The Best Dog Nail Clippers

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Resco Pro-Series Plier-Type Dog Nail Clippers

Our Top Pick for 2019: Resco Pro-Series Plier-Type Dog Nail Clippers

If you’ve ever had a dog that hates having his or her nails trimmed, you know what a terrible process it can be. Between the whining, yelping and squirming, it’s tempting to leave it to your vet to trim unruly nails. But the right pair of clippers can make a huge difference in the entire experience, making it less emotionally scarring for both you and your beloved pooch.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Resco Pro-Series Plier-Type Dog Nail Clippers


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Since 1937, Resco has produced top-performing pet products recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers alike. Their scissor style nail clippers are designed with your dog’s comfort – and your own – in mind.

By hand sharpening their stainless steel blades, Resco has created one of the sharpest cuts available today. The micro-honed steel is ultra-sharp for a smooth cut every time, and the blades stay sharp even with regular use. Users with fussy dogs said that the sharpness of the Resco clippers made trimming easy, turning a dreaded chore into a painless process. The spring-loaded mechanism is powerful to deliver a quick and easy trim. Even reviewers whose dogs have thick, tough to cut nails said that these sliced through extremely easily.

The entire body of these clippers is made with solid stainless steel for a hefty and durable construction. Soft rubber grips on the handle make it comfortable to hold and reduce the chance of your hands slipping. The ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold to reduce wrist strain and fatigue, so you can give your whole pack of pups a pedicure without cramping.

To prevent trimming too close, a safety guard is built into these clippers. If you’ve ever trimmed your pup’s nails too close, you know how important this feature is, especially for at-home groomers. As an additional safety feature, the blades can be locked closed when not in use. It is worth mentioning that this lock is located on the side of the clippers, which was found to be inconvenient for some users as they accidentally switched it locked during use.

Resco’s trimmers are available in two sizes: medium and large. The medium size are suitable for small to medium dogs as well as cats and other small animals. For large dogs with especially thick nails, opt for the large size. If you’re unsure, most reviewers recommended sizing up, as it’s easier to trim with clippers that are too large than too small.

Although these do not come with replaceable blades, users said that the blades were sturdy and sharp enough to last for years before needing to be replaced.

When it comes to aesthetics, no fancy bells and whistles are needed here: these clippers are simply designed with silver stainless steel and black rubber grips.

At around $25, these might be pricier than clippers you have purchased in the past, but most reviewers agree that these are more than worth the cost. True veterinary quality and exceptional durability make these a great option for those who want a high quality cut without having to take a trip to the vet’s office. Resco offers a conditional lifetime warranty to cover manufacturing defects and deterioration.

Out of 124 customer reviews on Amazon, 85% left a rating of 4 stars or higher for an overall rating of 4.5 stars. Many said that they purchased these at the recommendation of their veterinarians and were able to achieve the same results that their vets did.

#2. OmegaPet Best Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer


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OmegaPet’s scissor style nail clippers use surgical grade stainless steel to deliver professional quality results in the comfort of your home. Named the #1 pick on PEI Magazine and Top Seller Reviews, they’re a top-rated pick sure to please even the pickiest pup owner.

Extra-sharp stainless steel blades slice easily through even the thickest nails to produce a clean cut every time. The blades are lightweight but durable. Users said that the spring-loaded mechanism created enough pressure to easily cut through the nail without being difficult to use. As an added bonus, a small nail file is included within one of the handles: simply pull it out to use and push back in when you’re done. Users said that it was somewhat helpful for filing down rough edges after clipping, but for the most part the clippers themselves provided a clean enough cut that the file wasn’t necessary.

The head of the clippers is made with surgical grade stainless steel for durability, while the handles are made from sturdy plastic. Soft rubberized grips on the handles make them comfortable to use. The “Easy Grip” handles are extra long compared to many other clippers on the market and are made with ergonomic comfort in mind, making them easy to hold for small or large hands without wrist strain and fatigue.

Never worry about cutting your pup’s nail too close with the OmegaPet trimmers. The safety guard will prevent the nail from being cut short and causing pain and bleeding. Most veterinarians highly recommend purchasing clippers with a guard for at-home use, as it can be difficult to know how far to clip. A lock mechanism is included as an extra safety feature to allow you to close the clippers before stowing. Unlike the Resco trimmers, this lock is positioned flush to the handle rather than sticking out; many users found that this placement was more convenient as they were less likely to accidentally lock them when in use.

