4 Daily Use Products That You Can Replace With Recyclable Alternatives

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Climate change is a grave and pressing issue and yet, many world leaders and the citizens that follow them are unbothered by the same. I haven’t decided where I stand on the political issue, but I still think we should take care of this planet we live on.

Sure, awareness about climate change has increased in the past few years, with Greta Thunberg becoming last year’s Time Person Of The Year, and 60% Americans recognizing climate change as the important issue that it is. Even big conglomerates and business organizations have started at least some sort of environmental responsibility program.


Whether you believe in climate change or not shouldn’t we take care of the planet regardless? 

plastic waste

Yet, there is a lot of awareness still to be created to make climate change a priority for world leaders. In such a situation, the importance of grassroots efforts by individuals is absolutely paramount.


The good news is, making small lifestyle changes that help reduce our individual carbon footprint on the planet is not a big challenge.


Unlike what many think, living sustainably doesn’t mean you have to suddenly start growing your own food in your backyard or have to switch to veganism overnight.


In fact, starting with small changes is the right strategy for those who want to stay consistent with their sustainable living efforts.


For instance, you can begin by swapping the following daily use products with their environment-friendly alternatives:

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Floor Cleaners And Toiletries


eco alternativesMost people don’t realize that the floor cleaners they use contain harmful chemicals that have the potential to contaminate the soil or water where the mop water is disposed of.


Switching to an environmentally friendly alternative is easier than ever. In most supermarkets, there is an abundance of options available when it comes to green floor cleaners.


Just like floor cleaners, toiletries also contain harmful chemicals that not only harm your hair and skin but also contaminate your local wastewater system. These days, there are many brands that are dedicated to producing organic and even vegan beauty products that make for superb replacements for chemical-based toiletries.


Clean Oil Spills With Reusable Oil Wipes


All of us have struggled with an oil spill at our homes. Cleaning the same with a paper towel or tissue isn’t just messy, it is also wasteful and expensive. An economical and environmentally responsible alternative is to purchase oil removal wipes. These wipes can absorb up to 20 times their weight of oil, even out of water. In fact, if your waste mop water only contains oils and machine fluids, you can use these wipes to clean the water for a second use!


Ditch The Plastics


Many believe that plastic is going to turn out to be the bane of this planet.


Thankfully, ditching plastics is not a difficult task. For every plastic utensil, container, packet, or other product you use, there is a green alternative available.

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For instance, plastic ziplock bags can be replaced with cotton beeswax bags. These work just as fine, are reusable and are also biodegradable. That means, when you are done with them, you can even compost them!


Similarly, bamboo, glass, and metal containers are excellent alternatives to plastic containers that are commonly used in kitchens.


Find Energy Efficient Appliances


Most homes switch their bigger home appliances like boilers, heaters, etc in every ten to twenty years. If it is that time for you, you’d be happy to know that all the top brands are offering some truly energy-efficient devices.


Even if it is not time for you to replace your bigger appliances, you can start small. For instance, switching your home’s lights and bulbs with energy-efficient LED alternatives is neither expensive nor difficult.


Most of us underestimate the amount of energy consumption by homes. However, the fact is that domestic energy consumption makes up for a significant percentage of the energy consumption of any area. 




Saving the environment from doom is the combined responsibility of everyone that calls this planet their home. We hope that this article will help you start living more sustainably and do your part in saving Mother Earth.