The Best Book Reading Light and LED Neck Light

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Our new top pick for the year is the Glocusent led book light. Our previous picks with the older style book clip-on light are still listed below this review. We just did a Vont Clip on Reading Light, found below the current neck light review.

Rechargeable Neck Light, LED

We started off doing a standard review of one product the Glucosent neck light. After using it for a few days we wanted to put it up against what Amazon has as its top pick. Amazons’ top picks are based on an algorithm that most likely includes sales, reviews, and ratios of how many people clicked through to purchase. Let’s meet our contenders.

led neck light


Amazons Choice

MINGER Rechargeable LED Book Light Neck


– 3 brightness modes (6000K max)

-super flexible

-USB charging (old style)

-warranty? (read our comments )


The Contender (Our New Top Pick)

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Neck Light


-6 brightness modes (6000K max)

-3 color options of light

-USB-C charging (new style) -this is the newer standard in charging cords for Apple and Android

-Worry-free 18-month warranty (at the time of writing this

Now you know the specs, let’s see which one stands out and why

Both models can be used for reading, but what makes a neck light so much better than a standard clip book light is the versatility. Both of these lights will work for jogging, camping, bbq, and so many places that you just need a small flashlight.

Battery Life

Both units are exceptional at handling battery power. Neither reviewer used the units long enough to see how long it would take to completely drain the battery.

Glocusent Claims a usage of 6-80 hours depending on the brightness level and they list their battery size at 1000mAh.

MINGER does not list a battery size but claims usability of up to 10 hours. We think there may be a big difference in the way the two companies are estimating battery life. We hope to have a real-life test done soon.


When you pick up the Glocusent vs the Minger you notice right away that it feels like it was made a lot better.

What does that mean?


Shape, Size, Feel


reading light on neck


It looks and feels like more attention was put into the design and materials. I like that the Glocusent is flexible but does not lose its shape.

After using the Minger, it is very noticeable that the flexible parts take on a new shape permanently. Im not a fan of the feel of the flexible material on the Minger neck light.

One light has a larger opening and the other fits snuggly on your neck. This is just a personal preference, but I prefer the larger opening. I’m just not into the pressure around my neck from the Minger. The other reviewer didn’t care either way.





minger neck light We noticed after just a little use the corner of the Minger light started separating and showing the wires. Not cool in such a short amount of time.


Led Lights

They both have great lights. The LED reading light works great for readying, but I want more. I love that the neck light is so versatile. I had to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, my nephews like to unplug the hallway lights so I threw the neck light on. It worked perfectly for a late-night stroll to the bathroom and a little detour to the fridge for a late-night snack.

One definitely stands out as a clear winner in the led department. The Glocusent has more options and a narrower beam. The narrower beam is better for the things the light is designed for like working close, reading or focusing the light on the back of a TV when trying to find the HDMI connection. You can even see the beam difference in the pics.

The Minger light has 3 brightness levels per side vs the Glocusent which has the same 3 levels, but then the Glocusent also has three different colors of light as well. Both reviewers really liked having three different colors of light available. This is one of the features that set it apart and make it our top pick.


Buy Glocusent Light on Amazon           Buy Minger Light on Amazon


led lights different led color minger vs glocusent










We don’t actually know what the Minger warranty is. We could not find any information on the listing about it. So we decided to contact them, that didn’t work because we couldn’t find a place to contact the. We ended up seeing a customer respond in the Q&A section on Amazon, one customer thinks it is a one year warranty. We were not able to confirm this.

The Glocusent labels the product warranty clearly on the product page as 18 months hassle-free. I like getting a warranty longer than the standard one year most companies use. We wanted to see if we could contact Glocusent and they responded quickly. It wasn’t easy to find, not sure why Amazon makes it hard to locate a way to contact sellers.



Other uses

I saw a picture of the Minger standing by itself so I decided I has to try this. Unfortunately getting it to stand and point where I wanted it to was harder than I thought it would be. Due to the more flexible nature of the Minger this just was a pain to get the light to point where I wanted it to. It just frustrated me that it moves so much.

