5 Reasons To Change Your Air Filter Regularly

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If you have already bought your new air filter, then that is great for you. If you’re yet to purchase a replacement, remember to get the right fit for your unit, like a 30x30x1 Air Filter, depending on the measurements. Air filters are the best investment that you could make for both your AC and furnace. But, purchasing one or two should not be the end of it. There should be regular maintenance. It is recommended that homeowners replace their air filters every one to three months, depending on the accumulated dust level and grime. Always make sure that your units are in good condition and don’t let them fall into disrepair. Here’s why you should regularly clean and replace your air filters. 



Clean and Better Air Quality


Your home’s air quality will be affected by the cleanliness of your filter. Because of this, do not stop at purchasing just one 30x30x1 Air Filter or whichever size fits your unit, but buy several so that you can change it when needed. The cleaner your air filters are, the better the air that your HVAC system circulates in your home. These air filters will trap pollen, dust, dirt, mold spores, bacteria, and so much more. By regularly replacing the filters, you will be eliminating all of those harmful particles and preventing health issues such as allergies, headaches, and asthma.


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Save More Energy


Dirty and clogged air filters will require your units to work twice as hard to push air through the system. By replacing your air filters regularly, you’ll be able to save more energy and pay lesser bills. This is also an advantage not just for you and your family but for the environment as well. Do your part and be energy-efficient using air filters.


Choose Cost-Efficiency


You’ve invested in an HVAC system, so you need to make use of it as much as possible. Don’t waste the amount of money you have paid for it by not maintaining it properly. This is especially vital for commercial establishments since they make use of larger HVAC units compared to residential ones. By regularly replacing the filters, you can avoid costly problems and ensure that the system will last for its full life expectancy.  


Reduce Repairs


This factor is in line with the one mentioned above. If you want to reduce repairs on your unit and save more money, it is always best to change the air filters when necessary. Regular maintenance will prevent any damage and costly repairs, which most commonly are issues with temperature or expensive electricity bills. Avoid all of those by taking care of your system from the start. 


Better Temperature Regulation


Air filters are used in the AC and the furnace. When you change them regularly, it will help with better controlling the right temperature in your home or commercial building. This is because a clean air filter will help the air pass through easily and thus maintain a better internal temperature. If you also make use of a smart thermostat, it can be highly beneficial for you since you can save both money and energy. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Better change those air filters now and take advantage of all of these benefits!