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These particular clippers only come in one size. However, the blades are spaced far enough apart that they are suitable even for large dogs with thick nails. Reviewers reported positive results with small and large dogs alike.

Similarly to the Resco model, these trimmers do not come with replaceable blades. However, the sharpness and solid construction of the blade make these exceptionally long-lasting even with regular use.

With baby blue handles and black accents, these clippers are a bit more colorful than the Resco model. A white button with the OmegaPet logo and a small blue paw print cover the area above the spring where a screw holds the blades in place.

Although these normally retail for $21.95, they can be purchased on Amazon for only $13.97. OmegaPet also offers a lifetime warranty to cover defects and damages.

Over 770 customers have reviewed these clippers on Amazon. The majority of users gave them a big thumbs up, with 89% leaving 4 stars or higher. At 4.4 stars out of 5, the exceptional quality of these clippers along with their reasonable price makes them an excellent value and earns them their spot as Silver Pick.


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#3. MoJo’s Nail Clippers for Dogs


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MoJo pulled out all the stops to make these scissor style nail clippers. Complete with high quality stainless steel blades, Quick Guard technology and a bonus nail file, MoJo’s nail clippers are perfect for the DIY dog groomer.

Razor sharp stainless steel and a powerful spring allow you to cut easily through even the toughest nails. For pups that tend to be timid about trimming, this makes the process faster and more comfortable than dull blades, which can get stuck and cause pulling. The high grade steel is durable enough for years of worry-free use. Similarly to the OmegaPet trimmers, a bonus nail file is integrated into one of the handles to finish off your pup’s pedicure.

Stainless steel makes up the body of these trimmers. Rubber covers on the handles add comfort and grip to prevent slipping, a feature which can be appreciated by anyone who has tried to clip the nails of a wiggly puppy. Users said that the clippers feel substantially made and sturdy, with none of the cheap “plasticky” feel common in cheaper brands.

As always, safety should be a top priority when grooming your dog. MoJo’s Quick Guard technology prevents you from cutting into the quick of your dog’s nail, which can cause heavy bleeding and pain. The guard can be moved out of the way completely if you prefer not to use it, although it is recommended by most vets and professional groomers to use a guard at home. In addition to the guard, a lock mechanism allows you to keep the trimmers closed when not in use. This lock is positioned in the same location as the OmegaPet one – that is, it lays flat against the handle rather than sticking out.

One universal size is available to fit many dog breeds. Users found that the blades were spaced widely enough that they had no trouble even with large dogs.

As with most scissor style clippers, these blades are not replaceable. However, they were reported to be very durable and lasted years even with regular use.

The green plastic handles are accented with black rubber grips. A cover over the screw that attaches the guard is embellished with the circular MoJo logo, which has a small green paw print in the center. Overall, users found that these clippers were attractive and pleasing to the eye.

While these clippers normally retail for $29.99, they can be purchased at a deep discount on Amazon for $13.95. If your clippers are damaged or become unusable, MoJo will replace them no questions asked thanks to their lifetime warranty.

MoJo’s trimmers earned an overall rating on Amazon of 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 96% of users leaving positive reviews (4 stars or higher). Reviewers consistently reported that these trimmers made clipping their dogs’ nails easier than they ever thought possible, even with high anxiety dogs.

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#4. Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer


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While we all want the best for our pets, sometimes we can’t afford to spend top dollar on all of their accessories and grooming tools. If you’re looking to save a buck but still want the convenience of trimming your pup’s paws at home, the Safari nail trimmer can deliver top-notch results at a fraction of the cost of some of its pricier competitors.

These scissor style trimmers have a sharp cutting edge to smoothly cut through the nail without resistance. One user in particular, who has two German Shepherds, said that these trimmers work well on their thick black nails. Dogs with tough nails need tough steel to cut through smoothly and painlessly, and the majority of users said that these clippers do the trick.

The head of the clippers is made with high grade stainless steel while the handles are made with plastic. Ridged rubberized grips on the handles make them comfortable to hold and prevent your hands from slipping. Unlike any of the other models on this list, these rubber pieces are ribbed for even more grip.

