4 Top Things You Need to Become a Professional Gamer

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If you are in your mid-30s, gaming for a living seemed like a dream. Getting paid to play your favorite game was only a fantasy. These days, video games are more than a side hobby. 

The million-dollar sponsorships, prize pools, and the opportunity for exposure have made it one of the most coveted careers in today’s competitive job market. Statistics show that the revenues from e-sports hit the $1-billion milestone in 2019, and this number is expected to double by 2022. If you are just starting out as a professional gamer and skeptical about investing your money on es-ports, different platforms can let you win real money for free.

So, if you keep asking yourself, “Can I become a professional gamer?” It’s time to check out these pro tips to help you become the best.


A Solid Foundation Is Important

How to become a professional gamer? If you already have a game you’re crazy about, spend most of your time playing it. This is the only way you can hone your professional gaming skills. It would be best if you could get a professional gamer education. The first step to achieve this is by reading tutorials and books. This way, you won’t have to skip parts or be entirely reliant on cheat codes.


You still have to get the professional gamer facts right. For instance, do your research on the most popular products, especially those that professional gamers often play. Keep in mind that to build a successful professional gamer career, you’ll need to master a game that will stay interesting in the years to come.

Invest in a good gaming laptop or computer. Those with dedicated AMD or NVIDIA graphics card and the latest processor will provide you with the top-quality visuals. While PC hardware and graphics cards are a valuable component, you’ll miss out on your device’s full potential if you don’t have the right display. With an ultra-high-definition or 4K display, you will set a foundation for a great gaming experience. It’s also worth checking out the types of games that bring professional gamers money before making your move.


Dota 2 has been played in over 1300 tournaments, and about 4000 professional gamers are involved. Games also have the potential to win up to $0.5 million. The other alternative is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which has more than 13K players and has been included in over 5000 professional gamer tournaments.

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Practice Your Skills: Professional Gamer or Streamer?

The main difference between a professional gamer and a streamer is that the former is a pro paid by a sponsor or company. On the other hand, streamers stream content and are mainly paid through affiliate income, adverts, and donations. With the growing popularity of streaming platforms such as Mixer.tv and Twitch.tv, many professional gamers love the thrill of real-time streaming gameplay.

The advantage of live streaming is that it takes the pressure off. Professional gamers can stream their single or multiplayer encounters to test their skills without the formal tournament’s pressure. They also can play at their own pace and skill level. Through skillful gameplay and excellent commentary, players can quickly build an independent income source through donations, advertising, and partnerships.


Streaming is also a great supplement for a professional online gamers to engage with their fans and other players. Since they are in control of the stream, they can explore and play however they like. Whether you’re a professional gamer or a streamer, you always need to have a lag-free gaming setup. That includes your hardware, internet connection, and servers. If your game keeps lagging, your opponents will have a better chance of winning the game. Now, your computer setup and internet might be pretty solid already, but you might not have a dedicated server yet. Consider hosting services like Ping Perfect to eliminate lag in all your gameplays.


Join a Gaming Support Group

The gaming community will help you improve your professional gamer experience. While it is about individual talent, it also considers the culture surrounding the game. That said, before you invest your time learning the nitty-gritty of a particular game, it’s worth checking on forums or other places where professional gamers converse. 

With the valuable information you get from gaming groups and forums, you can easily tell whether the journey you wish to pursue aligns with your motivations and goals. The objective of getting into the gaming scene is to advance your career, so you should enjoy the company of others.


Some of the forums have remained operational for years while others grow, crash, and ultimately reform over time. Take note that the group you join will largely depend on your genre or preferred game.

The online player communities also meet and stay in touch in different ways. Don’t forget to watch out for gaming conferences and themed events. This is the best chance for upcoming professional gamers to meet other new players and former champions. They will also get an opportunity to interact with developers who are more than willing to discuss their brainchild.

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Research the Competition Before Trying Competitive Leagues

Before you think of joining any competitive leagues, begin by watching professional gaming teams play. This should help you gauge other players and their style while, at the same time, make new friends. It’s also the best opportunity to learn more about the community landscape and regulations, which help players navigate the gaming industry.

Different authorities regulate professional gaming, so casual spectating is a less stressful way to learn about regulations. Once you believe you’re a step closer to mastering the game, there are plenty of competitions to try out. As a professional gamer, you are not just limited to being skilled or “good.” Try to broaden your horizons by connecting with other teams, which can help you ascend the top-tiered ladder.


With time, you’ll be playing with a professional gamer. This won’t just improve your skills, but you’ll get the attention of others. Your reputation as an upcoming pro player will generate a high probability of receiving invitations to more competitive channels to get noticed by different organizations.



If you hope to get signed to play in the elite tournaments, the recommended professional gamer age is between 18 to 30 years. Regardless of your love for the game, the financial provisions are an essential factor in a professional gamer contract. This is because it highlights aspects such as the different streaming revenues, including cheers, subs, donations, and ad revenue.


Are you a seasonal player trying to venture into a professional gamer league, or a gaming enthusiast still figuring out whether to move further? If so, this guide should encourage you to get better at your e-sports gaming skills.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to share your experience, please feel free to leave your comment.


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