Doing the exact same test with the Glucosent I was able to direct the light exactly where I wanted it to go and it stayed. Once again, the new comer wins this battle.

standing neck lights

Weight and Size

The Glocusent comes in at 4.75 ounces and has slightly shorter arms then the Minger. The one thing that is better about the Minger is that it comes in weighing just a little bit lighter at 3.88 ounces. The Glocusent is just a little heavier and folds up a little bigger. The Minger wins this one by being lighter and able to fold into a smaller area. Do these wins matter? Not to either of our testers. They both are light and fold up into a small area.

folded neck led lights

Here is the Glocusent Neck Reading Light on Amazon           

Here is the Minger Light on Amazon


As Far as led neck lights go, they both perform as needed. One just does it better, is made out of better materials, has more light options and a better warranty. That is why we choose the Glocusent Led Neck Light as the clear winner.



Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


Our Newest Full Product Review Is for the Vont Clip on Reading Light

It’s at the top of our list because its a great product with a life time warranty.

Being an avid reader, I tend to struggle with finding a booklight for long car rides that’s not too bright that it distracts the driver. My previous reading lights spread uneven light across the pages of my books, would not hold their shape, and the light would stray to the edges of the book. I was so thrilled when I tried the Vont clip reading light because the bendable spine held its shape and the light was spread evenly throughout the page, with little to no light seeping around the edges of the book.

The light arrived quickly in simply packaging from Amazon. I like that they do not use extra packaging and create unneeded waste.

Clip Reading Light


How much can you really say about a readying light? Not all book lights are created equal. Features change and some lights just don’t work that well. The Vont Reading Light is a great book light that does exactly what its suppose to flawlessly. Its now my favorite light and my go to for reading in low light.

Vont book Light
Here is a quick list of the features

  • 3 brightness levels
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • 16 Bright LED’s
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY ( yes that’s, what the listing says)



Find It Here on Amazon

Light settings

The Vont Clip Reading Light has three light settings, making it easy to find the right light for the occasion. All three settings clearly illuminate the pages of a book and you can choose the brightness that’s good for you. The light has six bulbs covered by frosted plastic that evenly spreads the light. In addition I noticed that there is no glare. Obviously if your going to be reading with the light for long periods of time then you realize GLARE is a big DEAL. No glare means less eye fatigue and a better reading experience. 

Goose Neck and Clip makes it easy to use any where

 The reading light has a large clip at the bottom allowing it to fit books of all sizes or even desks or tablet bags. This makes it easy to add light to just about anywhere. 

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clipped to desk

The gooseneck is a bendable spine leading to the light that allows you to move the light into a specific position and it stays, just like it should.

The clip is made of hard durable plastic with a soft cushioned pad to keep the light from sliding off the pages of a book or the top of a desk. It feels strong, likes it built well an will last a long time.

Here are some examples of how you can use the Goose neck in different ways. As you can see it stays where you set it.

vont lightvont ledvont clip light







Rechargeable USB

 The Vont clip reading light is lightweight with a net weight of 60 grams, has a rechargeable polymer lithium battery that lasts for approximately 10 hours per charge, and has three brightness settings. The charging cord can be plugged into any USB port allowing it to charge any place at any time.

Lets do a quick overview of other reviews

Amazon lists this as having a ton of reviews, over 3500 reviews and it has a high average rating. Vont literally sells over a thousand of these lights a month. To sell that kind of quantity and still keep a great rating on the product means they are doing something right.

Lets not forget the warranty. So to test it out i’m going to email them with a fake problem. Ill get back to you with the results.

