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MidWest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Our Top Pick for 2019: MidWest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

A dog crate is a place where your dog can find comfort and feel secure. It is almost like a den that wolves in nature would have as a place to sleep, relax, and spend time with their pack or family in this case. The crate needs to be inviting, so that your dog will want to spend time in the crate. It should become a special place that they like to spend time in, not a place of punishment. It can be used for training, but make sure it remains a refuge, not a place your pet fears and does not want to enter. We have put together a list with some features that any good dog crate should have as well as a few selections that could be a great option for you and your dog.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. MidWest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

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Midwest is a company that was established over 90 years ago in 1921. They strive to provide pets and their parents with durable and reliable carriers that your dog will consider their home for years to come; in fact, they have been named America’s largest home builder for pets. Our gold pick, which is a one of these quality carriers, is the Midwest Life Stages Dog crate. It is a wire crate that is designed to be a viable option that will see your dog through puppyhood and well into their years as an adult.

Since most dogs will not need the same size crate as they grow this crate comes with a divider, which means that you can purchase a crate that is suited for the size your dog will become when it full grown and make it a more appropriate size for when they are a puppy with the divider. The crate is available with two doors, which makes it more convenient to grab your puppy when it is trying to take a nap, or if you prefer, you can also purchase this crate with a single door.

The corners of the crate are rounded to keep your dog from injuring his or her self, and the doors are both secured with slide bolt latches that are designed to keep your dog safe. If an accident does occur inside the crate or the water bowl is tipped over, the bottom tray is designed to be removed and washed whenever it is required. In addition, this doggie den can be folded up into a suitcase-shaped design that can make it easy to take along on your travels. When you arrive at your destination, you can quickly and easily set the crate up without the use of any tools at all; it simply unfolds and latches into place.

This life stage crate is designed to be a viable option for dogs of all sizes, so it is available in about seven different dimensions that can accommodate both small and large dogs. The smallest size that is offered is 22 inches in length, 13 inches in width, and 16 inches in height, which is a great option for dogs that weigh in at less than six pounds. The largest option is 48 inches in length, 30 inches in width, and 33 inches in height, which will more than accommodate most large sized dogs. All of the available sizes come with a one year warranty that is provided by the manufacturer.

When it comes to reviews, this dog crate has received almost 6,500 reviews on Amazon alone, and out of all of those reviews, 92 percent of them have been deemed worthy of a four or five star quality level. Overall, the product has been well received, and the majority of the consumers are pleased with the durability of the crate and the two door design that gives you quick access to your dog when you need it. The users who purchased this crate also love the fact that it is a long lasting dog crate that can be purchased at a reasonable price.

#2. MidWest iCrate Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

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Our silver pick, which is the iCrate, is another durable, high quality dog crate from Midwest. Like our first pick, this crate features a dual door design that makes it easy to place the crate in any location within your home and still allow your dog easy access. If you do not need a double door set up, then you can also purchase this crate with only one door. The doors are secured with slide bolt latches, which are more than sufficient to keep your dog safe during your travels.

The pan at the bottom of this crate is removable, which makes cleaning up after your dog a simple process that will not take a lot of time. The pan can even be washed with warm soap and water if need be. The corners of the entire unit are designed to be safe for your dog, so they have all been rounded to prevent accidents from occurring. In addition, this unit is designed to be a portable option that allows you to take your dog on vacation with you without worrying that they will get into trouble at the vacation home. It folds into a small unit that is easy to carry and set up upon your arrival.

The iCrate comes with a divider to better accommodate the size of your dog. This feature means that you will be able to purchase a larger cage for a puppy and allow him or her to grow into it. It is available in seven different sizes. The smallest available size is 18 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 14 inches high. The largest size is 48 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 33 inches high. This size range allows you to choose from a crate that can accommodate a dog that only weighs a few pounds to a hefty 110 pound dog.

