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Best Choice Products Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Our Top Pick for 2021: Best Choice Products Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table

There aren’t many people in this world that don’t enjoy a beautiful night under the summer stars, sitting around a fire with their friends, and just enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. It evokes a feeling of peacefulness and contentedness that we all wish we had more of. Of course, to get this feeling, you need a fire. And to get a fire, you need a quality fire pit in which you can start that fire. These decorative patio accents come in many different shapes and styles with each of them providing something special for you to enjoy.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Best Choice Products Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table


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Need a fire pit to help bring elegance and prestige to your yard? The Best Choice Products Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table is the currently the best outdoor fire pit on the market. It combines beautiful construction with high functionality to create a fire pit that is both aesthetically pleasing and productive.

Let’s start by talking about the fire pit’s construction. It is a square pit that’s built above the ground and made of extruded aluminum, making it weatherproof, lightweight, and easy to use. Painted dark brown, it possesses an appearance similar to that of fashioned wood, making it a beautiful product that will add prestige to your backyard. It measures in at 45 inches x 45 inches x 23.5 inches and contains a door that can be opened to store a 20 pound propane tank. The top of the fire tank contains a lid which can be closed to protect it from the elements. Closing this lid also turns the fire pit into a makeshift table which can be used when a fire is not wanted or necessary. Weighing in at 80 pounds, this fire pit is heavy enough to stay in place, but light enough so that it can be easy moved to where you want it to be moved.

The pit comes with several accessories, including a rain cover, a bronze hammered fire pit, and glass beads that can be put in with the fire to make it more attractive to the eye. To start a fire, the pit has an adjustable heater that can burn up to 42,000 BTUS, making it simple to start and maintain a flame at any intensity you desire. The maximum flame will top out at around 18 to 20 inches.

Online reviewers love this fire pit for how easy it is to put together. All it requires is the purchase of a propane tank. Attach the tank to the pit and the pit will be up and running. Reviewers also love the flame that the pit produces, stating that it’s consistent and reliable. A few reviewers said that their friends enjoyed the pit so much that they went out and bought one for themselves.

One of the negative remarks made by online reviewers about the product is that the rain cover that is included with it is thin and low quality. Most of these reviewers recommended buying a different rain cover that will do a better job of protecting the pit. Another complaint was that the brown paint faded after leaving the pit exposed to rain, though this will be solved by purchasing a quality rain cover. One reviewer also remarked that the propane hose sticks out awkwardly to the side, though this is a minor flaw.

Overall, the Best Choice Products Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table is one of the most reliable and consistent fire pits on the market. Its light weight, beautifully-painted aluminum construction, and controlled flame make it a fire pit that is equal parts attractive and functional. It can be found for around $550.00 on most online retail sites. If you’re looking for a truly reliable fire pit that will get the job done every time, the Best Choice Products Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table is a fire pit that you should take a look at.

#2. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit


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The AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit is one of the nicest looking fire pits currently on the market, and also produces a reliable, high quality flame that will keep you outside even when the cold begins to creep in. With a 15 foot heating radius, this fire pit will not struggle to keep you and all of your friends warm and cozy.

A square fire pit, the AZ measures in at 38 square inches in area and 28 inches tall. On top of the fire pit is a lid that measures in at 19 square inches and a burning area that measures in at 17 square inches. With an antique bronze finish, this fire pit will be stunning addition to the overall atmosphere of your yard, providing it will elegance and prestige. The pit requires propane to run, and a propane tank must be purchased separately. To store the propane tank, the pit has a door that opens under the fire surface, keeping it hidden and discreet. When not using the fire pit to make a fire, you can place the lid on it and effectively us it as a porch table. It weighs in at 101 pounds, protecting it from being carried away by heavy winds, but also making it light enough so that it can be moved if need be.

Several accessories are provided with the purchase of this fire pit. It requires 3/4 inch in diameter fire glass in order to run, and so fire glass is provided with the pit. With the help of this fire glass as well as a battery operated pulse ignition, the pit can produce a flame of up to 40,000 BTUS. This will result in a flame that reaches around 18 inches.

Reviewers laud this fire pit for how well it works at its price, stating that it does just as good of a job as fire pits that are priced at double its price. They enjoy being able to sit around the pit on the weekends with their family and friends, roasting marshmallows, relaxing, and just having a generally good time. Several reviewers reported that their friends also plan on buying one of these pits after seeing one in person. Another positive noted by online reviewers is that the pit looks beautiful and makes their yard look nice.

One of the common complaints made by online reviewers is that when the pit arrived in the mail, its box was beat up and in bad shape. This, however, has more to do with the company that shipped it. Another complaint is that the paint on the pit fades after being left out in the rain for any discernible time. A few reviewers also noted an unpleasant gas odor when the pit was running.