Overall, the quality seems good as the spine holds its shape, and the light illuminates the entire book. The bendable metal spine leads from the durable clip to the light, made of hard, durable plastic, where the on/off button sits embedded in the plastic on the opposite side of the lights. The adjustable light provides perfect reading conditions to enjoy a good book. Another reading light I have used in the past moved around and the lighting was uneven. The Vont reading light is a huge improvement as the light is evenly spread on the page so your eyes don’t need to readjust when you move on to the next paragraph. Booklights range from $6 to $15, with this reading light being approximately in the middle. The Vont reading light is well worth the cost. I would recommend this for anyone who likes to read. Find It Here on Amazon


#2. Mighty Bright 40511 XtraFlex2 Book Light

Book Light

View it on Amazon: -*
*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

Another great choice for a great book light is the Mighty Bright 40511 XtraFlex2 Book Light. This light is both versatile and dependable.

The base of the Mighty Bright 40511 XtraFlex2 Book Light is both a clip base light, as well as a free standing base. The clip has a rubberized grip that is strong, prevents damage being done to your flat surfaces and holds on securely to almost any surface you clip it to. The large base has a flat bottom. This allows it to be used as a free standing light.

The neck of this light is a gooseneck design. The flexible neck design allows the light to be moved around in a 360-degree motion. This means the uses it can be put to are nearly endless. The neck is a long 12.5-inches, giving you even more options for surface light coverage.

This book light is designed with two energy-efficient LED lights. These lights cast a bright, white glow – illuminating your darkest surface areas and lasting 100,000-hours without needing replacement. There are two brightness levels – the use of one LED or two LED illumination. The lights are operated with a switch that is, like the Ivation light, touch responsive. You simply tap once for one LED light, twice for two and three times to turn it off. Because of the precisely engineered optical grade lens that the Mighty Bright light offer, the light provided spreads evenly over whatever surface you need lighted.

You can power the Mighty Bright 40511 XtraFlex2 Book Light in two ways. You can either use three AAA batteries (that are provided), or you can plug the light into a wall outlet. In order to plug the light into a wall outlet you will need to purchase the AC adapter that isn’t included in the packaging.

Customers who have purchased and used the Mighty Bright 40511 XtraFlex2 Book Light generally really like this book light. They enjoy the flexibility of the light but, like the Ivation light, have had problems with the touch responsive on/off switch. Other customers also noted that the base of the clap is a little bulky so it can be a little uncomfortable or unsuitable for some uses you may wish to put it to.

This light is pretty moderately priced. You can purchase it in black, blue, green, pink, purple or white.

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#3. LuminoLite ‘Rechargeable’ Extra-Bright 4 LED Book Light

[azimg asin=”We couldn’t find the page”]

View it on Amazon: -*
*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

Our Bronze Pick, and another great choice for a book light, is the LuminoLite ‘Rechargeable’ Extra-Bright 4 LED Book Light. It, too, is a versatile and durable choice in terms of book lights.

The base of this light is a padded clamp that opens a full inch, clamping securely to most flat surfaces. The base is wider with a flat bottom, allowing the light to also have a free standing base. This feature gives the light a more versatile use as it can be used in different formatted settings (i.e. grilling and craft work as well as reading a book).

Like the Ivation and Mighty Bright Lights, the LuminoLite Light is also made with a gooseneck design. This design is made for flexibility so the neck can be adjusted in whatever direction or position that you need to use it for. It is only 5.5-inches long, so it’s on the shorter side as book light necks go, but this allows this light to be more portable and compact for travel usage.

To illuminate your book – and whatever other surfaces you use your book like for – the LuminoLite Light uses four powerful LEDs. These lights produce very little heat and helps in reducing eyes strain. To power these four LEDs is a solid power switch. This switch has two light settings that are controlled with clicking the switch in place for whichever setting you prefer.

You can power the LuminoLite Light three different ways. You can simply use the built-in rechargeable 1000MAH Li-Ion battery the light comes with, which allows you up to 10-hours’ worth of life before needing recharged. You can use the USB also provided with the light. Or you can plug the USB cable into the ‘UL-Listed’ adapter charger into a wall outlet. The USB cord provided is a less used barrel end model, so if you lose it, finding a replacement may be difficult. These three options available to power this light means no extra batteries to remember to purchase, a pretty nice feature.

