3 Safety Tips For Taking Your Kids To The Playground

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Taking your kids to the park and playground is one of the most enjoyable experiences for many parents. It is a great way to bond with your children, to teach them about the world around them, and to help them learn and grow in confidence.

Making sure your kids are safe at the playground therefore is a primary concern. Here are some ways you can keep your kids safe while ensuring they have the best time possible.

Keep An Eye On The Weather                                                                                                                          

In hot temperatures, slides and swings can become dangerously warm and have been known to result in burns. It is important to always check the temperature of any surface before your children try them out – particularly any metallic surface.

If it is going to be a hot day it is worth delaying your trip, going in the later afternoon or evening rather than the hottest part of the day around midday. Where possible also choose a playground with plenty of shade and make sure you apply sun block thoroughly and regularly throughout the day.

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Make sure you have regular water breaks. Children often won’t realize when they’re becoming dehydrated so having a routine of stopping for water is very important.

Choose The Best Playground

You should always check out the playground before you take your child there. You want to be sure that the playground you are choosing is safe and appropriate for your child’s age.

Make sure you are happy with the playground surfacing. You want to choose a playground with padded surfaces to ensure that your child is as safe as possible should they have a fall. Ideally, you want a playground with proper surfacing like Sports Surface Specialties. Their playground surfacing is created with child safety in mind and is renowned for its color, cushioning, and comfort.

Check out the equipment for any signs of damage or rusting and make sure you are completely happy before allowing your child to start playing. Making sure that you are using a playground that is well maintained by a local organization is key for ensuring it is a safe place to use. It is also useful to know who you need to report any damages or dangerous issues to.

If you are unsure about where to find a reliable playground for your kids’ exercise and entertainment, look to your local childcare facility, schools, or parks. Catered specifically to children of playing age, these locally run organizations and privately owned businesses know exactly what the kids want and are mindful of their choice of dependable playground equipment.

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Make The Most Of Your Time Together

kids bonding

Bonding during trips to the playground is so important. It can be tempting to allow your children to run off and enjoy the playground while you catch up on the news on your phone but you should try to have some interaction with your kids while they play.

Particularly with younger children and toddlers, interaction is vital to ensure language development and for learning lessons in waiting for turns and sharing. You can teach your children while making sure they’re having a fun day out.

Making sure you interact with your children at the playground is important as accidents can happen. You will want to be sure that you are there to comfort and care for your child if they do have a fall or slip.