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Nature's Miracle Jaw Scoop

Our Top Pick for 2019: Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop

Man’s best friend can unfortunately be also man’s messiest friend. A part of our responsibilities as pet parents is to clean up our favorite pooch’s…leavings. This is certainly not an enviable task, but one that needs to be taken care of, so that we can be considerate neighbors and maintain our property. While we can all grab a bag and a sturdy paper towel to clean after our beloved dogs, this can be rough on the back for older pet owners, not to mention that it’s definitely disgusting to have to directly interact with pooch poop. Fortunately, there is an option that will allow you to quickly clean up after your best friend and get back to your life – the pooper scooper. This device is claw-like and will allow you to quickly pick up the turd and dispose of it in moments. To help you find a product that will help you clean up after your canine with ease, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pooper scoopers on the market today.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop

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This is one well-constructed pooper scooper. As with any of our Gold Pick products, this is a great device that’ll yield excellent results in your waste elimination process. Also, like its other Gold Pick compatriots, this is one device that is widely considered the best by both critical and consumer groups alike. This scooper was developed by Nature’s Miracle, a company that specializes in providing safe solutions to life’s everyday messes, this jaw scoop quickly and cleanly tidies up after your favorite canine; without much fuss.

Aesthetically, this pooper scooper‘s most noticeable feature is its red plastic barrel. The grip is ergonomic and easy to use, even if you have hands that aren’t as strong as they used to be as a result of arthritis or another health condition. Two visible springs power the opening and closing of the main jaw area; simply pull up on the trigger grip and the strong jaws will activate. Insofar as dimensions, this device is the perfect length that will ensure that you won’t have to bend over to pick up the waste product. Its measurements are 30 inches in length, three inches in width at the middle, and another five inches in width around the ergonomic grip. In totality, this is a really easy to heft scooper; it only weighs 1.4 pounds.

Let’s be honest, cleaning up your dog’s poop is a intrinsically messy affair that’ll see you cleaning the collection area pretty thoroughly with either a high powered hose or a rag with soap or antibacterial liquid on it. Keeping these items clean is definitely a great practice, as feces almost always come packed with germs and toxic materials. Unfortunately, some models of pooper scooper are made of weak plastic that’ll hold these types of nasty materials no matter how hard you scrub them.

Fortunately, this isn’t so with this Nature’s Miracle product. It is composed of a plastic that features antimicrobial product protection, which will help kill any germs that the product is exposed to. On top of this, there are very few porous surfaces on this device, so any bugs that end up surviving will have no place to propagate. This added germ-killing set of features really makes this product more valuable to pet owners who have trouble interacting with the collection end of the scooper. The material of this scooper is also thoroughly non-stick, which will help aid in the cleaning process as well.

The primary issue that some consumers have experienced with this product is that after hundreds of uses, the springs can fail. Fortunately, Nature’s Miracle is very responsive when providing replacement springs. Simply call them up (their support number is included with the documentation that’s bundled with your purchase), and they’ll send you new replacement springs.

On Amazon, 82 percent of the product reviews for this jaw scooper are positive, garnering a overall score of 4.3 stars out of a perfect five. Here is one positive, five star testimonial:

“Love this one, made very well, and handles the jobs my 130 pound Boxer/Lab puts out! cleans easily as well.”

#2. Oxgord Jumbo Pooper Scoope

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Oxgord produced a wide variety of products for the modern consumer. While our Silver Pick dwells in their pet line of products, Oxgord also produces such disparate products as auto parts and accessories and home garden tools. Fortunately, and in spite of this extensive range, Oxgord is well-known for producing quality products that will last you for years. The company has been in production since 1987, and continues to produce quality items almost thirty years later.

To start, this pooper scooper is almost exclusively designed for larger dogs. Its capture area can handle several pounds of your dog’s leavings. While our Gold Pick has some stylish aesthetic elements, this device is relatively nondescript, eschewing fancy design for quality, dependable construction. Its midsection is comprised of heavy duty aluminum and its capture areas and spring-loaded grip are made of heavy duty plastics. The grip is ergonomic and designed for slip-free usage; it even sports ridges to make sure that this device provides plenty of support for those who might have a weaker grip.

