4 Real Quick Tips To Use Water Filters at your home

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With the ever-increasing population, big cities are now finding it hard to supply residents with clean water. With rusty piper, chemicals, and pollution, water supply has since become a significant health concern. For this reason, many people have resorted to using water filters to ensure a steady supply of freshwater in their homes.

There are different types of water filters for homes, some of the commonly used water filters are the Aquasana whole house water filter, Home Master Artesian Full Contact R) filter system, and the iSpring RCC7 High Capacity Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filtration System and Softener. Nonetheless, acquiring the best water filter isn’t enough. You need to care for your water filter by maintaining it and ensuring that it stays in perfect shape.


Check out tips to help you make the most out of your water filter:

  1. Use the user Manual &Follow manufacturer’s instructions

All water filters come with a guide to help in installing the unit. From connecting to replacing the filters and cartridges, follow instructions from the manufacturer. If not sure of some of the steps, engage a professional plumber, or contact your vendor. Moreover, be keen to procure an exact match of the component that you need to replace.


  1. Use the pre-filter

Some units come with a pre-filter, and you should always use it. It traps the larger debris, and this helps prevent clogging.  

What are the benefits of using the pre-filter? It filters out large particles like rust and silt from invading your unit, and this ensures optimal functioning.

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  1. Care for the water filter cartridge

The cartridge is an essential part of your drinking water filtration system. If it’s faulty, your water filter won’t function anymore. What is the role of the cartridge? It helps your unit to eliminate all the impurities and contaminants. What do water filters remove?  They expel contaminants like dust, chlorine, viruses, pesticides, and herbicides.

 It’s critical to ensure that the cartridge stays in perfect condition. Although it doesn’t require regular replacement, you should replace it at least twice a year, and this depends on the level of contamination in your tap water. Not replacing your filters can damage your unit and also make your water worse. The system won’t function as required, and may not filter contaminants in your water.

Moreover, cartridges can easily break, and you should avoid dropping them. In case this happens, don’t re-use. The filter may look intact but could be damaged.  Buy the cartridges in bulk so that you can always find one available for use. Handle them with care and store them in a dry place.


  1. Backwash often to prevent clogging

You can backwash some water filters, to do this, detach the intake hose and then reattach it to the outlet. Pump water, and the hose will drive clean water through your filter and loosen debris that may be clogged up. Also, sanitize the unit using a cupful mixture of water and bleach before using it again. The best way to sanitize is by pumping the solution through the system and letting it dry thoroughly before storage.

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A water filter is a must-have for every modern home. It ensures a constant supply of clean water or your loved ones. Even if you have the best drinking water filter, maintain it often by replacing the filters and cleaning it regularly.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and contact a professional plumber if you have any issues using water filters.