Customers who have used the LuminoLite ‘Rechargeable’ Extra-Bright 4 LED Book Light have generally left positive feedback. Most customers enjoy the flexibility of the neck of the light, as well as the versatile uses it can be put to use for. With that said, several customers noted that the light itself is very bright, no matter which setting they use. A couple customer’s even noted that maybe adding more dimming options would be a good idea for the manufacturer to consider as the two light settings are both so bright.

This light is also priced on the higher side and it comes in black or silver designs.

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#4. Fulcrum 20010-301 Multi-Flex LED Reading Light

Reading Light

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

If you are searching for a more budget friendly option, our Budget Pick, the Fulcrum 20010-301 Multi-Flex LED Reading Light, might be for you. It’s easy to use and is an energy efficient choice.

This light also has a clamp base that is padded to protect whatever flat surface you securely clamp it to. It also has a wide base and flat bottom so it can be used as a free standing light as well. Again, this gives the light more versatile use options.

Like the other book lights listed, the Fulcrum Reading Light has a gooseneck design. The gooseneck is made of durable metal and is flexible so it can easily be positioned however you need to use it. It straightens to 11.5-inches and when it is in place, the neck doesn’t shake at all giving you stable lighting.

The lights that illuminates your book and surfaces are powered by an ultra-bright LED light. The LED bulb promises to never burn out or need replacement. Fulcrum uses special LED flood light technology to provide the best lighting possible. To operate this light is a simple, easy to use and solid on/off switch.


In order to power the Fulcrum 20010-301 Multi-Flex LED Reading Light you’ll need three AAA batteries. These batteries are not included with the light.

Customers who have used the Fulcrum Reading Light have, overall, enjoyed the light. Many have said that they really like that this particular reading light has a solid switch to use for turning it on and off. Other have noted that they like that the light provided is soft enough to be perfect for their eyes at night. With that being said, a good number of customers noted that the light was not very bright, leaving a good portion of surface area unilluminated.

This book light is a much less expensive choice. It comes in the color options of blue, graphite, purple, raspberry or silver.

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Pre-purchase considerations

Battery Life

Knowing what kind of battery life your potential book light has will be the difference between reading that “one last chapter” and making it just two more pages. You’ll want to check what kind of source you’re working off of. Is your light battery powered? Is it rechargeable? Does it come with an adapter that you can plug into the wall? How many hours is it supposed to run before burning out?

You’ll want to ask yourself these questions before you purchase. It could save you from buying a light that either will drain a battery life too quickly, forcing you to buy more batteries than you’d care to, or having a power source that simply won’t work for your needs.

Clip/Stand and Neck Flexibility

When you go to purchase your book light, you’ll want to consider if you’re buying one with a clip or standing base – or even a dual base that is both clamp and free standing. For example, if you need a light that will sit on a desk top that has no lip you wouldn’t want to accidentally purchase a book like that only clamps to flat surfaces.

Also, considering what kind of neck that light comes with can save you some hassle. If you want something that can be adjusted, finding a light that has a flexible gooseneck would be for you versus something that has a more structured shape.

Light Quality

Light quality is really the primary reason for purchasing a book light. You want something that illuminates the pages (or screen) of your book, but doesn’t cast too much light to disturb the area – or anyone in it – around you. Learning if the lights are LED, how many there are and if there is a dimmer switch will help in finding that light that is best suited for your needs.


Lastly, you’ll need to consider what your primary use for your book light will be for. Will you mostly be using it to read your e-reader or a traditional book? Will you need it to illuminate a small desk area or a grill?

Knowing what purpose you plan on putting your light to on the regular will make up a large part of the decision for what product you’ll want to purchase – and in some cases, how many you’ll want to purchase.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Here’s to no more keeping your significant other up through “just one more chapter”. Using your book reading light will save you from bothering anyone from your addictive reading and it will keep you in the pages for as long as you’d like.

