The Best Callus Remover Reviews & Buying Guide

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Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File and Callus Remover, Callus Remover

Our Top Pick for 2018: Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File
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Ridding your feet of dead skin can be quite the project. Many people simply head straight to the nail technician while others are too embarrassed or uncomfortable with others touching their feet. Get rid of dead skin to reveal the silky and smooth skin underneath with one of these callus removers. When shopping for the best callus remover, it’s a good idea to take stock of your dry skin needs. Are you prepared to spend up to 30 minutes shaving away at dead skin using only your own muscles and elbow grease? Would you rather let a small machine do all the work for you? Check out our top picks for callus removers in a variety of price ranges.


#1. Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File and Callus Remover

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The Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic foot file buffs away tough skin from the most sensitive parts of your feet. It can eradicate dry skin almost instantly. Within mere seconds, your feet will be soft and smooth again. This product is powered by four AA batteries that are included with the product. The roller can be replaced and spins at 360 degrees to quickly remove dry skin and tough calluses. This product is safe to use and easy to care for. The micro abrasive particle filing material is easy to care for and can be easily replaced.

It’s easy to see how well our electronic foot file is working. Simply rotate the micro-abrasive particle material to view the rough skin removed from your feet. This product is best used with the Amope foot moisturizer. Your feet will feel smoother almost immediately, and your toes will look amazing in sandals. This foot file is extremely easy to operate and completely safe for daily use. Since the product doesn’t use harsh blades, you’ll never need to worry about bacteria or cuts on your feet. The ergonomic head is great for easy use. You’ll be surprised how dead skin seems to practically disappear after use.

Users love how easy this product is to use. They also love how little time it takes to slough away dead skin; usually, 30 seconds is all it takes to wear down rough heels. The amount of elbow grease the same job would take with a pumice stone is incredibly larger, so many customers love that they don’t need to get a shoulder workout with their skin sloughing. Batteries are included, so you don’t need to take another trip to the store to get the necessary materials to get this product up and running.

The head is easy to remove and easily rinsed after each use. The microabrasion head lasts a long time and doesn’t need to be changed after several months of use. Most customers love the inexpensive price of the product and that it costs roughly around one trip to the nail salon. Customers also loved that the weight of the unit is easily balanced within the palm of your hand, so you don’t need to deal with slippage. Most customers do not feel the need to save their old foot files or pumice stones after purchasing this product. Many customers also note how they only need to use the product every few weeks or so.

Owners didn’t love that the batteries needed to be changed more frequently than expected; they should be changed at least once every 90 days. Many of the customers also commented that the four AA batteries didn’t have enough power to keep the micro abrasion stone moving rapidly enough to remove all the dead skin. Some customers complained that the stone forced the dead skin to fly off their feet and land messily on the bathroom floor. Yet many customers weren’t certain there was an easy solution to this problem and simply used the product in the bathtub.

Very few users felt that the rotating head caused red or irritated feet, but some users felt they needed to go a little slower than the product recommended. On the contrary, many users felt they needed to apply pressure to the unit to slough away dead skin. Some users didn’t enjoy that the product wasn’t waterproof, but they felt that the price reflected some of the features that weren’t supported. Many users felt they needed to use the product at several different angles, but they also felt that the comfortable ergonomic shape made the product easy to tilt and handle. Some users needed to wait a day after use to really appreciate the benefits.

The Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File is easy to assemble and easy to use. Simply pop in the included micro abrasive particle roller and the included batteries, and you’re ready to go. Turn on the unit, and roll the unit over dry skin on your feet, heels and toes. If the unit ever feels uncomfortable, simply pause the unit and continue at a later time. Use the Amope moisturizer to enhance your use of the product and to snag the silkiest feet – no matter what time of year. This product is best used on dry skin. You can replace the microabrasion roller ball as needed.

This unit is made of strong urethane and thermoplastic, so it will last for a long time. The unit is completely ergonomic, so it fits easily in the palm of your hand. Its sleek design is attractive and easy to use. The Amope foot file comes in an attractive ocean blue color that looks great sitting on the edge of the bathtub. It weighs a mere 1.96 pounds, so it never feels too heavy in your hand. The small size of four inches by seven inches allows the unit to fit comfortably in your hand. Users absolutely love this unit because the price is right and there’s little assembly required.


