How To Save Money When Switching to Propane

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With propane furnaces more efficient than other heating sources, especially oil, you may save money just by switching to propane as it costs less to operate. It’s the same type of propane used not only for furnaces but for other gas-burning appliances like BBQ grills, although it’s generally stored in larger tanks that are either free-standing or buried underground.


Of course, just like anything, you’ll want to get the best possible price and look for other ways to save money once you’ve switched too. Keep in mind that if you have appliances that run on propane they’ll usually last longer which will save more money over time, not to mention the hassle of being without one until it’s repaired or replaced.


But there are other ways to save money when you call up your propane supplier and make the switch, including these.

Shop Around

You’re likely to have several propane suppliers to choose from, so before making the switch, shop around to be sure you get the best possible rate. The more suppliers there are, the better deal you’ll probably get due to the competition. 

Try to Lock In Your Price

Propane prices fluctuate just like the gasoline that you put in your car, but compared to conventional fuels and other alternative sources of energy, it typically costs less. Still, demand for propane can impact the price. For example, in areas subject to cold winters, there’s a greater demand for heating, requiring more propane which can cause prices to rise during the season. 

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The good news is that many companies will let you lock in your rate for a small fee. That means the amount you’ll have to pay to fill up your tank will be capped, but you’ll still be able to fill up for less if the current market prices are better than that locked rate. Plus, if you do this once each year, ideally during the summer when the best deals can be had, you’ll know how much to budget for your propane use. 

Ask For Discounts

Local propane suppliers may offer discounts so be sure to ask when shopping around. Some may provide reduced rates for military veterans, senior citizens, and/or large fill orders. If you don’t get one now, ask annually as things can change from year to year.


Heat ‘Smarter’

A smart thermostat can help you save on your propane bill as it can “learn” the heating habits of your home and lower the temperature when no one is there. Some have the ability to connect to an alarm system, so if you have one it can automatically adjust every time you set the system in “away” mode. Another benefit of these devices is that you can use an app to turn the temperature up from wherever you are so that it’s warm when you get home.

Get a Larger Tank

As mentioned, winter propane prices can be significantly higher, but if you have a large enough tank you can have it filled during the summer when rates are at their lowest. It may also get you a better price for buying in volume. While it might cost a bit more for a bigger tank, it should pay for itself over time. 

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