Are Ferrets Good Pets

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Ferrets are some of the most adorable animals you can think of. They’re soft, they’re cute, and they are unbelievably playful. But, are ferrets good pets? Read on to find out just what exactly you’re in for if you want to get one of these little animals for your home.

Ferrets are typically small, furry, and long animals, members of the weasel family, that were domesticated thousands of years ago with the original intent of hunting rabbits. Reasons to have them home are now considerably less somber, and have become one of the most popular pets throughout the world because of their friendliness.

Here are some of the best traits you can find in ferrets:

  • Their intelligence: ferrets are incredibly smart creatures that enjoy challenging games and settings, and can easily adapt and resolve any circumstance or new environment in very short amounts of time, such as a new exercise circuit or a new toy.
  • Their friendliness: once they adapt to a new environment and new family members, ferrets will be the center of affection in the house. They are rarely hostile and behave their best when joined by another ferret to play with, for they are very social creatures.
  • Their capacity to be great pets: ferrets love to play, are easy to feed and can be litter trained. They are also easy to exercise to keep them active, and can be even taken out on walks. They really are amazing animals to have and take care of.

Although ferrets can be great pets, they also have very specific needs when it comes to their diet, their training, and their health. If you’re looking to properly take care of one of these little guys for a long time, then you should adhere to these steps.

  • Turn your house ferret-proof: these small animals can be very curious, which can lead to them sticking their small heads in difficult places. In order to avoid this, you have to cover, fill and fix any holes or fragile objects that can hurt them. This includes not leaving any tiny objects lying around that the ferret may try to eat.
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  • Stick to their diet: ferrets are carnivores, and should stick to a rich diet full of all the nutrients and protein they need to stay healthy. They can eat kitty wet food and even meat for humans, as long as it is clean and fresh. Also, due to their high metabolism, ferrets need to eat several times a day in order to keep up with how quickly they digest what they eat.


  • Train them properly: though ferrets are not as easy to train as cats or dogs, they can be taught to use a litter box and to behave without any aggressive tendencies. Ferrets are not aggressive animals; however, they do have to be trained in order to not bite or scratch, and since they are so curious and smart, they have to be constantly stimulated to train their mind as well.

Are ferrets good pets for kids

Ferrets are generally great pets for everyone, but keep in mind that they are not suitable if you have babies or very small children in the house, since they might roughly handle the animal, causing an attack. Again, ferrets are not aggressive animals, but as with all pets, care and caution are necessary to prevent any injuries.

Another important thing to keep in mind with these animals their health. Ferrets have a relatively short life-span (6 to 8 years), so they have to be constantly checked for any health issues.

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Some common diseases a ferret can suffer from including heart risk due to a poor diet, obstruction of the digestive tract by objects or hair, and even dental problems if not given the right type of food. Ferrets need vaccines as well and need to be checked for fleas constantly.

As with all animals, ferrets need special cares and considerations exclusive to their species, so you have to make sure your home, your family and your budget are ready to get one.

All in all, getting a cute ferret as a pet comes with some considerable challenges, but if you take the proper measures and commit to looking after these creatures by giving them everything they need, you won’t ever regret making one a part of your family.

Are ferrets good with cats

Ferrets can generally be trained along with cats. Introduce them slowly in cages. Lets them get used to each other with bars in between them first. A ferret will not be chased around by a cat, cats recognize this and do not see them as prey. Even after introduction the two should be closley monitored. Both have the ability to greatly injure one another.

Ferrets and liter trainning

Not impossible, but not easy either. They are nothing like cats when it come to liter box training. Start a ferret using a corner box inside its cage and then slowly allow more freedom as it continues to use the box.