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#2. Naturalico Electric Callus Remover

Naturalico Electric Callus Remover, Good Callus Remover

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The Naturalico Electric Callus Remover sloughs away more skin because it can spin at a rate of over 40 times per second. This allows it to exfoliate more dead skin than other callus removers. This product comes with a built-in battery that can be recharged as needed. The 1200 Mah battery can be used over and over again and charged over 1,000 times. Once the unit has been charging for eight hours, it can run for nearly 40 minutes of uninterrupted use. The lighted battery indicator also lets users know when the battery needs to be charged or is finished charging.

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The unit can be used on two different speeds for superior callus removal. You can customize your experience by choosing the speed of your choice. Since the battery can be recharged, there is less battery waste. The callus remover sloughs away dry skin without irritating feet. The unit also comes with an LED light to ensure that you can see your feet clearly as you’re removing dead skin. This way, your feet will never look patchy. The unit is water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about the Naturalico getting wet. It comes with two heads and a cleaning brush.

Owners love the ergonomic design and comfortable grip. They also love the attractive design. Most customers were able to see results in under 10 seconds of use. The product works best when used with aloe and moisturizer. Many users who felt they could never wear sandals again thanks to their callused feet felt they could thank this product for turning their heels around. The unit comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Customers also loved that they didn’t need to purchase batteries to power the unit. Most users also loved that they could simply pop out the roller for easy cleaning. They also loved that the roller stops spinning when pushed against the skin too hard. Most customers loved the feminine colors and the handy carry pouch.

Some buyers felt that the unit wasn’t effective on extremely callused feet and needed to use long and light strokes to complete the job. Some customers felt the light was very helpful while others felt the light was a little unnecessary; the customers who didn’t like the light felt that the battery used for the light could have gone toward powering the unit to make it more powerful. Many users felt that the unit would work well after prolonged use. Some customers recommended using the unit in the tub or well-ventilated area because dry skin would flake off in the air and make a mess. Yet many users commented that nearly every foot filing product has this issue.

The Naturalico Natural Callus Remover comes in a pretty pink and white sparkly color. The small design means it can easily fit in the palm of your hand. The curved design also offers a comfortable experience while using this little foot filer. The head can be removed with the click of a button for easy cleaning and replacement. The unit only weighs just over one pound, so it’s not heavy and can be held for prolonged periods of time. Customers feel that the price of $24.99 is just right for the quality of the unit and would buy the product again. Customers also love the included warranty and feel that the company backs up its product. They also love how easy it is to replace the unit heads – even though they don’t need to replace the heads very often. This product works best when used with a skin softener, moisturizer and aloe gel.


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#3. Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover

Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover, Good Callus Remover

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This tiny little callus remover comes with a powerful motor that doesn’t stop until our feet are free of calluses. The ergonomic design makes the unit easy and comfortable to hold. The motor allows for uninterrupted buffing that only takes a few seconds to slough away dry skin. This safe callus remover is extremely easy to use and very safe. It’s more effective than manual methods and won’t cut or scrape feet. The roller is covered with mineral particles to slough away dead skin extremely fast. The rollers are refillable and can be exchanged with other Emoji Micro-Pedi callus remover rollers.

The roller offers 360-degrees of sloughing performance and can rotate about 30 times per second. It effectively removes rough skin on the heels. The microparticles not only remove dead skin, but they turn your dead skin into dust within seconds. The roller doesn’t use any blades or razors, so your skin will always be protected. You also don’t need to rub your feet to slough away dead skin; the amazing roller ball does all the work for you. The unit runs on two AA batteries that can be replaced as needed. This unit has been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

We like that this product works powerfully fast. They also love the tiny design that can easily fit in their hands. Even estheticians and nail technicians seem to love this powerful little tool for its sloughing power. Most customers mention that it takes a few uses to get rid of really tough calluses, but most customers see results after just one use. Most customers commented that the unit works best when used as directed; the manufacturer recommends you use the product only on dry feet and followed up by a thick moisturizer. The product is very compact and extremely light, so it’s easy to use and isn’t difficult to hold.

Many owners were disappointed that batteries were not included, but some customers enjoyed that they could just replace the batteries when needed – instead of a rechargeable battery. The rollers that come with the unit last only a few uses, so most customers recommend purchasing a few rollers with the unit. Some rollers were more powerful than other, so make sure you read the reviews before purchasing additional rollers. This product also won’t remove extremely thick calluses in one or two uses and may need several days or weeks to see dramatic results. Customers also commented that they couldn’t press down too hard on the unit or it would stop rolling. Many customers also did not enjoy the texture of the roller ball.