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If you are purchasing a single door crate, then you can select a blue or a pink crate color if you choose, but it is only available for dogs who weigh between 11 and 25 pounds. There is also a one year warranty included with the purchase. Insofar as reviews for the irate, there are well over 11,000 posted on Amazon currently, and 91 percent of them were written by users who rated the dog crate with a four or a five star rating. Many of the consumers have explained their experiences regarding the crate. They love how durable it is, how easy it is to set up, and how comfortable their pets seem inside the unit.

#3. ProSelect Easy Dog Crate

ProSelect Easy Dog Crate

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Our Bronze pick, which is the ProSelect Easy dog crate comes from another manufacturer that is well known in the pet world. Unlike our first two picks, this option is only available with a single door design, which limits where you can put the crate in your home and the direction that it can be facing. This single door structure works great in most circumstances, but if your dog is sleeping in the corner, then it may become more difficult to get him or her out of the crate.

The door on the unit does have a dual latching safety that is designed to make sure that a dog cannot figure out how to open the door. It comes with a removable tray that is designed to make any cleaning requirements simple to complete. It also comes with a divider that allows you to customize the size of the crate you purchase to a smaller size. This enables you the ability to use the same crate from the puppy stage to adolescence and throughout your dog’s life, which means that you will only need to purchase one crate instead of three.

The ProSelect is designed to easily fold away for storage purposes as well as to accommodate your travel needs. When you arrive at your destination, it is easy to reassemble the crate to give your dog a familiar place that they can enjoy while you are away from home. This crate comes in six different sizes to accommodate the height and the weight of your dog. The smallest size is 18 inches in length, 12.5 inches wide, and 15 inches high. This extra small size is only fitted with one latch, since there is little chance that a small dog of this size would be able to open the latch. The largest size is 48 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 33 inches high. A wide range of sizes such as this means that a dog crate can be ordered to accommodate any size dog from a small Maltese to a very large Mastiff.

When it comes to reviews, this dog crate does not have near the popularity of our first two picks, but it still has a great review rate. Out of the 277 reviews posted on the site, about 89 percent of them have received a positive four or five star rating. According to consumers, this is the perfect crate for a large dog that has issues with separation anxiety. It is durable enough to hold them and there is nothing on the crate that can be chewed through or destroyed. It is a well constructed unit that is easy to set up where ever you go.

#4. AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

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As any pet owner will tell you, having a dog without a crate can be a nightmare, especially for a dog that has separation issues when you leave the home. Our ballin’ on a budget option, which comes from AmazonBasics, gives you a great option for a crate that is durable, strong, long lasting, and most importantly, it does not cost a lot. This crate features a double door design that is perfect for any room in your home. The doors are latched with slide bolt locks that will keep your dog safe from harm. In addition, it has miniature dividers at the base of the cage to assure that your dog does not get his or her paws caught in the bars.

The unit comes with a removable composite pan to easily clean up any spills or accidents that your dog leaves behind. It also comes with a divider that is designed to make the size of the cage you select more suitable for your dog at the size that they are currently. It also means that you will be able to remove the divider when they grow instead of purchasing a larger crate. All of the corners on the unit are rounded for the safety of your dog, and the crate is designed to easily fold into a compact travel unit that is easy to carry.

The crate is available in three different sizes. The dimensions of the smallest are 24 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 18inches high. The largest crate size available is 42 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 30 inches high, which is a range that will cover most breeds of dogs. Insofar as reviews, 86 percent of all of the users who posted on Amazon deem the dog crate worthy of a positive review. Many of the consumers love the two door design and the fact that it can be folded into dimensions that are extremely simple to carry.

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Pre-purchase considerations


Crates can range in size from a small 24 inch long dog that weighs up to 50 pounds to a 54 inch one that can weigh up to 110 pounds, so there is a large range of sizes to choose from. The best way to know which size is best for your dog is to measure and weigh them before deciding which size best fits the needs of your dog. You can also purchase a cage with a divider that will allow you to increase the size of the cage as your puppy grows.

