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Most of us use regular cars when going on a little road trip. This usually involves driving on normal roads to different destinations and possibly stopping off at roadside motels. But for thrill-seekers, we tend to use our 4×4 for those off-road adventures. Now while traversing through muddy paths and trees might be exciting for the first hour, what can we do to keep ourselves entertained on our way to our destination? In this article we will give ideas on making your 4×4 adventure as exciting as possible, and how you can keep everyone occupied during the ride. 


  • Make a story


Have you ever tried making a story with your friends? The idea seems quite difficult, but it can be extremely entertaining. Allow everyone to say one sentence at a time and build onto a story. You can have multiple twists and laughs as everyone adds more detail. 


  • Spelling bee


Remember being in 2nd grade and having a spelling bee? Most of us probably felt a lot of pressure, and our friends giggling at our attempts were no help either. A spelling bee during a long road trip can be a great way to test your new found adult knowledge. Use your smartphone and gather up some perplexing (see what I did there) words and challenge your friends. A spelling bee is also great to play with the kids to keep them thinking during summer holidays. 


  • Two truths and a lie 


Most of us have heard of ‘truth or dare’, but it would be rather limiting to do ‘dares’ in the 4×4 ride only. An alternative is to try the two truths and a lie game. Here one player will state three facts, one of which is a lie. The other players will then each have a chance to say which fact they think is a lie. If nobody guesses the lie award yourself a point, if someone guesses correctly they get a point. At the end of the game tally up the scores and determine the winner. 


  • Disposable cameras


Disposable cameras usually take around 24 shots and can be developed later on. We live in a generation of smartphones and unlimited camera filters. Disposable cameras can be a fun way to capture the journey without instantly being able to see the picture you have taken. The limited amount of shots also means that you will be more cautious as to when to take your photos. While on your adventure you could possibly snap photos of the drive or your friend sleeping in the back seat. 


  • Music, audiobooks and podcasts 


Music has always been a classic way to keep everyone entertained during a car ride. Allow everyone to have a chance by letting them connect their smartphone to the AUX cable. In this way the genres and artists are varied and you might pick up a new favourite artist from your friend. If music isn’t your thing you could possibly turn to audiobooks and podcasts. Audiobooks are generally longer spanning multiple hours and everyone would need to agree to the book. A better solution might be a podcast where interesting topics can be brought up and discussed within an hour. After the podcast everyone in the 4×4 can talk about their own opinion surrounding the topic. It’s basically a nice way of getting everyone in the car talking about ‘something’ rather than looking for a conversation. 

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  • Singing 


Previously we spoke about music, but don’t forget to join in. Singing can be a great way to relieve stress and energy during the road trip. Instrumental versions of songs can be found on YouTube so you can possibly have your very own Idols audition among your friends. Careful now, make sure nobody is recording your first performance without your knowledge. You don’t want to land on a Facebook meme page. 


  • Stop at unique locations 


So you’re on your way to your destination and you want to get there as fast as possible right? Well sometimes taking 30 minutes to see something cool might actually speed up the process. Check on google maps for any ‘must see places’ when visiting a particular area. If you’ve been in the car for a few hours, you’ll definitely need to stretch your legs anyway. Also use this opportunity to go to the restroom and stock up on any snacks. 


  • Food and snacks  


If you’re planning to drive for some time it is important to make sure you have food and snacks. Food can either be packed in or it can be bought along the way. It’s always nice to stop at a diner and have a hamburger with the family, or unpack your ready-to-eat lunch. Caution should be taken while eating in the car to make sure you don’t mess everywhere. Make sure the food you have packed is in containers that are airtight so they don’t fall out while you drive. Sugary snacks can also be beneficial to keeping energy levels high while driving for long hours, again be careful to not give the kid’s too much sweets or they will be bouncing off the car seats. 


  • Coloring books  


Coloring books are not just for kids. They are a good way to pass time and relax the mind. For a good combination try listening to music while you color, and try to keep it within the lines during those bumpy roads. Most coloring books can be ordered online at Amazon or they can be found at your local bookstore. 


  •  Dating apps with friends 


If you’re on an adventure with a single friend, have them setup a dating profile on an app. It can be rather amusing to scroll through suggested matches and see if they like him or her back. You can help your friend setup their profile and choose the best option. Once they have returned from the road trip, your friend will have someone to go on a date with! 

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  • Edit your photos 


Earlier we spoke about disposable cameras, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking photos with your smartphone. While on your adventure click away and start sorting through your best pictures. Most time we wait until we get home to check through photos, but why not start while you’re in the car? It’s a good opportunity to sort through the blurry pictures, and filter the ones you plan on uploading to social media. 


  • Watch movies 


For those fortunate not to be driving you could possibly watch your favourite movie. Before venturing on the trip download a movie onto your laptop or smartphone and watch it while out on the road. If you’re planning to go off the grid it’s a good idea not to use networks to stream as signal might not be as strong. Alternatively, if you have the means try fitting small LED displays in your back seats and connect the movie via USB. 


  • Knit or crochet 


Ever thought about knitting some socks or a jersey for your fellow friend? If you’re venturing out into cold terrain wouldn’t it be cool to wear something you made on your way to your destination. You could pass the project around and everyone in the car can have a chance to knit. If you’re unsure how to knit, try loading your smartphone or tablet with tutorials from Youtube. 


  •  To-do list 


Have you ever gotten to your destination and you’re so excited you forget what you want to do first? Try getting everyone involved and write a to-do list of potential ideas. These are usually really fun because they can get everyone excited for things to come, and you’ll have it all written down when your mind decides to go blank. 


  •  Talk and joke 


Sometimes we are so preoccupied with material things we forget the greatest entertainment can be each other. If the car ride is long try having meaningful conversations with each other about things you’ve been wanting to talk about. It could bring everyone closer together and take away any tension that was there. Also remember to laugh and joke! Account for past experiences and tell stories on your way to your destination. Talking is always a good way to pass the time on long adventures. 


We hope that these 15 tips can help make your 4×4 adventure exciting and keep everyone occupied. Although they might not be for everyone we’re sure you’re bound to find something that everyone enjoys. If you have any more suggestions please let us know!