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Since it’s designed for larger animals, this is a really large scooper. Its main jaw is massive and will accommodate several pounds of solid waste. The entire device is 28 inches long and five inches wide, and the main capture area is a quarter inches wide. One thing you’ll also notice about this area is that the inside of the jaw actually sports teeth. This additional gripping power will make cleaning off grassy areas and removing poop off of concrete a very easy task.

Like our Gold Pick, this Oxford product incorporates a spring loaded mechanism to control the main jaw. It also uses non-stick plastic to ensure that you won’t have any stuck on poop in the main capture area. The teeth on this product are really useful, but there is one caveat; since these can easily dig through the soil, if using this scooper, be careful not to cause inadvertent damage to your lawn and garden area.

On Amazon, a full 91 percent of the 1,524 reviews are of a four or five star rating level, garnering this pooper scooper device some truly positive responses. For the most part, owners seem to love how this scooper cleans up after big dogs like Saint Bernards and Rottweilers. Here is an example of a five star review of this product:

“What a great tool for a dog/pet owner to have! This is excellent for when you’re at the dog park, or for someone that has to walk their dog daily and doesn’t have the luxury of a doggie door. For the folks that have to pick up their dogs dirty business right then and there when it’s made it. It’s also really, really, great for the folks that do have a doggie door and a backyard where their dogs can and do go frequently. It’s great for folks who don’t want their hands anywhere near their dogs poop.”


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#3. Tidy Turd Pooper Scooper

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With a descriptive name like “Tidy Turd”, you know that this product is designed to ensure that cleaning up after your dog is as easy a process as possible. This device is actually one of the company’s few products, which exemplifies exactly how committed the brand is to providing a great sanitary solution to the problem of your dog’s leavings. Regularly, this pooper scooper comes in near or at the top of top ten lists around the world, and with good reason.

This device is slightly smaller than our previous picks, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less functional. It’s comprised of blue and black heavy duty plastic and has a very large capture area, so that you’ll be able to easily deal with even the largest dog turds. The scooper is 24 inches in length, and the jaw area is 5.3 inches in width; an excellent size for quick and easy cleaning.

This pooper scooper promises to be gloves free as it incorporates bags into its design. Whereas the other models of scooper that we’ve featured in our guide use an antimicrobial finish or non-stick surfaces to dissuade those pesky little infectants, this device has those features, yet is built to effortlessly utilize Tidy Turd bags to make the whole process relatively mess free. Simply run the end of the bag through the base of the claw, spread around the mouth of the device, and finally spread the bag around the lips of the capture area to provide a protective layer that will capture the poop; without dirtying the scooper or your hands.

Of the 121 reviews on Amazon, 81 percent are positively rated. Tidy Turd stands by their products; and as a result, many of the five star testimonials center around the company’s excellent customer support:

“It came in a bag with the roll of poo bags and no instructions. BUT, the company sent an email with instructions and links to videos. It’s awesome and I want to buy more as gifts! It works! I use alligator clips to secure the bag to it.”

#4. Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop

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Even though many of these devices aren’t excessively expensive, it’s nice to know that there is still a ballin’ on a budget option for those who are working under a budget. The Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop has all of the important properties of our other reviewed items, but at a lower price point.

At 25 inches, this budgetary pick isn’t the smallest device on our list, yet it sports a capture area that is the largest at six full inches across. It’s comprised of solid, yet lightweight plastic, and the main capture area employs teeth that will ensure that it’s easy to pick up your dog’s poop with ease. As with any device that employs teeth to pick up the turds, be careful to not do inadvertently damage your landscape with its semi sharp teeth.

Like our other devices, this scooper utilizes two springs to drive the capture action, and while these springs may need to be replaced after hundreds of uses, you should have no problem either approaching Dogit for replacement springs, or even re-purchasing the $11 scooper.

