The Best Adirondack Chairs

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Lifetime Adirondack Chair

Our Top Pick for 2019: Lifetime Adirondack Chair

There is no other patio chair on the market that’s as comfortable as the traditional Adirondack model. This seat’s name is derived from the mountains in New York state, but it’s most often associated with summer afternoons and relaxing times with loved ones. When you want to add these chairs to your backyard, you’ll have several styles to decide between. These products can range from entirely expensive to outright affordable. Every seat has its own personality that should be matched to your family’s style. Take some time to look at the various features offered by today’s manufacturers, and you’ll be ready for the next barbecue in no time.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Lifetime Adirondack Chair


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Enjoy sunny days on your patio in this chair offered by the Lifetime company. The first feature that you’ll notice about this product is its signature hue. It looks like a traditional wood seat, but without any of the maintenance hassles. Many consumers want that wood appearance, and they don’t have the time for sealing and other maintenance projects. That fact makes this product a perfect addition to any home in nearly any climate.

This furniture design looks like wood, but it’s a specialized plastic. Polystyrene is one of the strongest plastics available today. You can leave it outdoors, and it won’t break down as quickly as real wood. It can flex with extreme temperatures in order to avoid any warping. No pests will harm the polystyrene either because it resists any burrowing actions. Some consumers have reported that they’ve painted their Adirondack products by using a spray can. These chairs don’t require any paint as a rule, but updating your patio with a new color is an option when you buy this product.

Looking at this seat through an online photo might make you wary about its dimensions. Many patio chairs look large, but they end up feeling tight around a person’s hips. This product has a nearly 21-inch width to the seat itself. Most people can easily slide into this space. Your weight shouldn’t be an issue either. Lifetime makes their seats as sturdy as possible with a 300-pound weight limit. The wide base and simple design spreads the weight out across the ground. You’ll have the feeling of being cradled during your relaxing, outdoor period.

If you’re not familiar with the Adirondack design, you might wonder about the slats’ spacing across the backside and seat area. These products aren’t meant to have a tight design. There should be some spacing between each slat so that water and dust can flow off of the material. When a rainstorm strikes, your chair won’t become a pooling area for the moisture. It drains away and dries very quickly. Allow a summer rain to pass through, and you’ll be able to sit back in the chair after it dries at a rapid pace.

Some consumers are concerned about this product because of its vague warranty. The written contract states that the warranty is different based on the issues with the product. Consumers who had issues outside of the warranty period couldn’t solve their defective problems either. If you notice any aberrations to the seat, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible. They can guide you through any repairs or replacement routines at that point. Ignoring any issues will leave the seat open to more damages and no warranty coverage.

This chair comes partially assembled. You’ll need to attach some of the back slats upon receipt. Most consumers report that the assembly process is simple because the directions are clearly marked out. You’re supplied with the necessary fasteners, and they’re stainless-steel screws. These parts won’t rust or break down as they reside outdoors. Between the screws and sturdy plastic design, this Adirondack model is perfectly suited for hot days and cool nights.

Lifetime sends a tool with their product in order for you to install the slats with ease. Some consumers report, however, that the tool isn’t as helpful as a standard Allen wrench. Ideally, use your own 5/32-inch hex key bit to put the slats together. You’ll have a better grip on each fastener as you drive it into the back of the chair. Without this tool, you might spend extra time trying to tighten the assembly together. The right tool will streamline the process.

Every household has residents with different body shapes. If you’re concerned about your guests feeling comfortable in the Lifetime seats, read over the dimensions very carefully. Draw out the dimensions on a piece of paper if necessary. The Adirondack design is meant to comfortably cradle almost any person’s size. It’s always possible to find other seats with varying dimensions. In the end, most consumers enjoy what the Lifetime product can do for their comfort and patio decor.

#2. Highwood Hamilton Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chair


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One of the most beautiful products that you can consider for your patio is the Hamilton Folding and Reclining seats by Highwood. These Adirondack chairs are made entirely in the United States. With high-quality materials and craftsmanship, these models seem to dazzle most consumers. There are very few complaints about these seats, except for the lack of time to relax in them. Discover the features inherent to this product, and you’ll want to start your patio-decoration process today.

This chair is designed with synthetic wood. It’s a proprietary material that can withstand the weathering effects of rain, sunlight and other harmful actions. In fact, Highwood refers to this wood design as its natureTEX product. It looks and feels like real wood. Some consumers, however, aren’t entirely thrilled with the wood-like appearance. They report that the seat still looks like it has some plastic components. You’ll need to form your own opinion about this product before you purchase any seats. Everyone will have a subjective response to the chair’s design and appearance.

