5 Reasons To Showcase Your Art In An Acrylic Display System

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Hanging art is a great way to show off a piece or decorate a room. When hanging art it’s important to think about the display system you will hang the art in. The popular tensioned display and acrylic pocket holder is often seen in galleries, museums and showrooms to showcase point of purchase, photos art and artist information. Acrylic Pocket displays are used to easily store and switch artwork and photos. These displays are easily adaptable to many environments and perfect for all types of work. If you’re looking to display artwork in a transparent and stable set up, an acrylic display system might be the best option for you. Here are 5 reasons to showcase your art in an acrylic display system.


The Acrylic pocket display is light and can be securely transported from place to place easily. It can also be moved around, lifted and adjusted with ease. Acrylic can take of different shapes to fit the piece and can be customized to have rounded or square corners. It is also easy to purchase additional acrylic pockets if more than one similar piece needs to be displayed, or a collection is being shown. This makes it a great option for any setting.



Putting your piece in an acrylic display allows for it to be viewed extremely easily. Acrylic displays are completely transparent and do not have strong reflective properties, meaning that the piece can also be viewed clearly from a distance. Putting a piece in an acrylic display also allows it to be viewed for 360 degrees. This is ideal if you want to display the piece in the middle of a room or have people walk around it. The acrylic pocket display works extremely well with the tensioned display and clamps used to secure the acrylic to the system.

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The price of acrylic is a big reason why it’s such a popular choice with people who display art. Acrylic displays are cheaper than glass displays and many other alternatives. Since acrylic is so light it also decreases the shipping costs. Saving money on a display system means you can put more money into your piece or the gallery. An acrylic cardholder costs less than $5 and a single acrylic pocket display costs less than $15. Making this a great choice for your art and your budget.



Acrylic is not only used to display artwork, but it can also be used in things like visors in motorcycle helmets and barriers surrounding hockey rinks. This protective material has many of the benefits that glass has, however, breakability is not a factor for acrylic like it is for glass and other materials. Acrylic can support a significant amount of weight and pressure, which means it could potentially support a very heavy piece. As well as being extremely strong, acrylic is extremely durable. It can withstand a large physical impact, meaning you don’t have to worry about your piece when it is protected by the acrylic.


Minimal Maintenance 

Like any other material, acrylic can get dusty or damaged over time. But luckily it’s extremely convenient and easy to polish and clean. Keeping your acrylic display in perfect condition means that it will probably hardly need a replacement. All you need is a gentle cloth to shine the acrylic and wipe off any dust. If your acrylic gets damaged you can use a special acrylic chemical polish. The minimal maintenance required for acrylic means less of a hassle for you.

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