, you can try going for wall paneling that will not only help protect your drywall but would also prevent any indentations, marks, or scratches, unlike the other two options that attract such imperfections. 

  1. Clear up space 

Home renovation means chaos. Your home goes all upside down during the process, which is why it’s essential to organize your storage and clear out space for the process to take place. To get around this, you’ll need space to store your stuff before you move it out. 

Forget about renting a temporary apartment or something like that, since it’s costly and time-consuming, especially if you’re from Washington, where suitable accommodation is already so expensive. But, there is an excellent way of storing your stuff to make moving and renovating easier.

Storage spaces. You can rent storage spaces for your stuff to make renovating and moving easier. Even if you have an RV, you’d like to park somewhere while your house is being renovated. It’s easy to find secure storage for your stuff; all you have to do is search for the term and your city “ rv storage Bonney lake” on Google to find safe, fenced storage options at reasonable rates. 

  1. Rejuvenate old tiles

Old ugly tiles can make your home’s overall look pretty bad. Layers of ground-in grime, wax, and old polish – all contribute to its unattractiveness. However, ripping them all of and installing new ones could cost you an arm and a leg. 

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There’s another way; restoring your tiles to their long-lost charm with the help of professional cleaners is the way to go, and it won’t be heavy on your pocket either.

  1. Add a decorative touch with trendy carpets

Carpets never go out of style – especially the ones that are bright-colored. Why? Because they give off positive vibes. When laid at an area, bright-colored carpets make those areas stand out from their surroundings, thereby adding a decorative touch to your home. Try opting for a wool blend for flooring that’s striking, has a soft underfoot, and is durable. 

  1. Install window shutters

Not only do window shutters offer privacy, but they also provide better value than blinds or curtains in the long run. Shutters don’t attract dust and pets, unlike curtains which require professional cleaning now and then and are more likely to be torn away by your pets. 

So, choosing shutters over windows is a good option!

  1. Try customizing a rug

Laying out rugs in your home is crucial because they help layer the home’s décor and last for a lifetime. However, searching for your dream rug is equivalent to searching for a needle in a haystack. Knock this idea off. 

Instead, look for used rugs on eBay or any other platform for used stuff, have them dry-cleaned and use them instead. 

  1. Increase water pressure

Low water pressure leads to more water wasted, resulting in a humid bathroom. A moist bathroom, in turn, causes condensations that further causes mold and mildew. Humidity can also peel off the wallpaper and paint off the toilet. 

Repairs can be costly. If there’s too much damage, the only thing you can do is prevent it from spreading, which is through increasing water pressure. 

  1. Set up kitchen splashbacks

Who doesn’t fall for a squeaky-clean kitchen? Everyone does, but how to achieve it? While remodeling your house, don’t forget to invest in kitchen splashbacks. Because they help shield your kitchen walls from splashes, cooking debris, and moisture, eventually cutting the cost required for future repaint.

  1. Switch your kitchen countertops 

There are cheaper options for kitchen countertops in the market, including faux marble and laminate. If you’re extremely tight on budget, go for laminate because it’s the cheapest among the existing countertops. 

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However, if you can invest a little more than that, faux marble could prove to be the best option, given the added appeal to your kitchen. 

  1. Lay artificial grass

Instead of a natural lawn, go for an artificial one because creating an artificial lawn helps you cut costs effectively. An artificially laid lawn withholds its appearance all year round and is weatherproof, safe for children, and low maintenance. It’s also effective in reducing water usage and water bills.

  1. Revamp worn-out couches 

DIYs are fun and budget-friendly, and if done appropriately, are capable of giving off excellent results. You can always make your old couches and sofas as good as new by covering them with exquisite fabric and new stuffing to make it as bouncy as it was in its original form. 

  1. Invest in skylights

Skylights are a natural solution to your home’s darker areas. These lights aid ventilation and save energy. What’s more is that if you ever plan to sell your house, skylights increase your house’s resale value, thereby offering you extra profits.

  1. Customize shelves

You can never have enough storage, so it’s crucial to build as many shelves as possible. However, try customizing frames on your own to ensure that they best fit the size of your room and don’t make your home look all stacked up. 

  1. Upgrade your main door

Your main door is the first thing people will see, which is why it has to be up to the mark. Re-polishing your main door could help, but even getting a new one shouldn’t be that expensive either.

If you can’t get a new door, try getting the existing one repaired, repainted, and colored.  


Renovating your house to turn it into a comfy place yet stylish to live in can be heavy on your pockets. However, with thoughtful strategies and plans, you can achieve your dream house and that too by being within your specified budget. 

Mentioned above are some ways to renovate your house, so if you’ve got a home renovation plan chalked out already, try experimenting with these and see your house transforming into a beautiful one.