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A safety stop restricts the depth of nail that can be cut at one time so you don’t have to worry about cutting into the quick of the nail. Like most other clippers, this guard can be moved to the side if you prefer not to use it. The depth of the safety stop is somewhat shallow compared to many other clippers, but a lot of users found this to be an advantage as it allows them to work in small increments to achieve their desired length.

Small-medium and large sizes are available. Most users reported that the small-medium was adequate for the majority of dogs. Large and giant breeds like Rottweilers and Saint Bernards would benefit from the wider opening of the large size.

Although the blades of these trimmers are not replaceable, they are made to last for years even with regular use on multiple dogs. Users reported that the blades maintained their sharpness over time. One user in particular who works at a professional grooming salon uses these clippers on over 20 dogs per week and reports that they still cut cleanly after 6 solid months of use.

The green handles of these clippers are accented with a darker green rubber accent. Unlike the previous two models, the bolt that holds the guard in place is not hidden with a cover. Some users actually preferred the bolt to be exposed as it allowed them to easily adjust the tightness of the guard with a screwdriver when needed.

As our Best Budget Pick, these clippers are offered for sale at an insane value. The small-medium size can be purchased on Amazon for only $6.65 while the large can be bought for $10. Amazon also offers each size in a 2-pack, with the S-M size selling for $14.99 and L selling for $18.99.

With over 3,300 reviews on Amazon, these are easily the most commonly used clippers on our list. So how did they stack up for real customers? 92% of users left a rating of 4 stars or higher for an impressive 4.6 star rating. Safari’s clippers combined powerful performance and quality materials at a price that is lower than almost any clippers on the market today, making it the top contender for our Best Budget Pick.

Pre-purchase considerations

Type of clippers

Dog nail trimmers come in three main styles: guillotine, scissor, and grinder tools.

Guillotine trimmers – ideal for small to medium dogs but not typically advisable for large breeds. As the name suggests, they work like a guillotine: the “head” of the nail is placed through a small hole and a sharp metal blade is lowered to gently slice off the tip of the nail. While some users prefer these types of trimmers, they are best for those who are somewhat experienced in clipping dogs’ nails as they typically do not include a safety guard.

Scissor type trimmers – also known as Miller’s Forge trimmers – are the most commonly used at-home nail clippers. They typically include a safety guard to allow for easy and safe trimming even for novices. Users with large dogs might want to opt for scissor trimmers as they offer more leverage to cut through tougher, thicker nails.

As a third alternative, many grooming companies manufacture gentle grinder tools to wear down your dog’s nails. This method requires some extra training and desensitizing, as the noise and vibration can be unsettling for your pup at first. Many people use this method only as an alternative for dogs who resist traditional clippers.

Blade sharpness

Think of using your own razor. When the blades are sharp, it’s easy to get a smooth shave with no irritation or cutting. Dull blades leave behind painful cuts and nicks. A dull blade on your dog’s trimmer will have trouble cutting through tough nails, drawing the process out and causing considerable discomfort. Opt for a sharp stainless steel blade to cut easily through the nail with minimal resistance.

Safety features

Whether you’re new to at-home grooming or you’ve been doing it for some time, the added comfort of a safety guard can help make trimming a relatively stress-free process. If you cut down too far, you risk cutting into the soft tissue where the blood supply is (known as the “quick.”) Cutting the quick can cause pain and bleeding, and any dog owner who’s accidentally cut their pup’s quick can tell you how traumatizing it is (mostly for the owner!) It may also make your dog more resistant to having their nails clipped. Using a safety trimmer from the beginning is a great way to make sure your dog doesn’t have a negative experience.


Some nail clippers come in a one-size-fits-all option, while others make multiple sizes to fit extra small and extra large dog breeds. Many “one size” clippers are suitable for small to moderately sized dogs but may be less effective on giant breeds. If you’re the owner of an especially large pup, like a Great Dane or Saint Bernard, it might be helpful to go with a brand that offers larger sizes.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Veterinary and grooming professionals everywhere use Resco products at work and recommend them to their clients. Resco’s scissor nail trimmers bring you all the features you need to make your pooch’s pedicures stress-free and easy. The powerful spring and razor sharp blades make it easy to cut through even the toughest nails with minimal effort while the safety guard prevents cutting into the quick. Their no-nonsense stainless steel design is sure to make you feel like the real deal – just be sure to leave the vaccinations to your real dog doctor.

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