4 Best Disposable Razors for Effortless Shaving

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Getting the best haircut and beard style is largely dependent on the type of razor and preparation used to trim the hair. Other than that, hair cutting is an art that requires precision, keenness, and creativity. Most of the haircuts and beard styles that celebrities rock on red carpets are inspired by creative minds geared by the best stylists there are.

If you’re looking for the high-quality shave then you may want to check out Double edge (DE) safety razors. Safety razors are less expensive overall, but they do take some skill to learn how to use properly. I prefer the easy of a throwaway razor.

The fastest option for shaving on the go or just in a hurry would be to use an electric razor. We have a short guide on electric razors here. Electric razors do have some downsides like having to keep the batteries charged and they do not give you as close of a shave as blade style razors and some people get skin irritation from them.

While talking about razors i’m going to point out a few important things along the way.

Can you take a disposable razor on plane?

Disposable razors can go in both carry-on and checked baggage. TSA lists on their site that these are approved, but the transportation security administration officers have the final say. 

What features make the best disposable razors?

Over the years, technology has allowed for advances in the quality of razors used in manufacturing. The razors are made with the user in mind. This way, even people with sensitive skin can find a razor that perfectly fits their skin type. The features to look for include:

  1. Lubrication strip – the lubrication strip works together with the shaving cream you use when shaving. It should provide an extra layer of protection for your skin. This will help avoid razor burns and cuts. 
  2. Pricing vs. quality – working on a budget is important. However, it should not be at the expense of the quality of the razor you get. Some cheap razors are great and some expensive razors are terrible.
  3. Pivoting heads – the best disposable razors conform to your skin and have pivoting heads. This is a feature I cannot do without. 
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The first disposable razor

Different types of shaving tools have been around since 18000 B.C. The inventor King Camp Gillette, with the help of William Nickerson, submitted a patent in 1901 for a removable blade razor. This led to what we use today. The invention of the disposable razor, a variation of what we know today was invented in 1963 by American entertainer and inventor Paul Winchell. 

The best disposable razors in the market

harrys razorsHere is a list of the top four  best disposable razors and their reviews. These razors will assist you in getting the smoothest shave. You don’t need to waste your time on Reddit best disposable razor threads to find a review of great razors.


My favorite razor used to be the fusion 5 by Gillette, but then I came across Harry’s Razors. After listing to the commercials for years I finally decided to order a starter kit and I never looked back. These blades are made in a factory in Germany that has been making razor blades for almost 100 years. The handle has a textured grip and rubberized exterior with a weighted core.I personally love the feel of the handle. I switched to these blades because of the commercial, but I kept using them because of how great they work. I don’t think you can get a better shave with any other disposable razor. 


Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power

fusion 5For years this used to be my favorite razor then I found Harry’s Razors above. This is now my second favorite razor. This Gillette razor uniquely features FlexBall technology. The technology allows the razor to follow through the contours of your face as you shave. This way, you can get rid of all the hairs without missing a spot. This and the fact that reaches hard-to-reach areas is the reason that the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power is considered a precision trimmer. The trimmer also comes with five anti-friction blades that are thin. The thinness thereof ensures they do not pull or tug hairs when you shave. This means that using this trimmer narrows your chances of having ingrown hairs. 

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The trimmer also has an enhanced lubrastrip that ensures a smooth glide as you shave. It also comes with a micro comb to help direct the hairs as you shave. Since it uses batteries, make sure you replace them when the low-battery indicator begins to flash. The razor is, however, a little more expensive than its counterparts. 



These are my top two picks for On A Budget

BIC Flex 3

bic lfex 3BIC Flex 3 is an affordable razor that men on a budget can enjoy. Even then, the razor offers high-end performance, which is a great selling point for the razor. It comes with a pivoting head which makes shaving more effortless, giving you more control over the hard-to-reach spots. The pivoting head is what allows this razor to adjust accordingly, to the contour of your face. It also has a lubricating strip that is rich in aloe, which gives you a smooth glide over the hairs as you shave. The handle of the razor is also comfortable to hold, given the ergonomic design and its rubberized grip. 

Besides, the three contour adjusting flexible blades of this razor makes it perfect for achieving a close shave without the constant need for repetition to clear the hair. The blade comes with 8 disposable razors per pack. Given its price, BIC flex 3 is such a fantastic offer for men.





Gillette Sensor2 Plus

sensor 2The Gillette razors are not new to men who like to shave with a blade. This blade comes with a pivoting head that allows you to take charge of the shaving process while getting to the hard-to-reach spots. This feature also allows it to smoothly follow the contour of your face without missing a spot. It also comes with a lubrastrip that is activated by moisture from water. This gives it a smooth glide making your experience enjoyable. 

The handle of the razor is ergonomically designed to make you feel comfortable as you trim. This pack comes with 15 disposable razors.