Tips to Help Teens Transition to College

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As the time comes that your child has finished high school, you been preparing for the new world that they’ll go into. College life is very different than what they went through in high school. Subjects are a lot more difficult and there are greater chances that they’ll be pulling out an all-nighter because of exams or papers.  

Deciding where to go for college is a difficult task and best discussed as a family matter. As there are tons of great colleges in the country, you should be deciding which schools best suit your child’s hopeful area of expertise as well as your financial means. If you are unsure which one is the best for your child’s chosen career, you can go and check College Rank to see which university fits them best.  

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As college is already difficult as it is and, as parents, you will want to do your part to help your teens have a smooth transition to college so they will be prepared for the new culture they are going into. Below are the tips on how you can help your teens transition smoothly into college:  

  • Communicate with Your Teen  

College is scary enough for your teen and they will be needing your guidance on how they can handle their fears. Communication is always the key, and talking with your child not only improves your parent-children relationship, but you will also be able to help them out. Try to listen and understand their feelings, thoughts, fears, excitement, and confusion. This will help them be more prepared as they begin their college life.  

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You will be able to provide them tips on how they can make better friends, time-management, and not to be too drowned with school stuff and try to enjoy their college life a little while still being responsible for their decisions. Usually, children take off for college and you cannot keep track of their actions all the time. Learn to trust your child so that they can learn to make it into the world on their own.  

  • Be Supportive 
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Whether your teen wants to be a doctor or a teacher, show your full support in all ways. This will help to boost their self-confidence to what they want to be. If they are stressing out on homework or are too consumed with their class schedule, do not hesitate to reach out as they might be needing your words of wisdom to keep fighting. They should be taking care of their mental health, especially when they’re in a university as they tend to overload students with assignments. You can motivate them that college is really hard but after earning your hard-earned degree, it will be all worth it.  

As parents, you are the number one cheerleader they ever going to have. Nothing is more fulfilling to a child knowing that their parents have their back and to support them in everything they aspire to be.  

  • Do Not Pressure Them 

As parents, you may have always dreamed of having a child in a certain profession. Some always dreamed of raising a doctor, an engineer, or even a lawyer. If your child has decided to push a different path, do not pressure them into taking your desired degree because you are just dragging them down. The college will only be a nightmare if they do not love what they are doing. It is already difficult for a person to know what they want in life and if your child finds theirs, be supportive in all ways as that track might be their road to success.  

Another thing that we should not pressure our child is having them graduate with flying colors. Children always want to make their parents proud and, even if they show you grades that are not above average, you should always give your child the support and recognition that they deserve. Do not pressure or blame them that they are not good enough because they are enough.  

Even if our children deny that they need the approval of their parents, deep down, they get hurt when we disapprove of them. We should always try to maintain a healthy relationship with our children.  

  • Discuss that It is Normal to Feel Scared 
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Going through college can be a scary thing. Be open and discuss with your teen that feeling scared is normal and nothing should be worried about. Everyone goes through that phase and, with determination, they will come through alright.  

After entering college, being scared passes away. And even if the fear takes time to pass, ensure your child that if anything happens, you will always be right beside them, helping them to stand up.  

  • Provide Realistic Expectations 

Some children might be too excited to be college students, so you should be able to help them set realistic expectations. You are not trying to scare your children away, but you are just preparing them for what is about to be on their plate. They will not always be the best of the best, they will not be having the complete hours of sleep for the whole semester, they might not be the most popular kid in their university, and all of those things are okay. College is a place where you can start brand new, a place where your child can create a better version of their selves. Let them know that everything is normal and make the most out of their college experience.  


Ideally, you should already be preparing for their college funds. As challenging as it can be, here are several tips for saving for college funds that you might find helpful.  

College is ultimately a life-changing phase of your teen’s life and you should always be there to listen, understand, and support them. They might not show it verbally or physically, but they need the support and motivation from their parents. So be present. Prepare your child with their expectations and do not try to control your child in what they want to do with their lives. They are soon to be adults and they should be making smart decisions for themselves. Teach them independence and so that they can grow up to be a wise adult and create decisions on their own.