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Nivea Active3 for Men Body Wash, Best Body Wash For Men

Our Top Pick for 2019: Nivea Active3 for Men Body Wash

That feeling of being thoroughly clean after a nice long shower is one of the hardest to beat feelings in life. For a man, scrubbing with a clean-smelling, yet not overly fragrant can enhance this feeling greatly. There was a time when scrubbing up was done with bar soap and your favorite washcloth, but today, we have quite a few choices of body wash to choose from that have manly scents that smell great; especially to the opposite sex. To help make your decision easier, we’ve rounded up four of the best of these types of products available on the market currently, so take a gander at our best body wash for men review, trust us, you’ll feel cleaner at the end.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Nivea Active3 for Men Body Wash

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Nivea is a German personal care brand that has been in operation since its founder, pharmacist Paul Carl Beiersdorf began the company in 1882. Over the following century, Nivea has gone on to become one of the most well-known personal care brands since then and is currently operating in hundreds of markets outside of its home in Germany.

Nivea created this Active3 body wash to address a specific need in bathing males; some men wanted the ability to save time by doing it all in the shower. The Active3 can be used as a shaving lather, a shampoo, and of course as a body wash, and while all these features might make you dubious as to their real-life functionality, they all work exceptionally well. While you might consider this trifecta of cleanliness something that really isn’t that inconvenient in the first place, there is still excellent value in a product of this type. So far, this is a great pick for the best body wash for men.

Firstly, this is perfect for those situations where you need to pack lightly. You can simply pack this product rather than an individual body wash, shaving cream, and shampoo. This will save you precious space and reduce the worry of opening your travel bag and finding that all of your packed materials are coated in a thick layer of shaving foam.

Initially, the original packaging for this product was a bit troublesome. It was wider along the sides, and as a shower product, had a tendency to be easy to drop. As Nivea must have realized that this was far from an optimal situation, especially when razor blades come into the equation, they redesigned the bottle to be flat and have grips along the sides. The resulting package is easy to hold while you wash your hair, shave, or clean up.

88 percent of the reviews on Amazon for this product are positive. Of these 602 reviews, 71 percent are of a five-star quality, and another 17 percent are of a four-star rating level. Most reviewers like this product and compare it to Dr. Bronner’s peppermint three in one product. Here is one such testimonial:

“I took a risk and bought this pack of three for the main man… and he loves it. He used to use Dr. Bronner’s peppermint and/or my Dove body wash, plus our Head & Shoulders shampoo. Now, this is all he uses – for hair and body. He says this is much better on his skin than Dr. Bronner’s and he loves the smell. I have it on my subscribe and save list.”


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#2. Old Spice Fresher Collection Men’s Body Wash

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Old Spice is one of the most well-known lines of personal care products in the world. Established in 1934, for many years Old Spice was the predominant force in men’s grooming and aftershave. Unfortunately, the brand began to lose footing with the younger generation, and in the early 2000s launched a series of television and internet ad campaigns that restored relevancy to the brand. Today, Old Spice is once again a major player in men’s personal care.

This Denali Old Spice body wash is designed to evoke the feeling of exploring and living in the forest. Denali is the mountain in Alaska that has also been known as Mount McKinley, and is one of the wildest, toughest climbs in North America; as a matter of fact, it’s also the tallest mountain on the continent. As the intimidating mountain range is coated in trees, Old Spice decided to utilize the scent of spruce in this body wash. As part of the Fresher Collection, Old Spice intended for not be too heavily fragranced and to just smell clean. With a natural tree-influenced scent, you’ll smell fresh and clean.

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As this is a shower item, Old Spice has included several design choices in this product’s packaging that’ll make it easier to use in the shower. Firstly, the sides of the bottle are textured, so that you can grip them easily; even with wet hands. There is also a slight rounding of the sides; this also makes the bottle easier to grip securely while you are lathering up.

The label features some of the snowy imagery that you’d expect from a product that is supposed to represent Denali, also present, is the spruce needles that the scent of this product is modeled after.

Currently, Amazon is selling these body washes in packs of three; a good amount of the product considering that they are charging less than $12. Insofar as reviews go for this product, currently on Amazon, there is an 86 percent positivity rating. This is only taking into account either four or five-star reviews.

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#3. Irish Spring Gear Body Wash

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The brand, Irish Spring started out in Germany in 1970. Since then it has become one of the most widely recognized brands of soap in the world. Even today, many still recall the imagery used by the company’s ads that depict Irish the countryside and a small Irish town, complete with the spokesman rustically slicing off a sliver of a bar of the eponymous product with a knife. Since those early days of the product, Irish Spring has branched out from a bar soap only business model, to a full line of personal care products.

The Gear line of body wash is Irish Spring’s first attempt to create a fresh smelling product that’s designed to be used by males. It includes Vitamin E, a substance that places a thin coating on your skin that prevents free radicals from entering your body. These free radicals are linked to aging in your skin; so using Vitamin E will allow your skin to feel younger, longer.

This also has skin hydration elements in it as well. In recent news, it’s become widely known that some brands of shampoo and body wash have used chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, a known chemical degreaser, in their products. This substance removes the natural oils from your skin and can lead to excessive dryness. This, on the other hand, is actually formulated to add additional moisture to your skin.

