3 FAQs on Wood Wedding and Engagement Rings

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These days, wood wedding rings are a one-off substitute for conventional metal bands, the perfect blend between man-made and natural, hard and fragile, and earthy and smooth. These rings come in a variety of designs, styles, and sizes, and best for your engagement and wedding, both for women and men. Be it metal and wood inlaid or a solid wood ring, the options are plenty. You will find something for all tastes and preferences. 

According to an article published on https://www.bbc.com, there has been an increase in the popularity of men’s wedding rings due to the boom in the jewelry industry. 

If you are looking for wood rings for your big day, here are three essential questions you must ask: 


Q1. What wood ring types I can shop for in a store? 

You find three kinds of wooden rings including carved, solid bentwood, inlay rings, and overlay rings. Bentwood rings are designed by draping thin wooden strips into a rigid cylinder and using some special adhesives. It makes the jewelry strong and when polished and sanded – the ring looks striking. 

Wood inlay rings are popular among brides and grooms. It is a metal ring, which has wood enchased in the particular metal; it could be titanium or tungsten for added toughness and strength. 

Wood overlays comprise of a metal cylinder around which the wood is swathed seamlessly. It makes your ring strong and retains its original shape. The wood is next, enchased using a metal strip around the center of the ring’s perimeter, thus adding contrast, beauty, appeal, and sturdiness to wood rings

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Q2. What woods are best for my wedding or engagement rings?

The best option is of course hardwood, including apple wood, cedar, hackberry, poplar, ash, walnut, maple, pine, and many more. There are other varieties such as cocobolo, olive wood, padauk, and bocote. 

Did you know that wooden rings have special, symbolic significance? Maple wood, for instance, symbolizes generosity, promise, and offering, while oak means courage and strength. You can choose the wood that appeals to you when it comes to the significance or the one, which looks attractive. 


Q3. Is my wood ring durable?

Though wood rings aren’t everlasting, however, not as frail as you think. Be it any ring, metal, or wood, they can bend or break with use. The wooden ring style, design, and type of wood affect the overall durability of the piece. Usually, wood wedding and engagement rings are sturdy and last many years even with daily use. However, you need to care for your wood ring so that it lasts longer. Inlay wood rings need a perfect clean with a polishing fabric or cloth to retain the luster and shine. Bentwood rings need frequent coating. 


Inlay and overlay rings are completely waterproof, as the resin is used to fasten the wooden material. Again, bentwood rings are water-resistant but not waterproof completely. The resin and polish used on wood rings improve resistance against bumps and scratches. 

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Final words

Keep these questions in mind before you buy your next wood rings, be it for your engagement or wedding. Make an informed decision.