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Style and Design

Having a crate that fits the design of your interior decor may be important to some, but others may only want functionality when purchasing a dog crate. There are many different styles available to you, but which is the best option? Here are some different types that are available to you:

Plastic crates are a great option for someone who is looking for a crate that is perfect for a puppy. These are designed to come apart easily, which makes cleaning up those mishaps a breeze. In addition, there is also a sort of gutter built into most of these crates that are designed to funnel any urine into them to keep your dog dry during your travels. This is extremely useful for a puppy that may not be fully potty trained. There are the best types of crates to use during travel.

Wire crates are great for a dog who likes to see out and be a part of the action. They have good ventilation for your dog and they are designed to be chew-proof solutions. These carriers are typically not safe for travel, but they are great options to use in the home.

Soft-sided carry crates are a great option for carrying a small dog. It is even a great under the seat option for traveling by plane. These crates are not designed to be easy to clean, which makes them less desirable for some. They are also not the best option for a puppy who likes to chew on things, as they will be able to break free in no time, which can be dangerous during times of travel.

Wooden or wicker crates are great for your living room décor, but they are impractical for travel. If having a stylish carrier is important, then make sure you have something that is suitable for traveling as well, unless you plan to keep your dog at home when you travel.

Travel Requirements and Portability

Being able to transport your dog in his or her cage is a great way to travel. When you are traveling by car, you may want to consider a crate that can easily be buckled in and secured to the seat. If you are traveling by air, then make sure the crate is approved by the airline. You may also wish to consider an attachment where you can place food and water for them to enjoy during the trip. Since you plan to take your dog with you on vacation, it is important to have a crate that is easy to carry as well as easy to store when you arrive at your destination. Some pet parents may like to keep the carrier out as a safe place that your dog will recognize while others prefer to fold it up and pack it away. Decide what your travel requirements are and find a dog carrier that fits your needs.

Comfortable and Well Vented

It is important that your dog is comfortable inside the crate that you select for him or her. If they are not comfortable inside the crate, then it will not become a place that they enjoy going to when they are happy. Try adding bedding to the crate to give them an additional layer of comfort. Maybe your dog has a favorite blanket that they like to sleep on or a toy that makes them feel safe. Placing these inside the crate may give them the confidence to explore it and make the crate their home. In addition, another aspect of comfort will come from having a well ventilated crate where you dog will be able to have plenty of fresh air as well as enjoy a space that is not hot and stuffy or cold and damp. Having adequate ventilation is also a great way to give your dog a place to look out and feel like they are part of the action. A dog loves to spend time with their pack and seeing you from the crate is often all that they need to feel loved.

Ease of Cleaning

You always want to have a carrier that is easy to clean. Most dogs will not go to the bathroom in their den or sanctuary, but if you are traveling with them, they may not be able to go right when the need arises. If your dog has an accident while traveling in the car, the last thing you need is a time consuming project to jump into when you arrive at your location. Many crates have removable bottoms that make it easy to clean when the need arises, but not all dog crates have this option. Some come with bedding and other comforts that will need to be washed as well, so make sure that any bedding inside the carrier is machine washable to simplify the cleaning process.


The price of the crate you need to purchase will often depend on the size of your dog. A small cage that is good for a Yorkshire Terrier or a Chihuahua will almost always cost less than an extra large cage that fits a Great Dane or a Saint Bernard. Determine the size of cage you need for your dog before you set a price range that is not viable to fit your needs.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Finding a dog crate that fits your needs and your dog’s personality can be a challenge. Finding a durable crate that is optimal for your dog is the key, but making a decision can be a little overwhelming. Hopefully, this guide has led you down a path that will be your dog’s refuge for years. If not, ensure that your dog’s safety and well being are the most important consideration that you make while taking another look at our pre-purchase considerations and deciding which crate is best for your dog.

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