In addition to these features, this also uses odor neutralizers to reduce body odor; as a result of this, it also acts as something of deodorant as well. The manufacturer also decided to use the traditional Irish Spring scent for this body wash, a very clean, classic scent that’s very masculine.

Irish Spring Gear body wash is currently available in a 15 ounce, shower friendly size. It’s classic Irish Spring green and features a ridged pattern for your fingers on the left side of the bottle that will make it easy to grip in the shower.

When it comes to reviews, this product has an 84 percent positivity ratio when it comes to Amazon’s rating system. Of this 84 percent, 54 percent are five-star ratings, and another 30 percent are four-star rated reviews. The overall consensus among many of the 277 reviews is that this product invokes the classic Irish Spring smell and that the product does a good job at skin hydration (once your skin is conditioned).

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#4. Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash

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Dove is another well-known personal care brand that enjoys a global audience. Dove was introduced in 1955 and has been one of the most widely-used brands of soap for generations now. Our ballin’ pick, the Dove Men+Care body and face wash is designed to serve as a two in one product that will not only clean and moisturize your body through the patented moisturizing cream that Dove has become known for, but also will provide a strong facial cleansing experience as well.

Over the years, Dove has been known for more feminine soap products, but with their Men+Care line of personal care, they are branching out into a more masculine line of body washes, deodorant, and face creams. All of these products are rated for sensitive skin, so if you have this condition, then these are the products for you. The dual nature of this product is a great idea, but some have complained that this is a bit too oily (it contains petroleum) for your face, though different people have had different reactions.

There are several scents for this product, so you’ll have a range of choices. If you suffer from dry skin, this also may be the best body wash for men as it’s designed to hydrate and soften. The container is a little slippery, so this might just be the type that you’ll invariably have to fish out from the bottom of your shower.

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Insofar as reviews, 82 percent of the 286 reviews on Amazon are positive. Here is one five star review for the Fresh Awake variety of the product:

“This body and face wash lives up to the promises on the package: the scent will wake you up, it won’t dry out your skin, and it rinses easily. The scent is a very masculine soap/deodorant scent that lingers after the shower. So much better than those sweet or floral scents common in many others. The color is not too important, but it is a bright yellow, which reminds me of sunshine.”

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Pre-purchase considerations

Scent for Men’s Body Wash

Have you ever run out of your own body wash or soap and been forced to use your girlfriends? In this unfortunate situation, you probably felt as clean as a bed of roses, but also as fragrant. As men, many of us don’t want to smell like azaleas and hibiscus; we’d rather smell like a fresher scent that evokes cleanness rather than perfume. For the most part, most brands accomplish this goal, some do smell more like cologne, but some guys like that type of scent when they are going out. When selecting the best body wash for men, be sure to consider the scent that you’ll be choosing, you’ll be using it for a while.

Additional Purchases

While you can use a washcloth to clean with body wash, you’ll get the most effect out of using one of these types of items:

Loofah – This is a rough textured scrubbing surface that is used to exfoliate the skin. This type of sponge is actually harvested from a vegetable related to the cucumber.

Mesh Sponge – This sponge type is made of meshed plastic that will lather really well when body wash is applied.

Back Brush – While having your back scrubbed is one of the most rewarding experiences possible, sometimes we have to take it upon ourselves to scrub our own backs. This is typically a mesh style sponge that is attached to a handle.

Sea Sponge – These absorb water really well and are sometimes called skeleton sponges as they are harvested from undersea animals.


Some brands incorporate harsh chemicals into their product’s ingredients. These harsh chemicals can sap away your body’s natural oils, ensuring that your skin will be prone to dryness. Other chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate can actually cause your hair to thin, resulting in premature baldness. As a rule avoid petrochemicals and ultraviolet irritants, which are the main causes of these issues. Petrochemicals have been linked to anemia, nerve damage, and kidney degeneration in test animals, so avoid incorporating these petroleum-based substances into your skincare. Sodium lauryl, on the other hand, is the prime cause of the aforementioned dryness, as it is often used as a degreaser in industrial situations. When looking for a new body wash, avoid these harsh chemicals. These are usually listed first on the packaging because of a previous FDA ruling, so they shouldn’t be hard to find.


Some brands specialize in creating body washes that are primarily marketed toward men. Here are a few that you can look out for:

Old Spice – This brand has been producing personal care products that are designed for men since the 1930s. Once relegated to the older generation, Old Spice has since become a favorite of a new generation of bathers, with several types of body wash and skin care products currently available on the market.

Dove Men Care – While Dove isn’t exclusively a men’s brand, its line of men care products is still very extensive. This line of products ranges from facial care to hair care for men.

Nivea for Men – Nivea fosters a degree of maturity in its men’s products. Its line of products focuses on cleaner scents that evoke the concept of manliness.

Axe Body Wash – Axe Body Wash is one of the newer brands on the market today. They have a wide variety of products outside, including antiperspirants and body sprays.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Staying clean and having a fresh scent is easily accomplished by utilizing the right body wash. As men, there is a myriad of fresh, masculine scents to choose from on the market today. Whether you like smelling like the botanically-influenced scents that have become synonymous with Old Spice’s Fresher Collection or you prefer to sport a crisper scent that brands like Nivea have become famous for, you have a range of choices. We hope that our write up helps you make a decision for a new body wash that’ll make you feel masculine and clean.


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    old spice used to be all red

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