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Cuddl Duds Heavyweight Flannel Sheets

Our Top Pick for 2019: Cuddl Duds Heavyweight Flannel Sheets

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average adult should be getting between seven to nine hours of sleep every night. It is extremely important to both your physical and mental health to get adequate sleep. While there are a variety of reasons for not getting the sleep that you might need during the night, uncomfortable or scratchy bedsheets should not be one of them. In addition to this, our body cools down at night, and keeping yourself warm will help you stay comfortable and therefore sleep better. With the best flannel sheets around, one of these options is guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy during the night to help you get the best sleep possible.


Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Cuddl Duds Heavyweight Flannel Sheets

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From the Cuddl Dud collection comes the best sheets you could ever want to sleep on. They also hold true to their name in creating a very comfy and cuddly atmosphere in your bed. These sheets feature pure flannel fabric that will warm up your cold-weather nights for a great sleep. The cozy brushed flannel features a fully elasticized fitted sheet for your bed that is soft and smooth to the touch while also providing the right amount of warmth for both you and your partner.

Unlike traditional flannel sheets, they are not thick and bulky. This means that you won’t be sweating from the warmth they provide you, and you will not be weighted down under heavy blankets. The main feature is their lightweight composition.

Another great feature with the Cuddl Duds brand is that they will not shrink up or pill once you wash and dry them. They are machine washable and require no special directions to wash, unlike some other brands that tend to be a bit more high maintenance. They will also fit most mattresses up to 15 inches deep, so you do not have to worry about falling in love with these sheets and not being able to fit them on your mattress. This deep pocket is perfect for those who tend to thrash around a bit at night or sleep with a partner who gets up during the night. Getting in and out of bed, as well as moving around a fair amount can make the sheets move out of their original position and fall to the floor and untuck themselves from the bottom. Since these are advertised for their deep pockets, you will not have to worry about that issue, and can expect to wake up still swaddled in the same original position you were in before.

One thing to consider when purchasing these sheets is that a fair amount of the reviews mentioned that prior to their first wash and dry cycle they pilled up a lot. Once they went through their first cycle, however, the pills disappear and the problem goes away. Keep in mind that before you put these on your bed for the first time, you may want to wash and dry them to prevent the pills from emerging inside of the sheets.

These Cuddl Duds are available on in Twin for $44.99, Full for $38.99, Queen for $54.99, King $79.99, and California King for $89.99. While these sheets are a set that includes one fitted sheet, one loose sheet, and two pillowcases, if you choose to purchase these in a twin size it does only come with one pillow case. Amazingly enough, Amazon also offers these sheets in 33 different colors ranging from solids to prints in whatever style you can imagine.

Some of the more interesting color schemes are Fair Isle, which is a red and white winter themed set, Penguins, which shows cute little blue penguins holding Christmas trees, and Scotties that shows the traditional Scottie in little red bows. No matter what you choose, it will be a great addition to your winter sheet collection for you, your partner and your children. With a 4.6 out of 5-star average review on Amazon from 129 different reviewers, it is a great option. There are also many people who have edited their reviews after multiple wash and dry cycles who state that the durability of these sheets is wonderful and that they only get softer with extended washing and drying. These sheets do have free shipping on Amazon but are not eligible for Amazon Prime shipping if you are a part of that program.


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#2. Pinzon Heavyweight Flannel Sheets

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Just because these sheets are not first on the list, does not mean that they are of lesser quality than the Cuddl Duds brand. Each of the choices on this list are all wonderful options, it simply depends on your preferences and price requirements in regards to which one you choose. These Pinzon Heavyweight Flannel sheets are unique from the Cuddl Duds due to their heavier texture and feeling. The Cuddl Duds were warm yet ultimately thinner and lighter if you prefer not to be weighed down by your sheets. However, for those who enjoy the feeling of soft flannel sheets on top of them, and find it comforting to have the heavyweight of the sheets over them at night, these are a wonderful option.

