Six Important Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom

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Whether it is your bathroom or kitchen, remodeling projects are an exciting aspect of your life. However, when it comes to bathroom remodeling, all of us want to go all out and do absolutely everything we can to turn it into the highlight of our house. 

Since your bathroom needs to be a bit luxe, practical, and hyper-functional, you have to be extra clear about what you need to change about your bathroom rather than doing things randomly. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of must-to-do tips for both first-timers and seasoned remodelers to help them with unique bathroom ideas and design when taking up a bathroom renovation project

  1. Work on layout and floor plans: 

Believe it or not, most bathrooms are awkward when it comes to their dimensions and have spaces in random places. As a result, it’s almost impossible to start remodeling without having a complete design and bathroom layout plan. 

You have to devise a layout down to the last detail, from assessing the shape and size of the bathroom to rearranging plumbing fixtures. The thing is, your bathroom layout can go either way. Maybe the original design was okay, and you only need a few tweaks, or the bathroom was poorly designed with outdated plumbing. 

When it comes to outdated plumbing, you shouldn’t start without a proper layout if there are signs of water damages and leakages. It is an excellent idea to look for water-related issues before you start remodeling your bathroom. To start, a wise decision would be to hire a water damage advisor to find faults and fix them before it’s too late. 

Water damage is slow and costly; over time, your pipes and floor are affected, and if you just finished remodeling your washroom, all the effort and time investment will go to waste. 

So, after planning the plumbing and outlet fixtures, move on to planning the alterations you need to make regarding sanitaryware, tile colors, wet area, powder room, and managing the space as a whole. 

  1. Choose the type of bathroom: 

After choosing the right floor plans and getting done with the boring stuff like plumbing and electrical, it’s now time to select the type of bathroom you want. Your choice of a bathroom, whether it be a wet bathroom or a half bath, depends on the bathroom’s shape, size, space, and layout. 

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For instance, you can go full bath or standard bath with a toilet, a bath, a shower (or both), and a sink. You can even give your twist to the traditional bathroom design and go for a spa-like vibe. 

You can customize your bathroom according to your budget by adding several suite fixtures like built-in cabinets or a matching countertop. However, if you feel that a single full bath isn’t enough, then you can add a half bath that only has a sink and a toilet. Half baths are great to have as they don’t take up space and don’t require significant renovation. 

  1. Pay attention to ventilation: 

Bathroom remodeling is a great way to overcome all your existing bathroom design shortcomings, such as the lack of proper ventilation. This is a chance for you to pay attention to adding or fixing the ventilation system in your bathroom, especially if it’s prone to mugginess. Many homeowners neglect this aspect when renovating the bathroom and regretting it later when all that mildew and mold destroys the expensive accessories. 

If your bathroom has a hot shower or a bathtub, then you must install exhaust fans, window vents, or simply windows in the proper places. The best option that experts recommend is installing a fan with timers so that you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off. 

Another small change you can make for better ventilation is to allow more circulation inside the bathroom by installing frameless glass that doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling.

  1. Think about bathroom lighting: 

You may think that you’ll randomly place LED lights in your bathroom and be done with it, but that would only be a waste of good lights. Instead, if you invest so much time and money into renovating your bathroom, why not be creative and enhance the overall look? 

For many of you, your bathroom might be the best place to get ready because it has full-length mirrors and all that space. However, lousy lighting will diminish the functionality of your bathroom and rob it of its elegance. 

So, consider installing vanity lighting with good design as it will eliminate the shadows on your face. You can also use a combination of recessed LEDs with a dimmer switch along with wall sconces over or beside the mirror for the best lighting. Another way to light up your bathroom is to play with natural lighting by adding windows or a skylight to your design. 

  1. Choose suitable materials: 

Your choice of material for a bathroom design can make or break your renovation plans. Since bathrooms are relatively small spaces compared to the rest of the house, it is better that you splurge on a few high-end materials for a good and lasting finishing. 

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Since bathroom conditions are significantly humid with significant temperature variations, you need something that can withstand the conditions and look luxurious as well. Avoid using cheap materials such as fiberglass and opt for non-porous, high-quality materials such as porcelain, stone tiles, and ceramics. 

Since they are water-resistant, they would make an excellent choice for bathroom flooring. 

  1. Try to maximize the space: 

You need to set realistic expectations when it comes to managing space in your bathroom. You may have beautiful ideas for your new bathroom remodel, but do you have space? Luckily, with simple design tricks, you can make your bathroom look roomy. 

For instance, you can open up a lot of room if you use pedestal sinks instead of cabinets as they occupy lesser space and install glass doors for showers and tubs. If you wish to use more space for vanity and cabinetry, you can always install a petite, compact toilet instead of a bulky one. 

Another thing that you don’t want to miss out on when remodeling is to add storage space, no matter how small it is, to your washroom. A little extra room, such as built-in shelves or storage closets, is a lifesaver for keeping your new bathroom organized and clutter-free. 


Renovating your bathroom into your dream design is an exciting prospect, but things can quickly go sideways if you don’t pay attention. So, do things right this time and follow these fantastic tips to get your desired bathroom look. 

Ensure to use high-end materials with proper ventilation, a plumbing system, efficient storage, and lots of lighting.