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Although the Highwood products are meant to stay out in the weathering elements, you may want to move or store them at some point. The manufacturer makes this task an easy one by designing the seat with a foldable feature. In fact, the chair folds down into a very compact size. Because of the oversize design of most Adirondack chairs, they don’t fold very well. Highwood puts some thought into this feature so that you can stack or hang the product as necessary. The seat is 33 pounds in weight, however, so carefully secure it when you move it into a folded orientation.

One of the best features included in this model is the adjustable reclining. You’re able to sit up straight or lean back deeply based on the chosen setting. There are three settings that you can adjust when you’re either standing up or sitting in the seat. For most consumers, the three settings are versatile enough for any needs. If you want even more settings, another chair model might be a better choice.

One concern does come up when you’re adjusting the seat. Consumers report that the adjustment is slightly difficult to perform. They state that the chair has a stiffness within its adjustments. This fact might be eased as the chair is used on a regular basis. Each consumer will need to make their own determination about the ease of adjustment. Everyone has varying strength in their arms and hands.

Many consumers prefer this product because it’s entirely made by Amish craftsmen. The manufacturer goes even further to be part of a healthy community too. Highwood employs local people who benefit from the income, and the factory itself is powered by a solar array. When you buy your Adirondack model, you know that it was made by caring people with little damage to the surrounding environment.

This manufacturer offers an extensive warranty for their products. With your proof of purchase, you’ll benefit from a 12-year warranty at home or an 8-year warranty within a commercial atmosphere. If any issues arise with your chair, simply contact customer support. Highwood prides itself on being a proactive partner with every customer.

Use some caution when you adjust the seat’s reclining feature. Some consumers report that scraping can occur on the seat, which leaves a visible mark. In most cases, you’ll set the seat up and leave it in that position. The Adirondack-style seat is meant to be a relaxing area that’s dedicated to socializing and reflection. With a versatile product, your patio will come alive during the warmer months of the year.


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#3. POLYWOOD Classic Folding Adirondack


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When you can’t invest in a high-end chair, look for the quality inherent in the Classic Folding Adirondack by POLYWOOD. This product is reasonably priced with an attractive appearance from every angle. If you need to add a lot of seating to your patio, this chair is the solution to your entertaining dilemma. Buy your seats in sets of two, or add them one at a time as your needs grow. These chairs will last for many years as pleasing additions to any yard.

There are more than a dozen different colors to choose from when you pick the POLYWOOD brand. From beige to bright red, these seats match any home-decor style. You might be wary about picking a bold color, however. POLYWOOD creates their seats with a fade-resistant feature. Set the chairs out in the middle of summer, and you won’t see any fading that’s usually an issue with other products.

The POLYWOOD chair also has resistance against all of the most harmful issues plaguing outdoor furniture. Read the manufacturer’s description, and it states that the furniture resists ultraviolet radiation, water, mildew and rust. The fasteners are even weather resistant, which contributes to the entire product being durable across the years.

This Adirondack chair is made out of recycled plastic lumber. Although there is a plastic component to this product, the Adirondack doesn’t feel like it’s constructed into a common patio chair. In fact, it weighs about 37 pounds. This weight is ample enough to hold heavier adults while remaining stable under any heavy winds when the patio is empty. Ideally, locate the best place for your chair and consider it a permanent fixture until you want to move it into storage. These chairs are meant to be sturdy pieces of furniture that can define an entire outdoor area.

A concern voiced by a few consumers is the slat spacing. Adirondack chairs are known for their loose, slat configuration. However, the POLYWOOD product seems to have slats that are too widely spaced. You might feel some discomfort as you press your back onto the rear panel. Fix this possible issue by adding cushions to the chair. The slats will support the cushion with ease.

With a contoured sitting space and upright back panel, this Adirondack chair will entice you to sit each day in its comfortable embrace. Enjoy the long-term warranty too. If you buy this chair for your home, it comes with a 20-year warranty. This time period is considered one of the longest warranties for patio furniture. Use the warranty period to fix any issues before it expires. This product can serve your family for a very long time with the right care.

You may have purchased several chairs one year, but now you need to add onto your supply. Rather than buying one color for your entire yard, consider mixing up the colors. Pick a few different hues in blue to match your garden or swimming pool. Accenting the yard with a rainbow of colors will greatly enhance its aesthetic. It also creates instant conversation as your guests walk onto the property.

