Quick Tips for Improving Your Brand Credibility

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In today’s competitive business world, customers everywhere are searching for brands they can trust. Your clients want to know that you’re going to deliver on your promises and provide an excellent experience. Unfortunately, with so many different competitors vying for the same customer’s attention, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. 

Working on improving your credibility isn’t just a great way to get potential buyers off the fence. The more trustworthy and authentic you can position your business to be, the more likely you are to benefit from things like a higher SEO ranking and conversion rate. Here are some quick tips for improving your brand credibility. 

Use Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Every company claims to be the best in the world at what they do. It’s easy to create a website that claims you’re the number one accounting firm or law company. Because of this, most customers aren’t going to be convinced that you’re amazing just because you tell them so. However, if you can get your customers to say positive things about your brand instead, that’s far more compelling. 

Whenever you can, encourage your existing customers to leave positive reviews and testimonials about your business online. You can showcase these reviews on your website with widgets that have them scroll along the bottom of the page or appear on product pages. You can also ask clients to post to popular review websites to generate more positive awareness for your brand. If you have trouble convincing your clients to leave reviews straight away, you could always offer them a discount or free shipping on their next purchase in exchange for their time. 

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Post Credible Content

Telling your customers that you’re an expert in your industry isn’t nearly as good as showing them. Producing content for your website that showcases your knowledge is an excellent way to make yourself seem more authoritative and trustworthy. If you can convince other companies to link back to you, or ask your clients to share snippets from your content on social media, this takes your brand credibility to the next level. 

The great thing about content as a tool for improving the image of your brand, is that it also has a range of other benefits to offer. For instance, you can check out the easiest to use and most credible guide to SEO consultants and companies here for insights into people who can help you strengthen your SEO position. These experts will show you how you can use content to improve your position on the search engines, and potentially gain more customers as a result. The better your content is, the more likely it is to get backlinks from other companies, which can further enhance your brand reach and boost your SEO even more. 

Deliver on Your Promises

In a time where customers have a louder voice than ever before, thanks to social media, review websites, and more, it’s much easier for them to share negative experiences with brands. If you promise something and you can’t deliver, your clients are going to tell other people about it. With that in mind, be honest and transparent about what you can realistically do. Don’t just tell people that you’re the best company in the world, let them know what you can do well, and commit to delivering on the promises that make you special. This will encourage more positive chatter about your business online.

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If something does go wrong and you let a customer down, be transparent about that too. Responding to negative reviews and feedback online with information on how you plan to rectify the issue will show that you’re committed to constantly improving your company. Transparency will also make you more human in the eyes of your clients, which means they’re more likely to trust you. 

Work with Influencers and Other Brands 

Finally, sometimes for customers to give you a chance, they need to see evidence that you’re connected with other, credible people. Working with influencers your customer can already trust is a great way to give your company an initial boost. Like a review, a shout out from the right person will instantly convince your customers that your business is worth their time and money. 

You can also align yourself with other great brands in your industry. This helps you to build a reputation as the kind of company your customers can rely on. Additionally, working with major companies in your industry, or local legends will show that you’re a real brand willing to invest in your organization’s growth. Make sure you do your research before you start working with influencers and other companies to ensure you understand what kind of people are going to have the biggest impact on your target audience. Micro influencers can be just as effective as macro influencers if you know who to work with.