When it comes to reviews, there are currently about 300 on Amazon. Of these 300 reviews, 76 percent are positive, four or five star rated testimonials. Here is an example of a five star review:

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“The single hand design is brilliant. My son, whose chore is poo-duty, doesn’t complain about the awful chore anymore, due to the use of this great device. It has a very strong grip (even after us using it for the last 3 months), and is a decent height.”

Pre-purchase considerations

Size of Dog or Pet

You’ll find that the size of our dog’s poop will greatly vary based on his or her size, so avoid getting devices that are designed for a small dog like a Pomeranian if you have a large Schnauzer. Bearing this in mind, don’t forget that your little lap puppy isn’t necessarily going to be a small handful forever. Since dogs can grow exponentially, buying a small pooper scooper when your pet is a puppy might seem like a good idea but you’ll soon be overwhelmed when your Saint Bernard’s waste is suddenly too large for you to manage efficiently like you used to do when he or she was a pup. Definitely err on the side of his or potential size, rather than his or her current.

Ease of Cleaning and Material Quality

As a general rule of thumb, these types of products will mostly have a plastic catch claw for the waste, though there are products on the market with metal catch areas. Since plastic is porous, be wary about the cleaning of this area of the scooper as the pores that exist here can easily retain harmful germs. Typically, clean your scooper after each use with soap and water; you can use a paper towel or dedicated cloth rag. From time to time, it’s also a great idea to submerge your well-used pooper scooper in disinfectant; not only will it kill germs, it’ll remove any residue that you might not be able to see, but will still draw flies.

Also, there are antimicrobial products currently on the market that will cut down on the potential hiding places for those same dangerous germs, so if you have concerns about the health risks of managing your dog’s waste, this might allay some of those concerns; just remember, having a antimicrobial surface doesn’t preclude the cleaning of your scooper device.

Another option that you might consider is purchasing a model that employs a non-stick surface. This will make removing the waste from the catch claw that much easier, saving you from extensive scrubbing. Employing this type of scooper, from time to time, you’ll be able to get away with cleaning with a garden hose.


Once you’ve collected your pet’s leavings, your next step is to bag it up and throw it away in its proper receptacle, and while it may seem that this would involve the simple process of throwing it in the nearest trash can, this can be unsanitary, and dependent on local ordinances, illegal. Be sure to know what your town or city’s local laws say about dog poop disposal. Dog parks and some rental properties will have dedicated dog waste collection stations that make it easier to manage where to leave your dog’s leavings.

Typically, the easiest way to dispose of this type of waste is to throw it into your own trash can, but this can get quite smelly. Once again, you can employ a dedicated pet waste trash unit in your home that will reduce the odor caused by the bagged poop. Most pet parents find it easiest to simply rid themselves of the offending material by simply flushing it, though this might make you have to interact with the waste more than you’d like. To avoid this, you can even purchase flushable bags that will break down once exposed to water.

Durability and Sturdiness

For the most part, these items will last you for a few years of cleaning up after your dog, but it is possible to find an item that will last you forever. How long your pooper scooper lasts will greatly depend on the materials and the volume of your dog’s waste. Constantly hefting heavier amounts of waste will eventually wear out the catch mechanisms, so finding a unit that has protections against this is a great idea. Also, the springs on these devices aren’t always built to last forever, so you might eventually lose tension after several uses.

Since many of these scoopers tend to be made of plastic around the midsection, this is also an area that can degrade with extended use. Purchasing units with metal midsections can help you avoid this damage over time.

Lawn Damage

Some of these devices have plastic or metal serrated teeth in their catch claw areas. While these make picking up your pet’s poop much easier, this can also cause you to pull up soil, grass, and stones unintentionally, which will cause lawn damage the more you use the scooper. If you plan on selecting a device that has these types of teeth, remember that you may have to be more careful retrieving your pet’s feces if you want to avoid causing inadvertent damage to your lawn area.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

When it’s time to walk the dog, you won’t have to dread it as much with a dedicated, quality pooper scooper. Each of the units we reviewed in this guide are designed to serve you well for many years, so if you need a device, just about any we’ve featured will do the job. If you happen to come up with another device that strikes your fancy, feel free to measure it against our pre-purchase considerations, so that you’ll be sure it’s up to muster.

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