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On the whole, the AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit is a high-quality fire pit that does the job of a high-end fire pit at a much lower price. It can be found for around $235.00 on most online retail sites, making it a great and less risky purchase than other fire pits. If you’re interested in a high end fire pit at an affordable price, the AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit might be just the pit for you.


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#3. Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit


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One of the top wood burning fire pits currently on the market is the Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire pit. An above the ground pit with a light weight and heavy duty construction, the Sunnydaze provides you a tough and reliable solution for burning a fire all through the year.

Circular and bowled in shape, the fire pit is made from tough bronzed steel, making it resistant to the elements as well as all kinds of wear and tear. An attractive cross weave pattern gives the pit a beautiful and prestigious appearance which will provide a spark to the overall atmosphere of your back yard. Measuring in at 36 inches x 36 inches x 16 inches in height, this pit provides ample room for placing wood and also creates a large heating area. Metal legs on the bottom of the pit keep the bowl from touching the ground, ensuring that a fire does not start outside of the bowl. Weighing in at around 29 pounds, the pit is very light and can be easily moved to anywhere by just one person.

Accessories provided with the purchase of the pit are a spark screen, a weather cover, and a fire pit tool. The spark screen easy spans the entirety of the pit, ensuring that the fire will be controlled and reliable. The weather cover can withstand snow and rain, and will keep the pit from rusting in poor weather conditions. The pit tool can be used to situation wood and keep the fire burning adequately through the night.

Online reviewers say that they love this pit because it’s able to store a great amount of wood which keeps the fire burning without a lot of work. Reviewers also said that it was very easy to put together and use, stating that the spark screen was very useful as it kept fires consistent and under control. A point made by many reviewers was that the pit was safe, stating that their kids could use the fire pit with very little worry. In addition, the weather cover was a welcome accessory, with several reviewers saying that it does a great job of protecting the pit.

One of the negative remarks made by many online reviewers was that the pit was made of thinner metal than they expected. Some even reported slight bends in the metal after use. Others complained that the pit was put together with poor screws and that it was poorly constructed overall, saying that they were worried it wouldn’t hold up well over time. It should be noted, though, that other reviewers found nothing wrong with the pit’s durability and construction. They were confident that it would hold up well over time.

Though it has its detractors, most users believe the Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit to be a high quality pit that withstands wear and tear while also providing a large space for burning wood outside. This combined with its beautiful bronzed cross weave design made the Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit one of the nicest wood burning fire pits on the market. It can be found for around $165.00 on most online retail sites, and makes a beautiful addition to any yard. If you’re looking for a large, aesthetically pleasing fire pit in which you can burn wood, this is the fire pit for you.

#4. Pleasant Hearth Brant Round Fire Pit


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Maybe you’re looking for a fire pit that’s on the cheaper side; something that you and your friends can use every once in a while to camp out and roast marshmallows and hot dogs. There are a great number of affordable fire pits that are comparable to higher priced fire pits. One such fire pit is the Pleasant Hearth Brant Round Fire Pit.

Made of a steel rubbed bronze material, this fire pit is very durable as it can withstand the elements as well as a great deal of wear and tear. Weighing in at 15 pounds, it is very portable, and can be moved from place to place easily by just one person. Its plain black finish is not as attractive as other fire pits on the list, however it still burns wood with the quality of the other pits. A circular pit, it measures in at 30 inches x 30 inches x 17 inches, providing ample space for wood storage, and generating a large heating area around it. At the bottom of the pit is a steel grate that allows air circulation and flow for consistent and long burning fires. There are also holes drilled into the bottom that help with water drainage and air circulation.

Accessories that come with the purchase of this pit are a spark guard cover and a 20 inch fire poker. The spark guard cover will serve to keep the fire contained, preventing stray sparks and embers from leaving the pit area, and reducing the risk of burns. The poker will allow you to situation the wood so that the fire can burn at its maximum capacity.

Online reviewers laud this fire pit for its low price and ability to contain small, casual fires that their families can sit around while enjoying quality time with each other. They also report that it is very easy to assemble, and that it can be up and running in a very short amount of time. It’s durability and portability are also positive traits noted by several reviewers who stated it could be stored away easily after every use.

Some online reviewers state that one of the negative aspects of the fire pit is that its black paint comes off very easily and gets on their hands. They also say that it rusts very easily, with some stating that it began to rust after just a few rainfalls. If you do buy this fire pit, it might be a good idea to store it away after every time it is used.

