Why Cordless Angle grinders are are fast becoming popular?

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The angle grinder is a versatile power tool that helps achieve better precision in the quality of work. It does the job much faster and improves throughput and productivity. The angle grinder is a must-have tool for all kinds of fabricators and craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts because it can perform various functions of grinding, cutting, polishing, buffing, and sanding with high accuracy and speedily with the least effort. The angle grinder is a handy tool that comes in various sizes with varying degrees of power to perform all kinds of work from light to heavy-duty and is available in both corded and cordless variety. Cordless Angle grinders are gaining popularity among professional users. They can take advantage of the portability of the tool for using it at places where there is no easy access to the power supply.

Angle grinder sizes

The selection of Angle Grinders depends on whether you will use it for your household maintenance work or perform some professional metalwork. Angle grinders are available in three size ranges – small, medium, and large. The small grinders of 41/2” to 5” disc size is light duty and suitable for intermittent use for performing plumbing, electrical, and mechanical jobs. This group of users, and those who do heavy fabrication jobs involving more frequent use of the tool, would find the medium angle grinders of 6″ most suitable. For heavy industrial applications like in oil and gas industries that involve tough grinds and cuts, the heavy-duty large angle grinders between 7″ and 9″ are best suited.

Convenience of use

Regardless of the kind of application, all angle grinders must be convenient to use, which means that it must be a lightweight that aids easy handling and require low maintenance.  Grinders with brushless motors are the best as they do not require changing the brushes frequently, which makes it almost maintenance-free.  To add more convenience in using angle grinders, the cordless ones are the best as it can help to work at remote places without worrying about the power supply from the grid. This ensures continuous working even during power outages, which increases productivity.

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Angle grinders are one of the most dangerous tools in the workplace, and you must first have the proper training to use the tool safely. The disc rotates at incredibly high speed (between 9,000 to 11,000 rpm). So you must learn the correct techniques of holding the tool firmly when the disc rubs against the surfaces and generates vibration besides sending off sparks that can burn the skin. Use hand gloves and safety goggles for protection and take precautions against accidents from discs or attachments breaking away during use. Besides having proper training in using Angle grinders, you must also respect the tool and understand its safety features.

Angles grinders must have the standard set of safety features like the kickback brakes that bring the tool to a dead stop whenever it senses some obstruction. This feature prevents the tool from slipping away from your grip due to the impact of sudden disruption. Choose a tool with a two-stage trigger that requires deactivating the safety switch to allow the trigger function. This feature prevents the tool from starting accidentally when changing the disc.

The tool must have some vibration arresting features like anti-vibration handles that can absorb about 60% vibration. This reduces the uncomfortable feeling that can develop when using the machine for a long time, which can eventually lead to the numbness of the hands.

The tool comes with a built-in guard around the disc, and you must never try to remove it as it only increases the risks of accident and injury.

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Why choose cordless grinders?

The power outlet required to run any power tool is often a hindrance.  It might not be available at all places, and even if available, the length of the cord could be limiting the flexibility of using the tool if it is not long enough to reach out to the farthest point of the workplace. Besides, the winding cord that dangles from the tool needs careful handling to protect users from electrical shocks, and they must ensure that the cord does not interfere with the work surface, which can cause accidents.  The cord can be problematic to handle in certain situations and even reduce work speed by creating traction.

To take care of all such problems, professionals are using cordless grinders powered by batteries that give them more liberty to work with the tool. As the cordless tool does not require plugging into a power outlet, you can use it anywhere regardless of the availability of electrical power. It is safer to use the device in confined spaces while accessing every nook and cranny with equal ease. Although cordless grinders cost you more than the cordless variety, the convenience of use pays back much more than you invest.