AquaOx Water Filter: Are Whole House Systems Worth it?

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Recently, I have been looking into ways of equipping myself with clean water supplies at home. First of all, I need to emphasize how important this is for your health. Nothing is as vital as having uncontaminated H2O in your household. After all, this is something you use on a daily basis. From washing your hands, to cooking with it and drinking it…

Filter Water


This is why I believe that every single home should have some kind of a filtration system installed. Nothing is more important than our health. So, if you want to make sure that you are using clean and healthy liquids instead of ingesting various types of harmful chemicals and contaminants, then you definitely need to start thinking about these filters.


Manufacturers have surely recognized this need for precaution and used that need to their advantage. This doesn’t come as a surprise. On the contrary, that is simply how the whole market works. Instead of judging the people who have found a way to earn a few bucks off our needs, we need to accept the fact that they are actually helping us.

If it weren’t for these suppliers, we would have no solution at all. And, giving some money away with the aim of staying safe and healthy really isn’t a big deal. As I have already said, nothing is more important than health, so we definitely shouldn’t try to save money while compromising our wellbeing. Learn more.

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In my search, I have come across numerous different types of filters that you can install in your home. Some of those are used only for the tap water in your kitchen, while others can cover other areas as well. Your choice depends on what issues you are looking to solve.

In addition to that, the systems also differ in accordance with the contaminants that you need to treat. That’s why it is always a good idea to figure out exactly what is making your water dirty and choose in accordance with that. The problem you are trying to solve plays a big part in determining which product you need

In any case, it is necessary to get properly informed about all the types, from softeners, to reverse osmosis filters and many more. Each one of those has its own benefits. So, it doesn’t hurt to get acquainted with different kinds and figure out exactly what you need.

AquaOx Whole House System

AquaOx Whole House System

One of the products that I stumbled upon while doing my research is the AquaOx whole house water filtration system found at, so I decided to see if it is worth my, or anyone’s, while. My first question was what it is that makes the “whole house” better than some of the other systems. So, let me share what I have found.

Every Tap Is Covered

Naturally, the most obvious advantage of this product is the fact that it isn’t selective. That means that it treats all the water in your home. In other words, you will get clean liquids from every single tap in your household. There is no need to worry about each one individually. You get a complete peace of mind with just one product.

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Almost All Contaminants Are Treated

When choosing your system, the most important factor to take into consideration has to do with the type of conditions it treats. With the whole house filter, the possibility of getting all of your contaminants removed is significantly high. That is another great advantage.

This product removes chlorine, mercury, lead, hydrogen sulfate and more. It takes proper care of all the dirt that can contaminate your water. Furthermore, it inhibits the growth of all kinds of fungi, algae and bacteria. And, remember, this goes for every single tap in your home.

Lifespan Is Long

If you get this product, you won’t need to think about replacing it every few weeks. Sure the replacement might be a bit more difficult. However, depending on the overall quality of your water, as well as the quantity you consume, this system can last for years, or even decades. Plus, you will definitely get some kind of a warranty.