Having that Home Sweet Home Vibe is Easier Than You Think

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We all want to live a good life in a nice home together with our happy family. It’s what everyone wants.

Sure, there are ways to do that. You can get a good job and save up to buy a new house. Or perhaps marry your loved one and have kids together with some pets.

They’re all nice to have. But one of the most important things you should also consider is to get that home sweet home vibe in your home.

It sounds pretty vague and abstract, but it’s a very logical thing to do if you want to make the most out of your home.

And that’s what we’ll talk about in this article as we’ll show you the best effective tips to live in your dream home.


Decluttering means to throw away things you don’t need. This also means that you arrange your things. It doesn’t just mean to simply organize them, but instead, it’s about doing a total renovation or makeover of your home to keep things tidy.

You can start by working on your cabinets. Arrange them in order depending on your preferences. Also, throw away anything that doesn’t have any purpose or function. You might feel a bit sad at first because these might have sentimental values.

But it’ll easily pass knowing that they’re useless. You can, however, just keep memorabilia in one container.

Also, avoid putting too many picture frames around your house or hanging your medals and awards on your living room wall. Yes sure, they mean a lot and show your achievements, but it just messes up the cozy vibe of your home.


Having proper lighting is important to have that home-sweet-home vibe you’re searching for. Make sure that your house gets lots of natural lighting from the outside. Have big windows that easily let the light from the outdoors come in.

Also, choose LED lights because they are brighter than ordinary incandescent or fluorescent ones. Scatter them around your home and turn all of them at night. Don’t worry about the possible rising electricity bill because LED lights are very cost-efficient.

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You can also put a classy-looking chandelier in your living room to spice things up. And it’s best to go for whitish-yellow lights instead of the pure white-colored lights because they are more soothing and comfortable.


Mirrors are a great idea to have in your house because they make space look bigger knowing that they simply reflect it. This is a smart move if you have a small space and you want to create an optical illusion where you have a huge interior space in your home.

The best places to have these mirrors are on the wall of your living room. And aside from these reflective mirrors, you can also choose huge window mirrors to give a more cozy and futuristic vibe.

Don’t worry if privacy is your problem because there are one-way mirrors where only you can see the outside but those outsides can’t see you.

Go for Minimalism

Some might night agree with this as this is a bit controversial. But minimalism has proven to be one of the best ways to get that home sweet home vibe in your house. Minimalism means that you get rid of any unnecessary furniture, decors, designs, and other stuff in your home.

Only have the things that you need. If you have two cabinets in your living room, then ditch the other one, most especially if there’s nothing important in it.

Having customized molds for clear plastic molding is also a good idea because this lets you choose your minimalist design. There are also a lot of options to choose from, apart from the fact that these are very durable.

Also don’t have overly-clad ceilings with too many accents and different colors. Keep it clean and simple for you to have an elegant home. It might seem like it’s better to have more designs or furniture in your house because it shows you have many things.

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But it just makes things messy and it removes the essence of comfort and relaxation because you have to deal with many things.

Earth Colors

The days where bright and fanciful colors are long gone when it comes to home designs. Stick to earth colors to have a more relaxed feel. Having blue, red, or yellow paint in your home will just make you hyped up for everything.

It even seems like that you’re in a pub, bar, or restaurant. Stick to earth colors such as beige, flesh, brown, light orange, light green, and light sky blue. And always remember to make these colors as light as possible so they don’t take too much attention from you.

White Everywhere

Have as much white color around your house. White is cool and very clean to look at. It also matches well with your furniture, things, decors, and more.

Have your walls and ceilings painted white. Some might say that this looks boring, but it just makes your home look like it has more space.

Not only does this make your home’s interior look cleaner, but this can also help you have a better mood. Anyway, you can play with colors by having some minor accents on your moldings, or wall posts.


Having that home sweet home vibe goes a long way because it makes you happier with your house.

You can also relax better and have more quality time with your family, knowing that you’re living in a cozy home that creates the peace of mind you deserve. Remember and follow our tips and you can surely have that home sweet home vibe in no time.