5 Popular Non-Sporting Dog Breeds

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french bulldog

The non-sporting dogs arrive from various breeds with distinct sizes, personalities, costs, and overall appearance. 


You cannot generalize these popular dog breeds as they appear from diverse backgrounds. From the compact French Bulldog to the robust Chow Chow, you will be awed by their contrasting and lovable characteristics. 


They have vast differences as far as their traits are concerned. Most of them are good watchdogs. 


Here are some of the popular non-sporting dog breeds. 

French Bulldog 


French Bulldog, also known as Frenchie, are small hunting dogs with a French origin (as suggested by the name). It is a delicate and dainty dog with erect ears, a cute face, a big head, a short nose, and wrinkles


The French Bulldogs usually love to be with the owner and are friendly and cheerful. Even though they are very energetic and excited when playing with you, they also spend a lot of time sleeping. 


Added to that, the French Bulldogs are also those that do not need many outdoor exercises. Hence, even those who live in limited spaces or city apartments can consider this breed.




Poodles are loving, smart, loyal, and come in three different sizes. This enables them to fit into any family of any size. These are ancient breed dogs that are cute-natured and can learn any trick fast as they are so easy to train and clever. 

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They are loving and enjoy the company of other pets and human kids, and you will also get them in a variety of colors. So you can select them according to your choice.


American Eskimo Dogs 


The American Eskimo Dog happens to be an affectionate and smart pet that thoroughly enjoys human company. These are energetic and playful dogs and refrain from making much noise. As long as they get a substantial amount of exercise, these dogs are small enough to live in apartments. 


American Eskimo Dogs are not suitable for those owners who do not remain at home for a major part of the day. This is because these dogs are prone to get separation anxiety, due to which they can bark a lot.


Boston Terrier 


The Boston Terrier (also known as America’s Gentleman) is a popular companion breed amongst families. With outgoing personalities, these are very happy-go-lucky dogs that are loved by all. 


More often than not, they are the life of the party as this breed of dogs happens to be very social with both strangers and families alike. They originally were bred for rat-hunting and fighting. But they lost their aggressive nature gradually and now are great companions.




The Bulldog may have ferocious looks. But in certainty, they are far from it. While they are very apt to scare away any predator when the need arises, these little stocky pups are, however, equally cuddly and lovable, just like a lap dog. 

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But you should be aware that they love to lie around drooling just as much as they enjoy playing around.

These are just some of the non-sporting popular dog breeds that you can bring home to give your family a lovable and cute companion who is hard-to-forget and impossible-to-ignore.