Even if one of our top picks isn’t for you, hopefully this read will have helped you narrow down your search. Remembering to look over the battery life of your choice light can save you from buying something that’s going to have short usage times between replacing batteries or chargings. Also, knowing if you’re buying a combo clip/stand base will determine where and how you use your book light, just like if the neck is flexible or not. Knowing the light quality before purchasing your book light will save you from buying something that won’t illuminate your book well enough (or in some cases, too well) and knowing what kind of uses you’ll be putting the light to will save you some hassle while making all of these choices.

So here’s to long nights of good books – all without bothering anyone lying beside you.


our old number on pick has gone to the dog pages. It appears that this brand is no longer available for sale.

#1. Ivation Multipurpose Gooseneck 7-LED Dimmable Clip Light with Stand

Ivation Multipurpose Gooseneck 7-LED Dimmable Clip Light with Stand

View it on Amazon: -*
*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

Our Gold Pick is the Ivation Multi-Purpose Gooseneck 7-LED Dimmable Clip Light with Stand. This book light is a very versatile and durable device. And as it weighs only 8-ounces, it can easily be used as the perfect portable light for when you’re on the go.
This light is also considered a table lamp as well as a book light for one main reason – the base. The base of this light is both a free standing base as well as a clamp.

This is done by basically being made up of two parts. The main rectangular portion of the base can sit on any flat surface. On each side, a retractable metal standing bar comes out to stabilize and balance the light to prevent any shaking or possible toppling over of the light. The actual clamp of the base is on the top portion. It moves independently from the base which allows it to have a wider opening range of up to 1.75-inches. The wider range opening allows you to clamp your light to thicker surfaces giving you more options in spaces of use. The rubberized padding on the clamp will prevent any damage from being done to wherever you place it. The hold is strong and secure so you don’t have to worry about it easily being bumped forcing the clamp release and making the light fall.

The neck design of the Ivation Light is a gooseneck. It is made of a flexible metal which allows the neck to move and adjust to whatever position you may need. It straightens to 11.8-inches in length. The long, flexible length of the neck allows for close-up lighting for more sensitive crafting you may need to use it for or a more distance lighting to light up more than one page of your book. This is just an example as to what kind of uses you could put this device to.

A secondary reason this light is considered a functional table light are the lights themselves. There are seven LEDs used to make the Ivation Light. But a really neat feature about these lights is not only that they are bright, but that they are dimmable as well. This is great because you won’t have just one brightness to work with, and with seven LEDs, it can be pretty bright. There is a singular switch to work these lights and it is touch responsive. One tap and you have the device on, holding the button down will power through the dimmer settings and two taps will turn the device off.

In order to power the Ivation Multi-Purpose Gooseneck 7-LED Dimmable Clip Light with Stand, you have three options. You can use three AAA batteries (these are not included) which can provide up to 3-hours of usage for this light at max brightness. Also, you can use the 1.8-meter power connection USB cable that is included with the device. This cable provides you with your other two powering options as you can either plug the light into the computer for powering or into a wall outlet using an adaptor. The only problem with the USB cable is that it is a less commonly used barrel end, so if you lose it finding a replacement may be difficult.

Customers who have reviewed the Ivation Light have generally left positive feedback about its function. Many customers like that the light is bright but has several dimming settings so it is never too bright. However, a few other customers noted that, when using the battery powered method, the drainage was much faster than the promised 3-hours and the other methods of lighting can be limiting, making it less desirable. Also, quite a few customers noted that, though it could be a nice feature, the touch responsive switch could be a bit of a pain – especially when putting it in a bag to take on a trip – as it turns on with a simple brush and, going unnoticed, would drain the battery life.

Though this light is on the more expensive side, its function and uses may just make the cost of it worth it. You can pick three color options for this device: silver, blue or red.

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