Awesome Hacks When it Comes to Buying The Best Coffee

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Coffee is more than a drink; it’s a way of life. If you plan your mornings around getting a delicious mug of java, then there’s nothing better than having the best coffee available. 

Finding the best coffee is both an art and a science. Here are some awesome hacks to help you buy the best coffee to fuel your day.


Always Buy Whole Beans


Leave ground coffee where it belongs: on the shelf. Instead, buy the whole beans and grind them each morning when you make your coffee. This is the best way to get a fresh cup every day.

You don’t need to have fancy equipment available to make the most of your coffee-drinking experience. Coffee grinders are readily available at various price points, ranging from $20-70. It’s well worth the investment if you regularly drink coffee at home.


Buy Fair Trade and Organic When Possible

Buying fair trade and organic coffee ensures that your coffee is sustainably grown in a safe work environment. This allows you to sip your coffee without guilt and gives you the comfort in knowing that this precious crop will still be here years down the road.

Coffee companies that care about their workers and the environment also care about quality. You can rest assured that your organic beans won’t be dosed in chemicals and toxins and that you’re being an eco-savvy consumer. Take this to the next level by repurposing your coffee grounds for your garden afterward.

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Look for the USDA or Fair Trade Federation (FTF) stamp of approval when narrowing down your options. 


Purchase in Small Batches Rather than Bulk

As coffee can lose its freshness rather quickly, purchasing small batches is ideal. Purchase your coffee supply on a weekly basis to ensure freshness. You can also use a subscription service with an auto-ship feature to ensure you never run out.


Familiarize Yourself with the Origins and Coffee Makers

Take some time to learn about the origins of your coffee and what each region has to offer. Here are some of the common coffee brewing countries and what to expect from each:


  • Indonesia – this region is known for growing java and Sumatra coffee blends. 
  • Ethiopia – this region has a wide variety of beans and flavors, from dark and rich to light and fruity.
  • Brazil – this region is known for dark, nutty coffees and espressos.
  • Columbia – this region is known for sweeter light roasts.
  • Hawaii – this region is famous for it’s aptly named Kona coffee, which boasts a rich, aromatic flavor.


Knowing what region your favorite blend comes from will help you pick the best coffee time after time and also know which coffee maker can help you extract best notes. To learn all about the different varieties of coffee makers, you can check out Owly Choice for useful information.


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Know Your Notes and Roasts

In addition to knowing your regions, it’s helpful to know your roasts and notes. 

One of the common descriptors used for coffee is its “body” or mouthfeel. Heavier body coffees have a more oily texture that leaves a mark on your mouth. Lighter bodied coffees are more watery and smooth. 

The acidity of your coffee pertains to the intensity of your coffee flavor. Lower acidity often results in less of a kick when you drink it. This isn’t to be confused with the bitterness and sweetness of your beans, the former of which is common in dark roasts.


Being able to identify flavor notes, like fruit, nuts, chocolate, etc. will also help you buy the best cup of coffee for your tastes.


By using these awesome hacks, you can rest assured that you’re buying the best coffee.