This tiny callus remover comes in white with a dark blue roller. The extra-small size offers plenty of power in the palm of your hand. The unit powers on with the click of a button, and the roller pops out with the click of a button too. The unit weighs in at just under eight ounces, so it’s easy to hold and not too heavy. It comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty, so the unit is backed by its manufacturer. Most customers loved the bang for their buck with this product as the unit only costs $19.95 and comes with free shipping. They also love that the unit is backed by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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#4. Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp

Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp Callus Remover, Good Callus Remover

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This Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp callus remover can rid your heels of dry skin without worrying about bells and whistles. Batteries are not included with this product – nor are they needed! You can simply remove dry skin with the swipe of a file. The best part about this file is that it can be used wet or dry. In fact, it’s best used with a moisturizing body wash or light exfoliate. When you’re done, simply massage a thin layer of moisturizer into your feet. You don’t need to soak your feet before using the microplane, but a small soak can lead to amazing results. The file is lightweight, so you can scrub away at rough skin without feeling tired. The product is also large enough to get a good grip on the handle.

Buyers appreciate that this product is made in the U.S.A. They also loved that this simplistic little file got rid of dead skin without any bells or whistles. In less than an hour, this file was able to remove all the dead skin from their feet. Many customers also commented on how surprised they were at seeing their real skin underneath all the dead skin for the first time in years. Customers also loved that the handle was quite large for easy maneuvering. Many customers were very comfortable using the microplane and were extremely impressed by the amount of dead skin the product removed. Some customers were able to eradicate dry skin in as little as 10 minutes while others needed a little more time to get the job done.

This product is extremely simple. It offers an easy solution to dry skin without spending a fortune on sloughing products. Yet this product takes at least three times the amount of time to rid the feet of dead skin. The file also takes a good amount of elbow grease to offer the maximum results. Many customers did not pay heed to the instructions and overused the product. This could result in red or chaffed skin. Some people also thought that the larger size of the product inhibited them from getting inside small crevices and between toes. Some customers also did not enjoy that the product was made of plastic and not a stronger material.

This product comes in simple colors. It’s only 2.9 ounces, and it measure two-by-seven inches large. It offers a simple approach to ridding the feet of dead skin. Its simple design is very discreet, and this product could easily be tucked away in a cabinet or vanity.

Pre-purchase considerations

Battery Life and Type Of Best Callus Removers

Most feel that the longer the battery life, the better the overall quality of the unit. Most of this was directly related to the fact that the battery life generally affected the power of the unit. Some customers felt that the units that used two AA batteries offered better battery power than the units that used the rechargeable battery. Just try to find a unit that offers superior battery power that lasts at least 90 days without recharging or replacing the batteries. Don’t be fooled by units that stop working when you apply too much pressure; this is a safety precaution to ensure you don’t slough away too much skin from your feet.

File or Rollerball Quality

The quality of the files and rollerballs greatly affected customer satisfaction in these products. Many of the customers who felt dissatisfied by their callus removers felt the rollerball was the issue. Make sure that the roller is made of quality micro abrasive materials that can last for up to several months. The rollerball should also be easy to remove and easy to clean. Most rollerballs only work on dry skin, so make sure to read instructions before use. If you’re going with a simple file, make sure that the file offers a good, abrasive surface, so you don’t need to add a lot of elbow grease to get a superior exfoliation.

Rollerball Sensitivity

Most customers expressed dissatisfaction when the rollerball slowed upon contact with heavy pressure. This is generally for the safety of the user and so the product does not slough off too much skin or cause chaffing. If you need a more intense exfoliation, make sure to look for a product that does not slow down when you press down on the unit. If you do happen to purchase a product that slows upon pressure, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions and use light and long strokes to ensure the product continues to rotate the rollerball at an advanced rate.

Unit Size

The unit size and comfort also seem to affect the quality of the product when it comes to callus removers. The smaller the product, the easier the product can be held in the palm of the hand. Most customers loved products that had soft curves that they could hold in the palm of their hands without slippage. Though not a huge deal breaker, users loved when the product was designed in a feminine color or a pastel color with delicate curves. Most customers appreciated the smaller size when it came to the callus remover and felt the smaller size attributed to less elbow grease.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

You don’t need to spend hours at the nail salon or in a foot bath to get silky smooth skin. Luckily, callus removers come in all shapes and sizes. What we found interesting was that they didn’t vary greatly in price either. The least expensive callus remover on the list sold for only $8 while the most expensive was only $30. If you really don’t want to spend too much time on your feet, consider springing for a motorized unit. If you want some old-school dead skin removal, you’ll love the simplicity of the microplane.

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