5 Online Shopping Life Hacks in 2020

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Absolutely everyone this year is entitled to a free pass to binge on all the food we want and shop for all the things we desire. 2020 has definitely been rough! What we are not excused from are essential life hacks that we need to make sure we are taking advantage of when we go throwing our money around.


Once you’ve mastered these tricks, we guarantee that you’ll get through 2020 unscathed and with a little more than you should have left in your wallet.

  1.       Sleep On It

Online shopping can be dangerous because a lot of it is done on impulse. An ad pops up on your screen and before you know it, you are entering your credit card expiry and security code! We recommend that after adding to your cart, you abandon it for a while. Not only do you need more time to reflect on this possible purchase, many ecommerce websites also tend to go after you with better deals once they’ve registered your interest. Make sure you are subscribed to newsletters!

  1.       Multiple Accounts

This hack needs more commitment from you because you have to make sure you’ve read the terms of service. Most online stores require only one email address for signing up and take no issue with users who make multiple accounts. And once you do have a lot of logins waiting at the ready and they start dropping those deals, you can double or even triple-dip on all the coupons!

  1.       Get Cashback

Cashback is one of the more genius ideas in marketing because there’s absolutely no catch! It only seems fitting to also get paid for making the effort to support the brands that we love. Even the waiting time before redemption is no big deal because they need to ensure that the transaction gets completed. Thirsting for some of the best designer products? There’s 24S cashback for you to earn! Just make sure that you are always hitting that cashback button before every purchase and you can expect that money to come rolling in.

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  1.     Take Note Of Prices

Another perk to leaving items in your cart is you get to make a mental note of the price of products. You might be surprised but sometimes sales are actually highway robberies done in broad daylight! Protect yourself from sneaky shops that tend to jack up their prices during and around sale dates. You can even avail of price protection through your credit card as long as you are able to produce the evidence.

  1.     Read Reviews

Stores need to sell their products. That’s their basic reason for existence. A lot of the time, product description and photos do not match the reality and leave you with buyer’s remorse. And if you’ve already been there, we want you to know we feel your pain! But never again, buddy! Next time and every time after that, we’ll definitely read all the reviews we can find, not just on the website but also on social media. Better to be safe than sorry!