5 Good Practices to Follow if You Have Mild Covid Symptoms

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The entire world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. People across countries are nervous about getting infected with the potentially fatal virus. Till date, over 1.46 million people have died worldwide,  more than 267k have died in the US, 137k people in India have succumbed to this virus. 

It is important that you can keep an eye out for some of the most common symptoms like cold, fever, and cough. If you notice that you are developing any of these mild COVID symptoms, you should immediately isolate yourself at home and follow these tips to get treated at home itself:

  1. Take Plenty of Rest

While battling any new virus infection, the body’s immune system has to work relentlessly. It exhausts your body and you feel tired. When you start experiencing mild COVID symptoms, the first thing you should do is provide as much rest to your body as you can.

Limit physical work to the minimum. If you don’t get sufficient rest, you will experience much more fatigue which would be an additional discomfort along with the symptoms.

  1.   Keep yourself hydrated

Fever, one of the more common symptoms of COVID, is generally accompanied by increased sweating which leads to the body losing a lot of water. Drinking plenty of water can ensure that your body makes up for the excessive water loss.

Being properly hydrated can lead to an improvement in several symptoms you would be experiencing. It also aids the immune system in fighting off the virus. Instead of drinking plain water, you can add a drop of honey to warm water before drinking to help with a dry cough.

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In the case of nasal congestion, drinking warm water would help in loosening mucus. This way, your body will remain adequately hydrated while your symptoms alleviate.

  1.   Use over-the-counter medications

As soon as you start experiencing any symptoms, you should get some common medicines that help to deal with them. It is best to not venture out in your condition and order the medicines online, for your safety, and for others’.

While home remedies for treating the symptoms are beneficial, you will find the need to take help from over-the-counter medications if things seem to get a little out of hand.

If your fever or headache is increasing, you should take a medicine that can help reduce these symptoms immediately. For dosage, you should follow the one generally given on the medicine bottle/leaf itself. If you still have any doubts, it is best to consult a medical expert. Additionally, you can also take multivitamin tablets. 

  1.   Consume healthy food

While there is nothing you can do to suddenly improve your body’s immunity, you can consume fruits and vegetables that have immunity-boosting properties in order to provide some support to your body’s system.

Along with that, several fruits are known to provide instant energy to the body. This will help you quite a lot as COVID symptoms cause a lot of fatigue. For a few days, your diet should consist mainly of healthy, home-cooked food.

  1.   Consume a lot of turmeric and ginger

There are several natural food products that help a lot in fighting off the symptoms that are associated with COVID. Ginger and turmeric are two of the best ones. Both of them have plenty of natural constituents that help the body in its fight against ailments. They are rich in antioxidants and have high anti-inflammatory properties.

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Ginger is also known as an excellent remedy to treat cold. Thus, its consumption will help you a bit in alleviating symptoms like a runny nose. Turmeric is an excellent pain-reliever and can help ease the pain caused by headaches and also help in reducing your fever. You can add both these things to warm water and drink it. It will help you stay hydrated as well.

Over to you…

Following these home remedies can help you get rid of the mild COVID symptoms at home but you must remember that along with all of these remedies, it is important to remain in isolation until the symptoms recede or if you test negative for the virus.

Ensure that you stay in a separate room and come in no contact with other members of your house or neighborhood to prevent infecting anyone else. Also, it is important that you keep a track of your symptoms and consult a health professional if you notice something you can’t understand. Next up, covid and masks


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