#4. Best ChoiceProducts Wicker Adirondack Chair


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At first glance, this Adirondack chair looks like it should be a number-one pick because of its luxurious design. Unlike the traditional-wood designs, this chair has a swooping back panel with a soft cushion on the seat. It practically invites you to rest your feet and join in on the conversation. Give this product a chance, and you’ll see why Best Choice Products has a winner with their design.

This chair has a modern, wicker effect built into its construction. The wicker covers the entire chair while it’s being supported by a steel frame. In fact, this frame is so well-integrated into the wicker that you may forget that it’s even part of the product. This frame holds the wicker’s shape through any temperature changes outside. You’ll only notice a little bit of flexing to the material as rain and sun move across the region.

Unlike other Adirondack models, this product comes with a cushion. You might be concerned about its durability, however. Best Choice Products understands the concern about cushions fading and breaking down under the sun, so they designed this model with sturdy materials. The cloth won’t fade over time, and you can remove the entire cushion for cleaning. Hand wash the cushion and allow it to dry. It will look brand new after a gentle cleansing.

Some consumers have issues with this wicker product. Because wicker is a twig component, it can break with any rough handling. Consumers report that the wicker is difficult to repair. It’s important to be gentle with the wicker so that no damages occur across the materials. Consumers also note that some products don’t come with the necessary hardware for assembly. Count all of the chair’s components upon arrival, and contact the manufacturer if any items are missing. They’ll be able to replace the lost items.

Best Choice Products makes this wicker easy to maintain after you remove the cushion. Take a damp cloth and wipe it across the chair’s surfaces. You’ll remove dust and grime with this strategy. Allow the chair to sit out in the rain as an alternative to wiping it down. Rain flowing off of the materials will remove many particles.

The armrests are one of the best features about this Adirondack. Your hands rest on a wide section while the opposite side tapers down for ample elbow space. When the warmer months approach, you can use this seat for reading and relaxing under the sun. With its durable construction, this wicker chair will stand the test of time as you entertain loved ones each summer day.

Pre-purchase considerations

Weather Durability

Traditional Adirondack chairs are made of wood, but they come in a rainbow of different colors. If you want a truly, authentic seat, you’ll want to select a favorite wood species. Set it outside, and allow it to weather down naturally. The wood will have a gray appearance to it after a few months or years. Seal other wood Adirondack seats so that they’ll last longer, however. Long-lasting products are usually made out of plastic too. They’re nearly maintenance free compared to wood. Wicker is always attractive as another alternative, but it will break down quickly in the summer sunlight.

Assembly Ease

The Adirondack product is meant to encourage relaxation and comfort. If it’s difficult to assemble, however, you associate frustration with the chair from that moment forward. As you shop around for these furniture pieces, look over the assembly directions. You shouldn’t need a complex tool. Some manufacturers will even send you a tool as part of the product’s accessories. Every skill level should be able to put this product together in less than an hour. If the assembly instructions are too complex, the chair may not serve your patio well. Ideally, the manufacturer will send the seat in only a few separate parts, and you can quickly piece them together.

Warranty Consideration

Because these products last for many years, you want to have a comparable warranty period as well. Take a look at the chair’s warranty before you buy the item. It will differentiate between residential and commercial use. In most cases, these products will be used in a home environment. Warranties will usually range from one to 20 years when the chairs are infrequently used at home. Commercial warranties are much shorter because of the presumed “use and abuse” that the items will be subjected to each day. Keep your proof of purchase and warranty in a safe place. If any issues occur, you should be covered by the manufacturer’s coverage.

Slat Design

Each slat holds and distributes your weight across the entire chair. Because of their importance, the slats need to be closely regarded before you select a specific product. Look for strong fasteners that hold the slats in place. There should be some spacing between each section, but not too much space. Adirondack chairs are meant to be sturdy pieces of furniture with some spacing in order to drain rainwater away. Try to sit in a few different seats before making a final purchasing decision. Your comfort level will be different than any other person. In most cases, you want a well-defined seat and back panel with only a small space between slats.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Use the zoom feature on your computer, or take an especially close look at the Adirondack chairs in your local store. There might be some features that you’ve overlooked on some models. Wide, armrests and drink holders are two features that might be incredibly important for your patio enjoyment. Sit down in the chair if possible. Every person will have a different opinion about comfort, such as the ease with which you can rise and stand from the chair. You want a seat that can be used by almost everyone in the family. When you find the right style, purchase several chairs to set up a social, patio area. Your home will be the center of attention this summer with everyone relaxing in their individual Adirondack seats.

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