These are marketed as a more velvety flannel type than other flannel sheet sets, giving you a wonderful overall comfort and softness overnight. They are also 100% cotton so there is so much warmth to be had with these wonderful sheets. Because of the velvety feel, these feature a double-napped finish on both sides of the sheets. If you are not 100% sure what that means, it just has the cotton flannel finish on both sides of the sheets. This is a great option, as with some sheet sets the main fabric will only be on the outer sheet so you can feel the softness when you are on top of it, but not when you are inside of the blanket. Having a double-napped fabric gives you additional comfort and enjoyment from these flannels. They are also machine washable and can be washed in warm water with like colors on the gentle cycle, and then tumble dried on low or hung out on the clothesline to keep the fabric fresh. It is recommended that you use only non-chlorine bleach and a warm iron as needed.

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The flat sheet is sewed with a four-inch hem that also features a 190-gram flannel weight. This is a tad bit heavier than the general flannel options if this is what you prefer. This heavyweight feel is from the woven and brushed cotton fabric. This is typically measured by threat count, however in this instance, it is measured by the number of ounces it takes to make up one square yard. Because of its heavyweight feel, it also offers durability that will last you multiple wash and dry cycles. Combed yarn runs throughout the fabric and lines up the fibers straight to run parallel and create a stronger and more compact yarn. Prior to being sold, they are combed through to remove any short and uneven fibers or debris that could possibly weaken the yarn or make it feel rough.

While these sheets do not come in quite the color variety that the Cuddl Duds did, they are available on Amazon in a Queen size for $64.99, King for $68.99 and California King for $69.99. It is available in 8 different solid colors including, but not limited to Aubergine, Cream, Graphite and Smokey Blue. This is a 4 sheet set, meaning it includes a fitted sheet, a loose sheet, and two pillowcases. The flat sheet is sewed with a four-inch hem that also features a 190-gram flannel weight. This is a tad bit heavier than the general flannel options if this is what you prefer. These sheets are just as highly rated as the previous option.


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#3. Yorkshire-Mayfair Heavyweight 100% Luxury Cotton Flannel Sheets

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These 100% cotton sheets are sure to keep you warm in the winter and give you an amazing night of sleep regardless of where you live. The Yorkshire-Mayfair options are extremely similar to the Pinzon sheet options in terms of composition and comfort. These are also a bit less expensive than previous reviews, although it does not sacrifice the quality in the least.

There are tons of different independent reviews on the web about these sheets in particular, and they tend to have some variation. In Bella’s Blog, the author mentions that she “used to sleep on any old sheets and didn’t even know there was a difference.” One of the first items she mentions in her review is that she was happy to find that they fit her extra deep mattress well. One of the major benefits of these sheets is that they will fit around larger mattresses so they do not slip off during the night and tangle you up. Or even worse, end up on the ground leaving you cold when you wake up. Previous reviews of these sheets had issues with it pilling up and shedding all over the floor when using it.

However, this particular reviewer found it wise to wash and dry the sheets before she put them on her bed, therefore eliminating any issues with pilling. Overall, other independent reviews loved these sheets and their only complaint was pilling problems. However, as seen with other flannel sheets in this review, it is best to wash and dry them first before putting on your bed.

Interestingly enough, many of the reviews for these sheets mention that they have used them on their bed during warmer months in spring and still found that they were not unbearably hot or uncomfortable. Due to the lightweight and breathable fabric these are made of, they will keep you warm in the winter and still keep you a comfortable and cool temperature in the summer. This is one of the unique features of the Yorkshire-Mayfair brand as preceding reviews of other sheets have not mentioned this feature. As explained in the review prior to this one, they are also measured as a 190-gram flannel. As opposed to using thread count, this tends to be a more accurate measure of weight and of durability.

Also seen in the reviews are comments of the durability of the fabric. After multiple wash and dry cycles, these sheets have held up their original composure and kept not only their shape but their softness as well. One of the only negative common comments seen with these sheets is that the color shown on the website is slightly different than then actual color received. For most people, they find that the color that arrived is a bit darker than the color on the screen. With all the things that could be an issue with flannel sheets, this is the least concerning.

These flannel sheets are available on Amazon in a Twin size for $26.00 Full size for $39.95, a King size for $29.99, and a Queen size for $38.82. While this version also does not have the intricate patterns that some of the prior reviews do, it comes in seven different colors including Ivory, Sage, Navy and Gray.