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While the Pleasant Hearth Brant Round Fire Pit does not possess the quality of the other fire pits on the list, it provides a more than adequate place for you to start casual bonfires that you and your family can enjoy. Its superb portability and ease of use make it a cheap and effective fire pit that will get the job done on those long hot summer nights. If you aren’t looking to spend an entire paycheck on a fire pit, the Pleasant Hearth Brant Round Fire Pit is an affordable and quality option that will easily suffice whenever you’re looking to have a pleasant night outside.

Pre-purchase considerations

Fuel Type

It goes without saying that to start and maintain a fire, you need something to fuel that fire. Outdoor fire pits typically require one of 6 types of fuel. These fuels include propane, wood, natural gas, charcoal, bio-ethanol, and gel. Propane-fueled fire pits require that a propane tank be attached to them. Because they are attached to a tank, they can be moved around easily.

Though propane initially costs more than natural gas, it typically lasts at least twice as long as natural gas, making it a more efficient fuel type overall. Wood fire pits are like any bonfire you might start. They necessitate wood, kindling, and any other source that might help to start a fire. Natural gas fire pits typically have to be built-in as they usually have to connect to an underground gas line.

Though gas fire pits are usually more expensive to install, they may be less expensive in the long run. This is because gas is one of the cheapest fuels there is. Charcoal-fueled fire pits produce a small, even, and consistent flame that is very controlled. For a clean-burning fuel that produces no ash, smoke, or embers, bio-ethanol is a great choice. Fire pits that use gel as a fuel emit no odor or smoke. Each of these fuel types carries different characteristics and benefits. It is up to you to decide which of these benefits appeal to you.

Shape and Style

Fire pits can be found in a variety of shapes and styles. These shapes and styles range from squares and rectangles, to circles. Square and rectangular fire pits often fit better into small, crowded areas than do other shapes, but are usually not as good for large gatherings of people. Circle pits come in different styles, such as bucket and bowl. They are best used for situations in which large groups of people will be sitting around them, as they provide uniform heat and light to all sides. You can find great designer fireplaces with Botanex.

Both types of fire pits can be built above the ground or under the ground. Above ground options are more portable and also more affordable, whereas underground options are more expensive to install, and typically must remain in one place. To decide what shape and style of fire pit you should purchase, it is important to consider what you’ll be using the fire pit for. Looking for a beautiful looking fire pit that draws attention at parties? A square or rectangular fire pit is the answer. Looking for a good fire pit to sit around with your friends and family? A circular fire pit would be the most appropriate selection.

Material Type

Fire pits are made from several different types of material, with each material providing its own benefits and aesthetic. Typically, fire pits are made from 7 different materials, including steel, stainless steel, copper, cast iron, aluminum, glass, and polyresin. Steel fire pits come in many different shapes and sizes as steel can be easily shaped and molded. They can also be found with a variety of stain colors. The problem with steel fire pits is that they are susceptible to rusting. Stainless steel fire pits are durable, lightweight, and built both under the ground and above the ground.

They’re also rust-free and weather resistant, with their only negative aspect being that they can often cost more than other types of fire pits. Copper fire pits often come in a bowl shape, but are also available in a variety of other shapes. They’re rust-free and durable, though often more expensive than other types of fire pits. Cast iron fire pits typically come in bowl and bucket designs. They’re very durable and lightweight, and do an excellent job of conducting heat. They can be found for cheaper than many fire pits. Aluminum fire pits are the most common type of fire pit. They’re lightweight, durable, and affordable, making them very popular. In addition, these fire pits require little maintenance as they do not rust or crack. Glass fire pits are aesthetically pleasing, and often make use of glass pebbles that help to conduct heat. They come in many colors and styles, and can burn at very high temperatures. Polyresin fire pits are sturdy, lightweight and easy to take care of. In addition, they’re usually fashioned to look like natural stone, making them very aesthetically pleasing.


Fire pits can serve a bevy of functions. To assist in these functions, there are a number of accessories that can be purchased to make your fire pit as good as possible. Spark screens can be bought to prevent embers and fire crackle from bursting out of the pit. For wood-fueled fire pits, a wood grate can be attached which helps air to circulate beneath the wood, providing more oxygen to get the fire burning. Some fire pits can be bought with a pizza oven attached. This allows you to cook a variety of foods while you and your friends are sitting around the fire. Fire pits can also be found with many different designs, such as a mosaic pattern, stone, or industrial metal. When buying a fire pit, you should consider whether or not these accessories interest you, and react accordingly.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

A fire pit can be a great resource on those long summer nights when you want to spend some time with your family and your friends. You can roast marshmallows, or converse, or just stare at the flame in silence and enjoy its beauty. Fire pits come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and can require a variety of different fuels. Consider what exactly you’ll be using it for. You should consider your budget, how much space you have, and whether or not you want the pit to be portable as well as a bevy of other aspects. After doing this, you can purchase a model that burns brilliantly for all to see.

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