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#4. AmazonBasics Yarn-Dyed Lightweight Flannel Sheets

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Make no mistake here, cheap definitely does not mean cheap in the traditional sense of the word. These will not fall apart on you after just a few uses and are not of any lesser quality than the other options in this list. This is a unique pick because it is technically an off-brand flannel sheet produced by Amazon. AmazonBasics is the Amazon equivalent of a store brand. For the most part, they are cheaper than alternative options and will come directly in an Amazon box as opposed to wrapped up in fancy packaging like some other flannels.

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This does, however, have great reviews for its product. They are made with a lightweight cotton as to promote a cozy and comfortable bed. Their reviews also boast that because they are so lightweight, they can be used year round instead of only being usable during the colder months. Manufactured in Portugal, they have a flannel weight of 160 grams that is breathable under your covers. Even more interesting, it is prewashed so you can avoid the issues with pilling that come with other options and you can put them right on your bed instead of having to run them through a wash and dry cycle.

This AmazonBasics option is available in six different sizes including Twin for $39.99, Twin XL for $39.99, Full for $49.99, Queen for, King for $59.99, and California King for $59.99. Each full set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. Even the Twin size offers two pillow cases, which none of the other options did. It is also available in five different colors: Blackwash Plaid, Bordeaux Plaid, Brown Plaid, and Cream/Red Gray Plaid. One thing to consider is that while all of the sets do come with two pillow cases, they are for standard sized pillows only, and will be too small for larger or Queen sized pillows.

Multiple phrases in the reviews also stated that they were so comfortable using these sheets that it was extremely difficult to get out of bed. This is something very serious that you should consider before purchasing as it may make you very late to work.

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Pre-purchase considerations

How heavy would you like your sheets to be?

If you are most comforted by the feeling of pressure on your body, rather than a heavier weight for your sheets is something to consider. Many other people have extremely sensitive skin and some others just dislike the feeling of something heavy on their body when they sleep. You should choose what sheets you want to try based on your feelings about this.

Another additional thing to consider when it comes to weight is what your partner prefers when you are both in the same bed together. If they very much dislike the feeling of something on their skin, keep in mind that you can get a lightweight blanket for them, but you can load up your side with comforters and blankets on top of the flannel sheets to meet your needs as well. It is much easier to bulk up than it is to trim down on your sheets and blankets when they are already heavy.

How much are you willing to spend?

Everybody has their financial limitations, and this review guide is no different. When you are looking at these, keep in mind how much you actually want to spend on sheets. All of the options listed are extremely durable and will last you a long time, so you will not have to worry about constantly investing in different sheets. But if you are on a tight budget right now, our final Ballin’ on a Budget option may be your best choice.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing these sheets for your children or even your college student, think about how they will be treated and how long they will actually be used for. If you have young kids that still like to enjoy a messy midnight snack in their bed, purchasing expensive flannel sheets that may soon be covered in sticky peanut butter may not be your best option. Also, if you want to buy these for your college student going away to the dorms, keep in mind that the only time they will ever use a Twin XL sized sheet is in the dorms. They will most likely only use them a couple of years before they move back home or invest in an apartment with a bigger bed.

Do you want fancy patterns on your sheets, or do you prefer solid themes?

Most of the items in this review had plain solid color sheets, with only a few that featured different winter and seasonal themed designs. If you prefer plain sheets to go on your bed, then you can probably just stick with one of the cheaper options that offer pastel solid colors. If you tend to be a bit more adventurous and want sheets with adorable penguins holding Christmas trees on them, then there’s another option for you in here as well.

Where do you live?

While a few of these reviews offered a lightweight alternative to traditional stuffy flannel sheets, where you live could be a major factor of what you invest in these sheets. Some reviews stated that they could use the sheets in the warmer months of spring or just prior to fall, but none of them said that they could tolerate the sheets in the dead of summer when everyone is simply sweltering. If you live in the hotter parts of the U.S. then investing in a very expensive sheet set that may only be used a few weeks out of the year probably is not the best use of your money. However, if you live somewhere that is lucky enough to get sub-zero temperatures such as Michigan, purchasing nice, durable and comfy sheets are definitely a worthwhile investment.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Overall, any of these sheets will keep you warm and toasty during the colder months of the year. All of the reviews for each option were simply glowing and could not stop raving about how comfortable and amazing all of these sheets were. Even if you live in a typically warmer state during the winter, these flannel sheets are a great option for staying toasty when it is not quite cold enough to turn up your thermostat, but you want a little something extra to snuggle up to when you go to sleep.

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